Tender Warrior

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  1. Thank you on behalf of all women for telling us what to pray about when praying for the men in our lives.I just pray that I can become a woman deserving of such a man if and when God sees fit to give me a man of my own


  2. simple simon Says:

    God was talking to me today,when i was driving to church today, my thoughts were about my ex girlfriend the guilt i felt for being unfaithful,i prayed today that become a man of value a righeous man and one worthy than you mavuno for teaching me to let go and let GOd


  3. Tinka Taylor Says:

    I am 2 wks old in mavuno n asidè frm the topic i just want to say thank u to mavuno for existing finaly i fil like i belong and that i cn talk about my dipest and darkest secrets without judgement . . . And nw i knw how to pray for my boyfriend who i pray wil marry me soon


  4. hi Pastor S, thanks a million times, uve made me undertsand so much that i didnt knew, i have gone thru stuff in the name of men, all along i realised i kept repeating the same mistake, from going out with wrong men after an abuse thinking ill heal but i was all along wrong, last week i searched myself and i decided to get rid of those men starting from my fon book…i have decided to recommit my life to Christ and be with people who will build me up, today i signed up for Life GROUP, THIS IS A STEP OF FAITH AND I THANK MAVUNO ESP Mizizi, thank u all, and keep praying for me, i love u all, and God bless u.


  5. hi guys

    Am amazed of the way my attitude toward men has changed , sir GOD is preparing me for where am going ,its so cool , i know what to tell GOD when am praying for men in my life , n i finally understand why dudes act the way they do it just amazing .

    am just learning everything is a processes take every day at a time .

    …………………. i just have this smile.

    Thanks Pasi S n mavuno church for being real.

    md love


  6. I always wonder how things got this bad…how i drifted so much from the plot. I had this wonderful relationship with Jesus and we were tight then things changes. I didnt even see it coming

    When i look back at what has happened in my life, the decisions that i have made, i feel such great dissapointment. I have dissaponted myself and God.

    I am just from a relationship that has almost destroyed me, it made me do things i never, ever thought i was capable of and most of all, it made me put him before everyone else..me included. When it ended, i was so devastated, i still am. I feel disappointment that after all the sacrifices i had made, it still didn’t matter to him, he could still walk away start on a new slate. I dont blame him, i blame myself, he was a pink man, he was just there….he didn’t want to take the next step, any marriage talk was a no no, only when he was drunk did we talk about it. Meeting my family was like a nightmare for him, deep down i knew that this wouldn’t work but i still clutched at straws…

    Anyway, i now know that i need a tender warrior in my life and before i meet him, i need to become a woman of God, i need to recommit my life back to Jesus, I need to forgive myself of all the wrongs i have done. I need to get back and start afresh. I have want to make the first step, but i’m scared of failing…


  7. Heartfelt Says:

    The worship experience today was amazing! God is my strength…my portion, deliverer….my VERY PRESENT help in time of need. I don’t have to wonder whether he didn’t get my text or if He got it and is just ignoring me!

    @ Cece, some of your words felt like they were coming directly from my mouth a while back…how do we go from years of a wonderful relationship with God just to let someone derail us, then leave us and move on without a second thought? For me it was because he was familiar, we grew up together, time was passing while i waited for a saved man etc, etc. I mean, God could be using me to save him, right? WRONG! God doesn’t contradict Himself. God had been faithful in everything else in my life…why couldn’t I have trusted Him in this case instead of doing things my way? Maybe it’s from fear of being alone, fear of time passing, needing someone in your life….

    Thank God for His faithfulness even when we are unfaithful. Know that when you repent, God does forgive you (1 John 1:9) and you must forgive yourself so you can move on. Also remember that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God (Rom 8:39). I’m thankful to God that He got me out, and the pain that felt insurmountable at the time has slowly melted away. He will do the same thing for you! I praise Him for your life. I believe that the devil tries to destroy the life that has potential to do great things for God.

    Matters of the heart aren’t easy, even when we know it’s the right thing to do. It still hurts, we question, sometimes we even hope he gets his senses back and calls…BUT, remember that if the man is not in Christ, as pastor S clearly put it today, if he’s not answering to a higher authority, you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of tears.

    Finally, remember that He who called you is able to keep you. We can’t do it by our own strength and sometimes we will make mistakes but don’t fear disappointing God, or failing, keep confessing that you are more than a conqueror. Jer 1…Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, He knew you and before you were born, He consecrated you/set you aside. When the guilt tries to creep in, remember Rom 8:1, There is now no condemnation for us who are in Christ Jesus!

    Stay blessed and remember to take one day at a time!


  8. @cece, am so touched by your post becoz i felt like u were talking about me.i gave too much of myself to someone who was unworthy: putting a man before God and even worse,..a pink man. and the sermon has taught me thats there is so much more out there for us. Am still young in the faith but i do believe God is so faithful and so loving that even when we put him last and literaly worshiped a bare man, he still looked at us, and he still loved us..so cece that is where our energy and our love should be focused on, becoz HE IS WORTHY…and if he is so faithful as to bless us with a tender warrior then so be it.but if not we have all the love we need in God.


  9. Hi Pasy S and M
    am seeking God about a move to Mavuno but for the moment i know am going to make a seasonal move. i Love leaving Church feeling like a dark part of me has being illuminated and taking notes about the places i need to change.
    Today was special to me becoz i have a Gal i love and am about to go meet he parents over Easter and the last part of your sermon made me realize i had drifted and i recommitted myself to her and to God to be her Faithful Best Friend, we have struggled with issues and i was glad for KK and his encouragement to take it a day at a time and that’s what i have decided to do.
    Thanks Mavuno coz its not just the Pastors but the ordinary people truly doing extra ordinary things.


  10. Hi this was so amazing as i have been praying ‘blindly’ for my future husband, knowing what i didnt want (PINK MAN) now i know what i want. There is such peace when you know what you want especially when it comes to the male species.
    Pastor S. this was such an eye opener i fully know my relationships with guys will totally change as i am understanding them ABIT better and i am eternally grateful to God for giving you this wisdom to share with the rest of us.


  11. hey pasi najivunia kuwa mwana mavuno.the reason for this is due to the transformation i can witness in how am now leading my life and the response from those i interact with.pasi my pals and i meet evry fortnait and each moment i address them they hav pens and notebooks ready to write down part of the wisdom i have received in the happily ever after and now the are u man enaf sermons .pasi if this how u feel during the service as the congregation responds to God message its a feeling thats so satisfying and makes strive to be used of God everyday of my life (A USEFUL VESSEL IN THE HEAVENLY HOUSEHOLD).however pasi consider bringing a whole season on the woman.for understanding the woman n how to celebrate her will lead to affirming our role as tender warriors in this generation.we also need to know what to pray for in our women.weve got the biblical naomi,esther,etc replicas in this generation.LONG LIVE MAVUNO! LONG LIVE THE EXTRAORDINARY LIVES LEAD BY THE ORDINARY IN MAVUNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Hallo mavuno church,

    The sermon for the past 3 weeks have been insightful,deep and refreshing.

    For me the takeout for the last 3 sermons so far has been ; we are human and prone to so many mistakes BUT we have a higher authority who assures us of his love through and through for he said his grace is sufficient for us.

    I am also struggling to kick out some habits and am encouraged to hear from other guys what GOD has done and will do in everyones situation.I have chosen to WAIT on GOD even when he seems so far a way.The beauty of waiting on GOD is that he will do what he says he will…when that will happen is upto him but HE will do it.

    The ladies in mavuno church should feel encouraged that indeed we still have great daddys out there and should just trust lord for everything.We have tender worriors in our midst…..take time to look around.

    Thank you mavuno pastoral team for being real by saying it as it should be.



  13. Klippetty-klop.. Says:

    Thanks Pastor Simon for reading my blog comments. As I sat there as you read them, I was totally overwhelmed as that’s when it really struck me just how heavy my confession was. The words “eighteen years….eighteen years” rang in my head so many times! It brought tears to my eyes and I was struggling to stay composed and really hope nobody noticed. Worse still, for some reason, you kept looking at me dead in the eyes as you read them in both services, as I attended both. I was almost scared that you knew it was me!

    But what I know is that God can turn ANY situation for His own glory. The Bible says “confess your sins one to another” and I’m glad I did. I feel so liberated and even much more free than I was before. I hope that many were encouraged to soldier on, as they partner with God to overcome any hurdles in life. To God be the glory for He truly is worthy of it all, plus all the honor and praise.

    Thanks for yesterday’s sermon. It did affirm a lot of resolves that I am committed to carry to completion, one day at a time. Like a real King and Tender Warrior, I shall not bow down to failure and will instead push on all my missions to succeed; I shall keep watch over my garden; I shall embrace ALL the characteristics of a Tender Warrior, and trust God to teach me at His feet on a daily basis, as He walks with me and works with and on me. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He is the strength of my heart.

    My name is Klippety-klop and I AM a Tender Warrior!


  14. Statement of the week:
    ” Men are not called to be perfect but to be authentic”

    Thank you so much for that, all the authentic men say ” AUUU”


  15. Dinah Kanake Says:

    Pastor Simon,

    Thanks again for such a wonderful sermon.

    It was very insightful, now the ladies have a better understanding of what a real man should look like.

    To echo Kakey’s words, Pastor Simon please consider doing a whole series on women, because even we want to develop into loving, lovely women of God, and we do want our issues exposed (Truly).

    Thanks also to the entire pastoral team for being such a blessing and changing our lives. May God reward each one of you with the desires of your heart. Not once in my life did I imagine I would absolutely enjoy going to church and come out each week with lots of wisdom to apply to my everyday life.

    God bless.


  16. wow…i always get so moved everytime i read the blog..transformation happening right before our very eyes..isnt God awesome?..he is a tender warrior..fighting for us..yet loving us and holding us when we need comfort..
    im excited to see what God is doing..im even more excited that the devil is scared!hehehe…did u notice that as soon as pastor s started preaching(2nd service) his mic went off?..soon a fter there was a near accident when the service almost came to a stand still coz of the wind blowing down one of the tents outside?
    devil u are defeated…u will not touch the children of God..i pray a wall of angels and the blood of Jesus suround each and everyone of us beginning with the pastors and their families…may we be protected from the work of the evil one..and may all his plans be disrupted in the name of Jesus!..u have purposed to use Pastor S to reach your children this month and in the name of Jesus it will be done..in Jesus name i pray..amen!


  17. Hey bloggers,

    I am requesting anyone to remind me the 4 traits of a tender warrior like Pastor S noted jana.



  18. My first time in mavuno ……for the first time I was not drifting off when the Pasi was givin the service. Pasi, thank you for helping us understand our men…now I know what to pray for in my man. The service helped me understand so much about men, and what we can do as women is to constantly pray for them specifically, to be real men-real kings, real mentors, real friends and real warriors……i cant wait for next sunday…


  19. Thanks alot for the powerful sermon. It was so impressive to see all the tender warriors kneeling down. As we know, men have an ego and it was amazing how God can make that ego go away. Personally I have daddy issues. My dad used to exchange women like clothes and worse still he would do it in our face, bringing every type of woman to the house everyday. No, I’m not exaggerating. In fact if i was to count how many women came he brought to the house while i was still living with him, i think they were 1000 or even more. Due to all this drama i completely shut down men in my life. But from the sermons I’ve had lately, i have changed my thoughts and i’m willing to give a real warrior a chance. thank u, thank u, thank u.


  20. The Lord is definitely doing something in Mavuno and the devil doesn’t like it. Did you notice last week as soon as Pastor S started speaking power kept going on and off? and yesterday the tent? again as the sermon started?

    What do you call that?

    We need to pray guys. When Men in our society are transformed to not be Pink men, to be tender warriors to be healed of their father wounds, the nation starts getting transformed, and that scares the devil coz then he will not have as much control as before….. We pray that he is kept off in Jesus name and he will not distract us this coming sunday in Jesus name


  21. Dinah Kanake Says:

    @ The doctor

    The four traits were;
    Just King
    Wise Mentor
    Tender Warrior
    Loving Friend


  22. When Pastor S said it was ok to let the man be just the man, with an example of cruising on mombasa road… you should have seen my hubby grinning from here to timbaktu…Pastor S on a light note that should have come with a disclaimer.


  23. Thank you Pastor S for the wonderful sermon yesterday. For me it came as a realisation of the blesssing that already exits in my life. I have a tender warrior in my husband. He may not have all the traits but he has most of them. And for me the sermon made me realise that there are good men out there……I am married to one. I thank the Almight for my tender warrior in fact I need to affirm him more, treat him as my king and pray that he comes to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. It was great to see all those men kneel in church asking for God’s grace and blessing. We will continue to pray for you men in our society to come to know God because once you are in tune with the Source, we know we women shall be treated as Queens. Thank you Mavuno team for the being real. May God protect you and bless you abundantly.


  24. hey all,
    Am really glad that I decided to make mavuno my church. I always had a problem with church because people would judge you and not attempt to help you find your way at all. Am really glad that i can say me and my daughter can finally have a home in church that feeling is awesome.
    i’ve also learnt that I have been putting my love and faith in the wrong men hoping yes i will change their hearts but to no avail. I know now that if I let God he will lead me to the man for me and I will always pray for a tender warrior. Now i know what kind of man to pray for, I want a king in my life and I pray for my brothers to be tender warriors too.
    Thank you Pastor S for a wonderful sermon.


  25. Tender Warrior was a plus for me as Man. The best part was chewing the cud after church while the rest snaked out of the dusty Mavuno grounds. As I reclined listening to smooth tunes from my car stereo, I popped to the fact that as men we are socialized to hold it in. The Sermon did it for me. I popped and cried to the fact that as men we have failed in one way or the other. The best part is improving and fine tuning those areas we more often go wrong.
    Reading Cece’s line I read bits and pieces of immaturity and progress from her end.
    1. How do you get into a relationship without knowing what you want for yourself? Unfortunately, many ladies like Cece, then, get into the same mistake and repeat them because of codependency issues. So when a guy doesn’t want to make a move as Cece describes, it’s not that he doesn’t want to commit. Before you brand Him pink, you both need to be on the same level. Maybe that explains why Moving on for Him and starting on a clean slate was easy.

    2. Cece, the fact that that you’re working towards becoming a woman of God is quite commendable. Knowing what plan God has for you is a sure way of setting you in the right path on your next relationship with the tender Warrior. However you’re living in the real world and just to reiterate speed thrills, Grand entrances like a king and the thought of watching a good football game with the boys among other things that we do should not deter you from thinking otherwise about Men. That’s just who we are.


  26. Wow…i love my church…Pastor S thank you such an amazing sermon…i saw guys break down and confess before a God and ask for forgiveness…that was truly something…

    May the Lord bless you and increase His anointing on you…


  27. Syamanda Says:

    Praise God Guys,

    I’m a visitor of Mavuno Church, and I must say the last 3 Sundays I have just been moved to tears, being a mother of a son, I now know how to raise my boy and at the right time hand him over to his dad so that he may be taught how to be a REAL MAN. I have been attending the series with my dear hubby and he also seems very moved by the sermons. Oh how I thank God. To the Mavuno men, you are our priests, as you knelt down and prayed we ladies prayed with you, we pour our blessings to you all and I believe that you are all called to make a difference and be great. God has a purpose for you and these sermons are not by chance but predestined by our Lord so that each one of us would hear it and a seed planted in us. God Bless.


  28. I always wondered what name I would give my husband, everyone calls their husband, honey, sweetheart…. I will call mine “my tender warrior”. Thanks Pastor S, Pastor M and the whole Mavuno Pastoral team. I have understood what David meant when he said in Psalms 122:1 I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.” I look forward to Sundays, I look forward to hearing from God and the more I receive from God, the more I want to give to His Church, to His people because He has given me first.


  29. Thanks Pastor Simon for reading my blog. I thank God for mavuno church . You are changing peoples lives. The tender warrior sermon was another eye opener for me since i have been hurt by so many men. I now understand that they were just men gone extreme. I now know how to specifically pray for my husband for God to make him a tender warrior for me, our children and the society. There is hope for this nation and the world if only all churches become real and tackle real life issues.


  30. Thank you so much for the word. Relationships are very complicated and sometimes we just need someone to give us guidance and thank God for the tender warrior message. I am a single and am just working on waiting for a man God has in store for me and am thankful for the encouraging word. God bless u


  31. sparklyy Says:

    Thanks Passie for a wonderful sermon yesterday! The sermon jogged my mind of the kings/mentors/warriors and friends in my life that i have in so many instances taken for granted—what a wonderful life God has given me, despite having a heavenly father/king he doesn’t stop there! Just like the Yu advert—‘its the simple things in life that matters’!!! Ladies please lets all appreciate and pray for all the men in our lives as we were humbly reminded that ‘Only God can define what manhood really is’. You saw them go down on their knees and genuinely asking for his guidance.

    God bless!


  32. @ MTN, if always believing in the good of someone and that they could change their spots, loving someone at all lengths and ready to give up alot for them is immature, then i am guilty as charged.

    Im certain that i have no codependency issues as i believe that means that you cannot exist without a man by your side, i can and i had before.

    I know my weakness, it is the belief that it is so hard for me to meet someone who will totally engage me in all aspects…and because i met this person who in most aspects we were totally in sync and that i could be totally myself with him, i was ready to give up alot for him. The fact that he was committed to going to church and read his bible was good enough for me. I usually argued that that was good enough, i figured at least he respected God .At the same time he loved his beer and had no problem with premarital sex was something i was ready to live with. Wrong move i know but im here to share the mistakes i have made and immaturity or whatever the reason, they are still my mistakes.

    Moving forward, i am happy to report that yesterday, i was so restless and before i could get into bed, i fell on my knees and cried like a baby to God and i gave my life back to Jesus!! I think God was struggling to hear what i was saying coz i was crying my heart out and asking God to hold my hand. I am truly the prodigal daughter, and i know there was rejoicing in heaven when i came back to Christ!! I’m sooo damn happy, even though i had a hectic day in the office i was happy, knowing that someone has my back.

    This sunday, i will sign up for mizizi as i need to be fed…im sooo hungry! I need to surround myself with believers and people who will help me walk the walk.

    Mubarikiwe sana sana


  33. Great sermon once again. Thanks Pastor S and God bless you big time! At what point are sermons loaded to the web. I missed the pink men sermon and I cant wait to litsen.


  34. @ cece

    I really feel you.

    Yes do go for mizizi – Its awesome. I feel now you are ready to learn God in a diffrent way and because you thirst for it you will.

    Just as we have expectations of our earthly friends, God has expectations of us as our friend. Its just fair. He is not a prude. He is just omniscient.

    My line has been and always will be “GOD IS THE BEST THING AROUND”


  35. @ Pastor Simon Mbevi

    HSOP and the teachings on footholds and strongholds……I will never forget.

    I further learnt that God is not pleased with 4 paramount matters

    1. idoltry

    2. sexual immorality

    3. bloodshed

    4. broken covenants between us and Him and also between ourselves

    This 4 matters tend to cause society to vomit the consequences to the next generation(s). Soon the people and land of a nation perish for lack of knowledge.

    Friends at mavuno, do you know those who are single need to pray HARD for their husbands and wives to be released from the spiritual realm so that there are proposals of marriage and subsequently that there are GOOD marriages?

    I just feel that your sermons (Pastor S ) for this month are going to break many, many footholds and strongholds. I feel this very strongly. The multiplier effect is that the family unit , which is the unit that forms society, will be blessed again.

    May you , sophie and your kids be blessed for God is well pleased with you.


  36. Dear Pastor s and M,

    Funny how as a lady, I have njoyed this series so much, I can only imagine how edified the men must be feeling!

    I am not a mavuno member, but I must say, church at Mavuno is like a glass of cold water – refreshing in everyway!

    I have a question though,
    Pastor Simon mentioned as he tackled the man as a mentor, that if as a lady you do not look up to him, then you will not respect him.

    I am in a dating relationship, and I was hesitant to commit initially because I was worried that my boyfriend was not as spiritually mature as I was. Because of this, I do not feel like I respect him/ value his opinion.

    It disturbs me because the spiritual element of our lives is what drives the rest of our lives, and I am scared that this will be a potential pitfall. What should I do?

    I am glad that what was shared is a good pointer on how I can pray for hima and all the ment in my life, but what should I do?

    Many thanks,



  37. Hey Pasi,
    I attended Mavuno once n i loved it.I travel a lot and when i say a lot trust me its a lot! so i haven’t had a chance to come back(although sometimes i have used that as an excuse not to attend church).
    Well i have been travelling for four years now and i with time i have become more and more skeptical about church and just the whole thing about religion and church etc……(i guess i have just been exposed to a lot..like i have wondered what was really wrong with our african religions?why do we worship a God who was for the people of Israel?if tables were turned and we colonized the Jungus,would they be praying facing MT Kenya?are we just christians coz our folks took us to church?what if they took us to temples or mosques what would have happened?)
    i never had a chance in my life to meet my dad and i sometimes feel nothing but sometimes i wonder how it affected me…one way im sure it has affected me is that i have left a trail of broken hearts i sort of try to test waters etc..i dunno what i want in a chic but again marriage was never the norm for me….so i am the kind who would be happy to live like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just get a partner and have kids(but which mama will agree to such an agreement).I want to be a good dad and hubby one day in future.
    i just broke someones heart so badly…actually two maybe three and i need to change…..if Jesus has the answers for me maybe im willing to try again..there are lots of questions id like to ask maybe you can get in touch with me then we can just chat up!


  38. i never used to go to church like for a very long time but mavuno has just changed my life positively.i am really trying to turn my life around i.e quit smokin weed, cigarettes,stay faithful to my galfriend and i know am goin to mek it.just keep praying for me guyz…..i really need your prayers.i am a student and my academic performance has reaally suffered due to my indulgence in alcohol, weed, and lots of clubbin but all this is about to change and i believe in my self in trying to be man enuf.i want to mek my parents proud of me……………thanx mavuno


  39. Tim Njiru Says:

    Sema pastor S,

    Jana Church Kicked Mbaya! Of all the sermons this series had to offer, I was blessed. The fact that being a warrior doesn’t come with a name, Macho and etc was a big relief.
    My life has been drama festivals (as my friends would put it) lakini after Going back to my creator and seeing all there is for me. My purpose in life got sorted and that’s what I am working on till the last day of my life.
    I joined Mizizi a few weeks back and I kinda mirrored myself with the sermon jana. The last couple of weeks have been geared towards giving and making the lives of other people better. From supporting the needy in makueni and Social Justice moments with my Team in Mizizi.
    To top it up, I am encouraged so much by the sermon and what I am getting from Church. Right now, the single Mama of 2 adorable Kids who had no Job, food and a roof over her head is living a very good comfortable life. Thanks to the few Coins I have set aside from my extravagant past. As a Hustler, I hustle till she gets on her feet. It’s never that easy especially with 2 kids who have never known who ther father is (How I wish the dad sees what Mavuno has done to me)
    Pastor S, I maybe single at this moment, but all I know is that My Chic or wife to be will meet a King and a Tender worrior who will face the rest life has to offer.
    Guys, be encouraged as much and don’t you be afraid to say the good things we do for the ladies in our lives.
    Church Imeshika Mbaya!

    Tim Njiru


  40. As I was reading the blog tonight, I realised why I find it so touching…it is the opportunity to see men share. I grew up knowing a man cannot truly be saved- it simply wasn’t possible. They nursed hangovers, demanded to be treated like gods (“This is MY house! You do as I say!”), and had hearts of stone (“Stop crying! You are pathetic!”) Like people have been sharing over the weeks, you become bitter, frustrated and angry even as a child, because you are not getting what you need, even when you do not know what that is.
    I’ve been fortunate to have had access to books, friends and churches that taught me much about my wounds and gave me tools to begin the healing process. And Jesus has been so, so good to me; not making demands but taking the time to prove that I can trust him not to be like my dad. He doesn’t have to do it, but he does. It is wonderful to feel accepted and valued. It has taken a long, long, LONG time, but I now know I trust Jesus, and he is sufficient for me.
    I cannot say the same for the men in my life though, which is why those of you who share in the blog are so important. I have seen many of the father-figures in my life regret their decisions. Now they want to be close to their children. Now they want to sit and have a chat. Now they want to do stuff together. Now, they want to go to church. But their children are grown, and many of them have already made very negative life-impact decisions. So the question became: does a man have to have the ruins of his life scattered around his feet to seek God, to seek relationship?
    So guys out there, keep sharing. For some of us, it is the only way we will learn that outside that (overdone) warrior exterior, there actually is a heart…which beats for Jesus, which can be trusted to care, which wants to love well. It makes it possible to take the men in my life (friends, brothers, uncles, cousins) at face value, see them as honest, genuine and real, see them as just people as opposed to the “other”, the “non-people” they had become to me. Maybe one day I’ll have a go at letting go, at being involved without keeping an eye on the “Exit” sign.
    So thank you JN, Klippetty-klop.., MTN (although immaturity probably was the wrong word :-)), Afroman, bigboss and Tim Njiru (so far this week) and the others who’ve shared since the series began. For sharing your struggles, your concerns, your growing wisdom and trustworthiness.
    Thank you.


  41. Hi Pastor S,
    i have being trying to get the notes to Tender Warrior advice me on where to get them coz its like they are not in the Mavuno Web Page.


  42. Hi,
    this has been an amazing series. Being a man who thought i knew it all, the reminder that only God can sort me out and validate me has been profound. My prayer is that my 4 pillars can be fully balanced.
    @Jewels..pst. S was so right. You cant respect someone you do not look upto one way or the other. Pray for his growth to be your priest.
    @Afroman, Jesus is all you need and He’s got all your answers. I pray that you try Him and see what He’s able to do
    @Big boss, you’ll surely make it. Praying for you. However, do not try to change yourself. Come to God as your are and He shall do change you. Am willing to walk with you, let me know how to contact you
    @everyone else, thanks for the honesty in sharing. God is changing our generation to influence society. May tender warriors rise up and be counted.

    God bless


  43. yay for Cece 🙂
    awesome sermon.God be praised.
    forty-something posts in 2 days!!!! walala
    amazing people you all are.


  44. where can ifind the sermons for this month? really want to share with my collegues at work..


  45. Hey Cece, very excited about your decision! All the best as you begin the journey. As you sign up for Mizizi this Sunday, mention to one of the counselors at the prayer tent so they can give you a new believers info packet. @ Sugar, you can purchase the sermon CD’s from the info desk after either of the Mavuno services.


  46. Greetings Pastor,

    I am a tender warrior. I listened to your sermon today and plenty and most of it made sense. Last week I had a very difficult week from being arraigned in court on wrongful charges and having found out my so called girl friend of three years dogging on me once/twice and thrice again. It was difficult to even get to church. Am catholic and yet i find myself @ mavuno. Well my parents will not be that thrilled but probably it is God doing his work. (Spartan shouts).

    I noticed however i get these two sides of the Lion and Lamb from my dear parents, however we cannot always be guaranteed in life that we can make good out of what we learn. What challenges me the most is how society defines the Tender Warrior. I look around myself and am at task to find what you said as “men to die with”. However i know they are there, and when the hour comes am sure I’ll be with them. But what saddens me the most is out women to DIE for. I have four beautiful sisters and a loving mother, so for them i would die for any day, anytime & anywhere.

    But the Kenyan sisters, like the one I was with: – my ex was the most challenging of all. You emphasised that men like a challenge. I was challenged by this lady, because everything and everyone ever said about her was negative. Yet i stuck by her for three years… despite what everyone said and everything happened actually came true. And that way I learned more about myself and instead of being angry about her,and reflecting out on other female race… I have intended to look at things positively because of your sermon. She is probably sat at your church today if you read this out and all i would like to say is i hope i can forgive her. I really cannot reach out to her but i know she comes to your church. Kindly tell her that i have forgiven her and that may she find her peace, through whatever way. And that i will love her no matter what happened, because that is all i ever had to give her and nothing more.

    Be blessed and continue to do the good work. I might be at St Austin’s Catholic Church today, pole sana .

    Tender Warrior M.A.N.(my name initials)


  47. simple simon Says:

    Things are lookin up this week, The lord has shown himself in many ways i am proud to be a man,even after most women say MEN ARE DOGS. WHAT!!!!. We are all unique beings and God teaches not to judge.
    I strive to be a tender warrior and a promise to my God that i will be a better man to all the women in my life.




  48. hi mavuno, that was quite an awesome service on sunday. that was my first time there and i left feeling more lifted and at peace. i felt the praise and worship was specifically meant for me. i have been afraid to commit to any man, especially because of my daughter. i dint realize that yes there is a tender warrior for me after her father passed on when she was only 7mths, today she is 4 yrs. i have always prayed to God for a good man despite my fears, i believe deeply that it was not a mistake for me to have being there but it is all Gods plan. it has taken me long but i ve learn t to let go of my fear and now i know what to continue praying for as i wait for our tender warrior. i will most certainly be there for the next service on sunday. be blessed mavuno family.


  49. Wow Pastor S,God is working and may all glory and honour be unto God,He who created the ends of the earth,He whose understanding no one can fathom.May the Lord give you and Sophie,Pastor M and C wisdom and courage and grace as you lead the church and may he protect you and bless you and your families.In Jesus name I pray.Amen.


  50. I thank God for Mavuno church indeed it’s a real church bringing forth fearless people, and God is at work in mavuno. I have jumped from one church to another and many a times could never tell you what the pastor was talking about, I have attended mavuno 3 times in a row and would like to make it my church. I have learnt alot, and applying the lessons in my daily life is not easy but atleast I have direction on what to do – there is nothing as good as that & also knowing that God is the lion and the lamb the tender warrior.

    Thank you pastors of mavuno n my friend who introduced me to this church.

    God bless you abundantly.


  51. Heartfelt Says:

    Dear Mavuno,

    I have been attending Mavuno now for about a month and have been trully blessed. I have also participated in the online blogging and every week I’m moved at how much love and compassion people have. It is because of this I have decided to put in a specical request; I need prayers in regards to getting a job. I relocated to Nairobi several months ago and it has been very challenging trying to settle. I believe God had a reason bringing me here, and I kindly ask that you agree with me in prayer in your own time, that He will give me the patience to see His purpose fulfilled in my life.

    Thank you and God Bless You all.


  52. Simply me.. Says:

    @ Heartfelt,

    Since King Solomon hasn’t shown up as yet to buy you lunch due to your amazing wisdom (or has he?), please count on this Tender Warrior to stand with you in prayer and believe in God with you for not just a job, but the job of your dreams, plus full provision as you seek His face, taking care of His business. Yes, I am man enough to stand in the gap for you.

    I must admit that I’m really surprised to learn that you’ve been a member for such a short time! If only more people could so boldly blog and share such wisdom. This is what fearless influencing is all about. May I say a BIG thanks on behalf of very many of us, who will agree that your wisdom has been humbling and such a great blessing. I personally have been thoroughly blessed by your contributions, and do find myself on many occasions, referring specifically to some of your examples among others’, during conversations with friends. God bless you. So please remember that as you continue to take care of God’s business as you have been, He is faithfull and will also take care of yours. Be encouraged.

    PS: Any other volunteers who want to stand with us? Come and let’s believe God together for our sister Heartfelt’s job.


  53. Heartfelt Says:

    @ Simply Me….THANK YOU! When I read that response…I mean, the willingness to just jump in and encourage, pray, it brought tears to my eyes. I’ll tell you why….

    I had mentioned it earlier but a few months ago I moved back to Kenya after many years. For the first time in a decade and a half I felt like I was alone in the world! I left all my friends and family, everything I was familiar with, and my job belief in my heart that God was calling me back here.


  54. Heartfelt Says:

    ….Technical difficulties….

    I left all my friends and family, my job, everything that was familiar to me to follow God’s direction. I know, it sounds all ‘deep’, and probably quite ‘dumb deep’ considering I resigned when most people are fighting to keep their jobs. However, I’ve always believed if I lose all other ability, I want the ability to still be able to hear from God because I know no matter what situation I’m in, He’ll direct me, I’ll be fine.

    Well, a few months later, my challenge now is to be still and find out exactly what He brought me out here for! I love being here, but it seems I’ve been on a schedule for so long…between work, school, choir rehearsal, volunteer..busy busy busy! Now I have to start from scractch and one of my biggest challenges has been the fact that the ‘friends’ I thought I had, old schoolmates, etc, are AWOL. It’s been quite the journey and when God brought me to Mavuno last month, it was like the first ray of light in a lot of gray clouds. I’m glad to share what I’ve learnt if it will make a difference for someone else, but I’m the one who’s thankful to have Mavuno and you amazing people online cos’ trully, you’re my combined family and friends package. We all have great days and some not so good days…today was one of the latter, so I figured I wouldn’t carry the burden alone and would ask for your intercession. Thank you.

    As far as wisdom….Firstly, no, king Solomon still hasn’t showed up:-) However, it was important for me to hear this past Sunday’s message so I’ll be able to recognize him when he does show up! Wisdom comes from God and I was taught that as I am trusting God for something in my life, I should make something else happen in someone else’s life. Basically, as I’m waiting for my answers, I should share what I have as it may answer someone else’s questions.

    To the online family…as you share, you never know who’s life you are touching. I can honestly say, you have touched mine.

    God Bless!


  55. Wairimu Kariuki Says:

    I attended Mavuno 3 times last year and i was realy blessed by the sermons and heartfelt worship, i beleieve God is using Mavuno to bring the much needed change in Kenya and more so in Nairobi,However i noticed this one guy seated to next to me receiving phone calls inside the church as the service was still going on,this is disrespectful,Pastor M,could you please do something about this,for example have a polite notice somewhere on people turning their phones off in the sanctualy
    Thanks and blessings.


  56. @ Heartfelt, I have said a prayer for you and will continue to believe in Gods provision over your life as you continue to seek his face. The God we serve is more than able! stand on the promise of Psalms 23. The Lord is your shepherd, you will be fine gal!

    @simply me… thank you for being such a fearless influencer and for repeatedly bringing us together to stand in the gap for each other. You are truly a blessing! May God continue to raise you up as you do his business!


  57. Heartfelt
    I too have appreciated your comments and insights. You are very empathetic and soothing 🙂 It appears we started blogging at the same time (only I have been through a few names, depending on what I am looking at at the time…thoroughly uncreative) Your story is moving, and relatable – I think we’ve all struggled with that decision to follow Jesus voice despite all logic. When you say it is the one ability you’d not like to lose, you resonated with my soul.
    I am passionately with you in prayer.

    Simply me
    Count me in.


  58. Haiya, just seen another Jade…so can i be the old Jade…hehehe…my fellow namesake, welcome…God is doing a great thing in Mavuno and this is mostly becoz the people are receptive to the word of God that is being preached here as it is being relevant to our lives.

    Pastor S, God bless. Bloggers God is truly a good God!


  59. Wow, there must have been about 60-70 men at Gideon’s Torch this morning…standing in the gap on behalf of the land and raising a loud shout to shake the neighbourhood at 5AM! I’m sure the neighbours were wondering what was going on 🙂

    What a wonderful priviledge it is to be in this congregation in this generation forcefully advancing the kingdom of heaven….among forceful men!


  60. talentqueen Says:

    @heartfelt… I am saying a prayer for you right now. Maybe s good idea would be for yyou to tell us what your line of eexpertise is…u never know who reading this blog may have a position open or a link to a vacancy…

    A very dear friend and i were once talking about the definition of a ‘good man’, and what i have learned and realised is that its about the work in progress, the realisation that becoming a tender warrior is the journey to your ultimate purpose.as men created in the image of THE ultimate tender warrior, you will inevitably become like Him, when u plug into the Source

    To all the tender warriors in the making…we the sisters are praying foor you, and praying for ourselves that we might be able to recognise the tender warrior genes in you…


  61. Simply me.. Says:

    @ Heartfelt,

    I kept my word. This morning at Gideon’s torch, I raised your prayer request to another Tender Warrior during our prayer session, and you can rest assured we stood in the gap and presented your request to our King in heaven. Fear not, for God is in control. God sees the desires of your heart. He knows your name and He’s not forgotten you. He’ll exalt Himself and show Himself strong in whatever situation you’re in. Thanks people for standing in the gap for Heartfelt. Be blessed..


  62. Hey my fellow bloggers…

    I love the idea of Gideon’s torch…i am so happy that it is growing and more and more men are assuming their roles as priest and calling out on the name of the Lord…there is nothing more attractive than a prayerful man and a man after God’s heart…all the ladies say…..AUUUUU

    Guys keep it up…


  63. Pastor S, you are phenomenal! God bless you tremendously! Ever since I started coming to Mavuno I have been blessed beyond words. The things I have learnt about God, about myself and my life’s situations it’s just amazing. I thank God for sending that hunch in me to come and listen, just to experience his goodness and faithfulness. Sometimes when we are faced with mind-boggling questions we more oftenly run to the wrong places for answers thinking that we are solving the problem only to realize that we just made it worse. Sometimes it’s good to listen to that still voice in us that directs us to God’s grace you can never go wrong when you make such a decision!

    From the first time I came to Mavuno after church when I go home and the next morning at work, I have made it a habit to share with my family and my workmates my notes on the sermon and it’s quite a fulfillment every week when more and more of my colleagues ask me to send them my notes. I am just happy that I am able to spread God’s love in such a way something I have not been keen about in the past. I am so thankful for that!


  64. Hi guys,

    i must say that i have been walking with a spring to my step since Sunday. I feel light, like i am not carrying all my issues alone, that there is someone whose watching over me. I am still struggling with some of the vices and i have to catch myself before i lie especially at work(or sometimes it is too late, Ive already done it) or trying to extricate myself from plots that i think are ‘tricky’

    One thing is for sure, i want people to notice the change in me, the difference and then, they’ll ask and i’ll be only to glad to tell them wats up with me.

    @heartfelt, count on me to stand with you in prayer….


  65. Thank you Pastor s & S & S; M & C. What you are doing is phenomenal and
    we thank God for you and pray that HE may continue to speak through you in that very powerful way. I must admit going through the blog, and attending service and just listening is in itself life transforming. Pastor S, this months topic is just so right and could not be put any better. We need men to rise up and kamata their rightful positions in society and at home. Many are the times this has not happened because they do not know how to do it. Passie; You are God send; Please teach on; Press on! Now i call all the bloggers and all the Mavunites to join hands with me and pray for my dear husband. I desire to have a king, a tender warrior; A man after Gods heart; A mentor to our children and a loving friend. Many are the the times things have been on the extreme sides. Many are the times I have been shown to my face that I am nothing. Thank God; I have always believed that I ain’t junk for God doesn’t create no junk! Surely; If we all joined our hands together and purposed to claim this my love; don’t you think it it would be a simple battle as itll be fought by so many soldiers?. I truly desire to come to church with my hubby and I long for the day hell be among the loudest in shouting an AUUUUUU; in affirmation to a point well put across.


  66. i was sitted when u read out my blog in church, my heart paced as u read along, my girlfriend was sitted next to me, coincidentally i had just told her about my father wound the day before. and when u finished i felt a release, with every word u read it soothed and calmed me. and as you began talking about the tender warrior i felt it was exactly what i needed to hear. my girlfriend would squeeze my had in aknowledgement when u addressed concerns that she and i had. and when u addressed vices men have that i coincidentally had she kept silent and i in turn aknowledged them as points of growth. i noted them with the intention of improving. and when we left service that sunday we had grown closer than we ever had. i have realized i am in mavuno not because it is popular but its sermons speak to me as a man, as a boyfriend, as a son, as a sinner but most importantly as a child of God worthy of a second chance. i thank you for i have attended only 3 services in mavuno, but in that span of 3 weeks you have changed my life, made me a better man. Be blessed mavuno


  67. Heartfelt Says:

    I’ve had a really good day today. I can confidently say with all the prayer warriors out there interceding for me, something’s gotta give! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To Simply Me (& the Tender Warrior @ Gideon’s Torch), Ciks, Asha, Talentqueen, Cece…and anyone I may have inadvertently left out, Thank You and God Bless You. Also, I have to thank Mavuno pastors for raising amazing Christ-like individuals, and for creating a forum where we can be a blessing to each other. You can be sure when my breakthrough comes, I’ll be running to the blog to share my praise report with y’all.

    @ Talentqueen…thanks for the suggestion. I understand there is/was a site that Mavuno had specifically for job hunting. I’ll explore that further.


  68. im new to bloggin so please forgive me if my thots arent well arranged.
    im just soo grateful for the last 2 weeks. goin to church was a hassle and the sermons that had no relation to me, i think they led me further away from God. Im truly thankful for the words and thots you feed us. As a man im thinking differently, praying more, respecting ladies more, i almost cried during the father wound (im a man almost is close enough)
    just a passing thot to the other men who through Mavuno shall be great men of Kenya like me, Pastor told us of the General who said that he is afraid of a man who wont show emotion. A quote i heard is “show no emotion and it can destroy your soul”. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN. I want to be a tender warrior who is not afraid to show emotion especially to the people I love and be tough enough to protect them as well. Pray for me and all the other men out there. WE NEED IT


  69. Dear Pastor S,

    Truly, you are blessed and the sunday sermon was tha bomb. Am a tender warrior and intend to follow the principles/stages you taught us on sunday.

    Thank you so much. You are a blessing.



  70. Sk8r Girl Says:

    I am getting totally impressed by me zeal to want to travel across town to attend church. I come for a different religious upbringing. Its was rather routine for me to go to church every Sunday but I must admit I felt completely alienated. I was exposed to the protestant way of church while in high school and I loved how relevant and in touch the sermons were…as well as fun. I must say I had said then that I was going to change to any protestant church. But certain things put me off about it and I stuck to being Catholic.

    As soon as I got my “freedom” I stopped going to church and only prayed by myself hardly reading the Bible. But I think I have found a church! i attended Mavuna for the first time the previous week and couldnt wait for Sunday to reach (still waiting) I felt soooooo bad I missed Tender Warrior but the fact that I can buy the sermon even jazzes me more.

    Kudos for keeping up with technology. Mavuno has definately caught my undivided attention esp because I spend most of my time on the internet. I am more interested in learning more about God and my purpose according to his plans. And what convenience for a beginner.

    So I cant wait to blog about next week’s topic. This month’s theme is totally relevant to me because I was in a relationship that I thought was perfect but found myself single and hurt. Within this short period, i have been having many guys saying that they are the ones for me and unlike previous proposals, I have a criteria that is based on the sermons I am working with to decide who is the best partner for me. For now I need more lessons in life before I settle. Its better to have a strong relationship foundation than rush to be with someone just to fit social expectations.

    The Father Wound Sermon helped me realize the role of men in a family’s life. I had made a decision mainly because of the heartache that I would be a single parent and get children through fertility clinics. The only issue I had thought would be a problem would be having to find a male influence if I got a son. As for a girl I thought I could offer everything a girl would need.

    It was God’s intervention that had me have my first visit at Mavuno discussing that topic. I now understand that men are important to children’s upbringing, male and female. I will not be selfish to deny my children when I had in full. I cant wait for this Sunday!!

    I thank God for giving this revelation to the ones who started Mavuno. You are touching many undecided and stagnating hearts. Be blessed in 100 fold.




  72. Simply me.. Says:

    @ Wairimu,

    It’s a pity you can’t come for Gideon’s Torch men’s meeting on Wednesday morning. You’ll be humbled by the ever growing numbers of these Tender Warriors. Tuko tena kwa wingi madam…


  73. @ Simply me.. @ Wairimu

    Hatuna shaka mko. Swali ni, mbona hamjitambulishi?


  74. Wow!!! What happens when quarter way through the year you achieve your goals and visions???

    Mavuno wanted so badly to influence and transform lives of ordinary people and prayed that God will do exactly that. He has done it and is doing it and from all the confessions from the blog church has become relevant, a popular hang out for this generation and a fantastic influence for this generation.

    Its almost unbelievable but to God be the Glory. So now the devil is up in arms, attacking us from every direction but we have a powerful friend on our side, he doesnt know who our father is.

    Pastoral team & Mavuno Staff, we thank you for sharing your lives with us, We pray that God will continue to use you for this generation, we will keep praying for your protection, good health and prosperity. Dont give up, God is in control.

    Cess and all those contemplating to give their lives to Jesus, in heaven there is a dance for you, Keep praying and dont give up

    Heartfelt, Mulato and all those who need prayers, we will stand with you…Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great things that you have not seen. Keep praying and dont give up

    Simply Me & the the tender warriors of Gideon’s Torch, you are great influencers, already transforming lives at your different places of influence, on behalf of the women, We love you, Keep at it, dont give up, we will be praying for you, We thank God for preparing such men for us and for His kingdom.

    To all of us, we need to repent, walk away from our evil ways, humbly pray and seek God and he will hear us, forgive our sins and heal our land.

    Be blessed


  75. Hi all – it’s simply exciting to read all the wonderful things God’s doing among us. Thanks all for blogging.
    @ Cece, so glad that u committed ua life to God. Blessings in plenty. Am sure Mizizi will be an adventure of a lifetime.
    @ Madame, the sermons will be posted after the series is done. The cds will also be available then… ngojea tu!
    @Jewel – thanks for sharing about ua date. I think if you are convinced he is ua tender warrior, he needs to show the commitment to grow spiritually and you’ve to get to a point that u respect him enough to follow him spiritually. If that does not happen, am afraid…
    @ Afroman – thanx for being open. Would love to chat with you some if you drop me a line on simonm@mavunochurch.org


  76. @ Bigboss – thanks for sharing man! Praying for you, pls feel free to see me on one of the pastoral team on Sunday for help. God is your help, you will make it out..



    My name is Njuguna and I am a tender warrior


  78. Catherine Says:

    SOS…SOS…SOS…SOS Please people pray for my bro, Chege. He was in an accident last week and some of the people in the other vehicle died. The accident was in Eldama Ravine. He was driving. He went to Eldama Ravine to sort out and I’ve just been informed that the base commander has decided to detain him till tomorrow when he appears in court. Please people pray. For those who know my bro……he’s a good man and desperately needs God’s favour right now.

    P.s. He told me after the accident that his breaks failed so he would have been able to avoid the accident had the breaks been working.


  79. Hey everyone! I have missed you all big time- for the last two days i was unable to access the website i got a message that it was under maintenance, but it looks like i was the only one coz clearly the rest were blogging.
    However am glad to see all the tender warriors here there’s definately hope for all the ladies(like me) who are praying of one.
    @ Heartfelt we are standing with you in prayer you can count on us .
    @ Cece welcome bak to the family! a few words of encouragement
    “Sin is no longer your master, for you are no longer subject to the law, which enslaves you to sin. Instead, you are free by God’s grace. So since God’s grace has set us free from the law, does this mean we can go on sinning? Of course not! Don’t you realize that whatever you choose to obey becomes your master? You can choose sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God and receive his approval. Thank God! Once you were slaves of sin, but now you have obeyed with all your heart the new teaching God has given you. Now you are free from sin, your old master, and you have become slaves to your new master, righteousness.” Romans 6:14-18, NLT.


  80. Catherine Says:

    God is good. He really is. He doesn’t joke when He says He’ll hear us when we pray. My bro has been released on cash bail and should be on his way to Nairobi today. God really is good. Thanks for anyone who stood with us in prayer.


  81. Lemmi say mavuno is the place to be im surely being transformed to a Fearless influencer seconding Wairimu tender worriors reaveal urselves


  82. simple simon Says:

    I Believe with all the reponses, this week alone, means the christ movement is breaking barriers, am proud to be a mavunite

    Tener warriors auuuuuuuuu.


  83. thekenyannutcase Says:


    coz it will be very easy to recognize you on Wed when you come i’ll buy you breakfast.kinda like enjoying the spoils after a battle.There are many great guys in church and am one of them.


    My name is Njuguna and am a tender warrior!


  85. My name is faith and am waiting for a tender warrior


  86. Simply me.. Says:

    @ Catherine,

    I got to learn from my best friend of a recent tragic accident in Eldama Ravine, in which his boss lost 5 family members including very young kids. Is that the one you’re referring to? I’m so sorry for what your bro is going through and I thank God he’s out on bail. I pray to God that His merciful hand be upon your bro, and for justice & God’s favor to prevail upon his life. I know that these things can be quite complicated, but with God All things are possible. God shall pull him through this in Jesus’ name.

    @ Yes I can, Wairimu, Asha and all the other ladies who are causing;

    We’re here! I have an idea. Let’s get to the bottom of this, once and for all. If you’re doubting that we’re in existence, come to the Mavuno Dome on Wednesday at 5.57am. We shall form a parade in your honor! I guarantee you, you’ll be intimidated! Mtahepa! Tuko, tena KWA WINGI; some single, others engaged & others already very happily married, na kadhalika, na tena tumejitambulisha!

    Seek us and you shall find us…BUT, before that,….Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things/people (ma Tender Warriors) shall be added unto you! We’re so close to God, that you’d have to find God first before you find us. Picture a triangle with God on top, us on one side and you on the other. The closer you get to God, as you inch upwards, the closer you will be getting to us. Maybe you’re unable to find us because you’re not applying the above prescribed formula! Talk to some of the happily married wives at Mavuno Church, and they’ll show you how to go about it! Labda nyinyi ndio mna-create Jam! Hahahaha!

    My name is Simply me.. and I AM a Tender Warrior! And all the Tender Warriors said………………AAUUUU!!!


  87. Tender girl Says:

    My prayer is that a tender warrior will see me one of these days and that the Holy Spirit will prompt and give me wisdom to know that he is the one coz God already confirmed that He will bless with one, serous tender warrior.can i hear an AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Catherine darling, it shall be well with ur bro IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!

    Be blessed people

    Ni mimi wenu mrembo


  88. Christian Gal Says:


    To all the tender warriors and ladies, I am going to bring you back to earth and tell you to please go for a HIV test together with your date when you start dating, so that you do not invest your emotions and get disappointed.

    Relationships have various components like health status, compatibility, values, vision, expectations, financial status, family background, hygiene etc which are very complex but important issues. (By financial status, I don’t mean rich, I mean is the person a miser or spendthrift? What plans does he have for the future? Can he support you and your children?)

    You know, we all wear our church masks and even I look very religious when I am praying, but can you live with me? Can you accept me for who I am, where I have been and where I am going.

    Over to you guys. Food for thought.


  89. I love this blog!

    @ Catherine, I stood with you in prayer and now im giving thanks! All will be well. Hang in there!

    @ Simply me… what cuts with someaing us like that?!! LOL! but i totally agree with you. we need to seek God first and everything else will fall into place. I think you meant to remix Maya Angelou’s quote …

    ‘A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Him first to find her.’

    And that is my prayer for all the women at Mavuno. That we may seek God so passionately and be deserving of the tender warriors coming our way!


  90. thekenyannutcase Says:

    now there is a faith,tender girl,asha….

    .kwani who do ladies hang out with???but as Simply me has said drawing closer to God will draw certain guys towards you.


  91. Tim Njiru Says:

    @ Christian Gal….. Good food for thought… When you pray, Our home will be fine. But Honestly… If you don’t brush your teeth or keep up with the conversation now and when we’re old enough to just seat and talk, then I might just stick around this blog sphere for the one….
    On future Plans….. Well, I plan to get the Family car after the little hand cart Am driving now, meaning we’ll have room for the little ones when they come in. And I Mean the little ones…. (No relatives) And by then, the Mortgage should be on it’s final phase.
    One of us must be a cook by now…. this Bachelor/Tender warrior life am living has made me stick in the kitchen for a few tricks. And I must say I make great Pancakes.
    Christian girl…..I think that’s earth enough…


  92. @ simply me.. first things first kama mko kwa wingi show your faces, I have ever met one and we broke up and he has changed since then. i cant even belive its the same person. i have a father and a brother who are PINK men and to make it worse is they are the full african traditional men.who drink and sleep around and we are supposed to be this strong born again ladies who keep quite never say anything about it and pray for them to change but never question their actions which has made me angry and really bitter and pissed off at men. i am not saying i am the full saved woman but watching my mum take alot of pain from my dad in the name of salvation turned me off to that(salvation and men) but i am developing my spiritul life hence attending mavuno and blogging the model man we are constantly presented with is one with an inflated ego and one wo believes as long as he is paying the rent and your not starving is fine anything else he does doesnt matter it doesnt help your perception of men and religion for that matter when you find condoms and sphagetti tops and combs that do not belong to your mother in the car the morning you are going to church.so.. that is what i have endured and the men who come into my life are not any better because i believe like my mother on a subconsious level i can change them. when pasi was saying those tender worrior qualities i sat there noding but in my head thinking those men do not exist i jut need to know one to know they exist i know you are thinking what about jesus? yes Jesus of course but an earthly one i would not mind it would be like seeing a four leaf clover!..


  93. thekenyannutcase Says:

    @ christian gal

    i hear you.we are still on earth as men who are characterized as
    Just King
    Wise Mentor
    Tender Warrior
    Loving Friend

    what you talking bout falls in this places if you got your sermon notes and it’s why we were knelling down Sunday to ask God to authenticate us.

    BTW our Christianity is not a mask.it’s real.God is real in our lives.


  94. Heartfelt Says:

    @Catherine, I’m praying for your bro too, and the families affected by the accident. Remember God takes care of everything that concerns us, including our families.

    @ the Tender Warriors (and aspiring comedians in this case!)…y’all are funny! Talking about spoils and parades at 5am…WHAT? My belief is that God is the best matchmaker, however, He’ll never come and ask anyone out on your behalf…seriously.

    Then again, who says us nice ladies haven’t made it to the top of the triangle and y’all are MIA? Now who’s causing the jam?? 🙂


  95. Pastor Simon,
    mine is a pat on the back- for the great work you are doing:
    when you stand up there and speak, i see a General rallying his junior officers and commanders for battle- the battle of life; i see wisdom and vision, synthesized with humility and a genuine urge to see the battle not just won- but fought right!
    I pray that you remain steadfast- with your feet fitted with the readiness of the Gospel of peace, your chest protected by the breastplate of righteousness,and the belt of truth buckled in place, with your helmet of salvation firmly in place, armed with a shining sword of the Word of God, and guarded by your shield of Faith.
    More strength to you, keep it up!


  96. Christian Gal Says:

    @ Tim Njiru,

    Now that’s what I am talking about; focus and ambition.

    I believe that we all need to be balanced, focused Christian ladies and gentlemen.

    By balance I mean, someone who is self aware;
    You know your strengths and are working daily on eliminating your weaknesses.
    You have made your mistakes (plenty) and are determined not to repeat them again.
    You are taking charge of your life and are accepting responsibility for your actions.
    You have gone into your past and dealt with all the negative issues.

    Therefore, now, your focus is clear and you know your purpose (your talents) and you are fully enjoying this life God has given you, because your life is full of truth, and you seek to do no harm.

    This is not about perfection, but more a maturity issue where you are in love with You, and so other people’s successes or failures do not affect you, because you are living your life.

    And so, finally we have someone who is happy, greatful for each new God gives to them.

    Now when you reach here, you can be your woman’s/man’s expectation and your child’s dream, because you are posses the ability to love another.

    I am discovering that this process involves a lot of things including reading widely, interacting and learning from all kinds of people, and most importantly sitting under the feet of Jesus and reading His word.

    I aspire to be a balanced and focused Christian woman, and I pray that you all join me, each of us in their personal journey of self discovery.


  97. Christian Gal Says:

    By Author Unknown

    Do not undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others.
    It is because we are different that each of us is special.

    Do not set your goals by what other people deem important.
    Only you know what is best for you.
    Do not take for granted the things closest to your heart.

    Cling to them as you would your life, for without them, life is meaningless.
    Do not let your life slip through your fingers by living in the past nor for the future.
    By living your life one day at a time, you live all of the days of your life.
    Do not give up when you still have something to give.
    Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.
    It is a fragile thread that binds us to each other.

    Do not be afraid to encounter risks.
    It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.
    Do not shut love out of your life by saying it is impossible to find.
    The quickest way to receive love is to give love.
    The fastest way to lose love is too hold it too tightly.
    In addition, the best way to keep love is to give it wings

    Do not dismiss your dreams.
    To be without dreams is to be without hope.
    To be without hope is to be without purpose.
    Do not run through life so fast that you forget not only where you have been,
    but also where you are going.

    Life is not a race,
    but a journey to be savored each step of the way.


  98. Hi all,

    I have been blogging ever sice but have not contributed anything so far ,…….pink man??????? Not any more, I now stand to be counted.

    I am a Tender Warrior,TDH by any SI units….Married to my Queen for the last seven years or so and blessed with two lovely and bright princesses…malia and ……but do i say………

    And here is the Story of my life…….

    I was unchurched from high school all through campus and afterwards…
    I only attended church during weddings(mine included) and funeral services until……

    I used to drop my family religiously every Sunday at the church grounds then proceed for a car wash,of course with my two papers as I nursed my hangie with a few cold ones (not sodas) before picking them up.
    Of course I imagined I had accomplished my obligations.

    My daughters imagined that church was for kids and women/
    we men……..until I ‘dropped’ them at Mavuno (South C sports club) and my first born daugher insisted we go in together. As they say,the rest is history…I have only missed three services since January 2008…Ahuuuuu

    I have since then become a fearless influencer….tens of my friends,old and young have come to church to witness.
    Although some just come to confirm that I trully attend while others have claimed that since I moved from comfort zone to jua kali in 2007 and my finances dipped….pray for me…..but whatever…….at least they are still gaining from the different series we have had and they continue to attend.Praise the lord.

    I however, still have my grey ares,smoking and alcohol.
    I have tried cutting down on both lakini bado…..though the will is there.I am not in denial.This is where I now call for intercession from my brethren..

    I have started doing the Gideon’s Torch and it is phenomenal.I am doing mizizi the next class…..my wife is doing it now……I envy her.
    She has transformed drastically…from a commanding wife to a wife who submits…..in a good way….Ahuuuuuu.I am also learning to respect and love her more. No more pink stuff….you guessed right.

    Time is running out,I will keep you posted on my progress. I do not have verses to quote but Watch this space…esp after Mizizi.

    Keep it up Pastors S,M,C and the rest…of course plus all the Mavunites.

    Keep it Real.


  99. Christian Gal Says:

    It’s Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood…
    By Bruce Williamson

    Walk in the rain, jump in mud puddles, collect rocks, rainbows and roses, smell flowers, blow bubbles, stop along the way, build sandcastles, say hello to everyone, go barefoot, go on adventures, act silly, fly kites, have a merry heart, talk with animals, sing in the shower, read children’s books, take bubble baths, get new sneakers, hold hands and hug and kiss, dance, laugh and cry for the HEALTH of it, wonder and wander around, feel happy and precious and innocent, feel scared, feel sad, feel mad, give up worry and guilt and shame, say yes, say no, say the magic words, ask lots of questions, ride bicycles, draw and paint, see things differently, fall down and get up again, look at the sky, watch the sun rise and sun set, watch clouds and name their shapes, watch the moon and stars come out, trust the universe, stay up late, climb trees, daydream, do nothing and do it very well, learn new stuff, be excited about everything, be a clown, enjoy having a body, listen to music, find out how things work, make up new rules, tell stories, save the world, make friends with the other kids on the block, and do anything else that brings more happiness, celebration, HEALTH, love, joy, creativity, pleasure, abundance, grace, self-esteem, courage, balance, spontaneity, passion, beauty, peace, relaxation, communication and life energy to…all living beings on this planet.


  100. There are men who has destroyed lives, broken up homes, killed dreams, tortured their wives, broken hearts. I am a man and I ask all the women who have been hurt forgive me(us). Forgive me(us) because I am(we are) among the male populace, forgive me(us) because now we have met the ideal husband and father. He is “planing” our inflated egos so that they submit to him, he is cutting our influence so that we can only run to him for help and use his influence. We are tender warriors not because we are perfect, no, we are tender warriors because CHRIST is making us all new. All the women hurt, forgive us men.

    Mavuno is awesome, not attend a single service(live in Ksm) but your blogs /downloaded services have kept me in line and refreshed….
    PS: Like the all the men say Auuuuuuuu 🙂


  101. Justaman,
    thanks for sharing. Congratulations for begining the journey to complete freedom and liberation.
    By acknowledging that you have issues in your life is the first step of the healing process.
    Faith comes from hearing and hearing the word of God. As you begin to make coming to church a habit,the word of God becomes alive in you, guiding, instructing teaching and convicting you.
    Your faith in christ is being perfected by your ability to share the good news with your friends.
    I would like to encourage you to take each day at at time in regards to your habits.If you keep the will alive and continue to surround yourself with friends that can encourage you in this walk, God will definitely check in and take charge. I hope that you find friends who will encourage you and keep you accountable.It”s good to learn that you a gideons man.
    Congrat on your decision to take the next mizizi class.
    Finally I pray for your lovely family and hope that your wife gives you all the support that you need.


  102. hope one day il get over my hurt and pain caused my many years of being with the wrong men..so that i may believe in the beauty of love ..and the existence of the tender warrior.
    no one has fought for me yet.iwas almost sure there was something wrong with me.imust not be worth it right?well i have met the ultimate tender warrior..he died for me..i rest in his arms untill my change comes.
    thank u Jesus.


  103. Pastor S,what you have taught us guys in 3 weeks has helped me sort out issues I have carried for a very long time.Goodbye pinkness,no more father wounds and hello tender warrior.I will personally hug you (i am straight by the way) this sunday after church.


  104. May God continue to turn the hearts of men to Himself. That the Church would be full of tender warriors. In Jesus Name I pray, AMEN.


  105. Justaman
    My prayers are with you as you go through this transformational change.I thank God that you found the tender warrior- Jesus.
    I pray that he will become alive in you as you seek his face.
    I pray that God will begin to reveal himself to you in unspeakable ways and that you will be blessed beyond measure.
    I pray that he may surround you with men that you can die with you..every man needs a woman he can die for and men that he can die with.
    Keep the faith alive!


  106. Im so encouraged every time I come to church these days. I feel extreamly terrible when I have to be elsewhere. I have really enjoyed the sermons. Pst S, your sermons are from the heart of God. I am 40 plus and as I hear your sremons Pst S im glad I waited. I am no longer worried that it may be too late because I am sure that God was preparing a real man from me. As I jeard the message on Tender warrior … that just blew my mind. I am sure that the men are being transformed in Mavuno, they will influence others in this city and beyond and I shall be blessed to one day be able to call my husband…MY TENDER WARRIOR.


  107. Sister 2 Says:

    The road to healing from a broken relationship is forgiveness. It is very painful and hard to do this having been there myself. You have got to let go.The first thing you have to do is openly confess that you have forgiven him for hurting you so badly and that you will not go back to your past mistakes.Even thou you don’t feel it now,With time it becomes a reality.

    But you have got to believe in yourself.You must always remind yourself that you are beautiful woman with so much going for you.You must focus on the positive aspects of your life and every day you wake up in the morning, take a mirror look at yourself and openly confess that you are beautiful and that you are worth a good man.
    I was deeply hurt by a man who I loved more than life itself.I gave my whole self to him but he took my vulnerabilty and crushed it to a million pieces.I never ever though that life would be the same again. I lost my self esteem and everything around me began to fail. It took me exactly one year to heal because I clung onto the pain.I couldn let go.My breakthru came when I DECIDED TO FORGIVE AND LET GO.
    I look back now and the pain is all gone. I learnt the lesson.Today I dont go to bed thinking about him or wake up and the first thing on my mind is him.Im totallay free.

    I wish you well in this journey of healing .My prayers are with you..


  108. @ Simply me…
    Walala! For a moment there I had a flashback of my standard two teacher when reading your lecture. Well pointed out though…

    @ Catherine
    All I can say…in prayer.

    @ Christian Gal @ Tim Njiru
    Dada, kaka, give us time to float on our feather-beds of dreams before bringing in hygiene! Well pointed out though…

    @ Wairimu
    My dear, I wish I could enter this computer and tell you verbally…I feel you completely! And thank God for this blog…this is where four-leaf clovers are found! Jesus is real, and he is healing us sister! And part of that process will involve (at least I think it will for me) having a chance to open up, and see tender warriors-in-the-making opening up on this blog. I feel like it is a safe place to learn and grow, and I should eventually learn to trust one in real life. I’m not even sure if that will ever happen, I have so many ingrained bad habits of mistrust and suspicion, but I am glad to give Jesus space to do his thing through this online family!
    My life-lesson – let Jesus to his thing and just follow in trust. I’m trying to stop trying to figure things out, and concentrate on living (stop and smell the roses type of stuff, @ Christian Gal: great poem) and healing, and learning to hear God’s voice and obeying. Many times I take back control but he was patient with me.
    A friend of mine told me once that dictating the terms of your emotional healing is like a person with burnt hands trying to apply a healing balm on themselves…it hurts more than it helps. I feel like I am not saying this properly, but my goal is to let you know that you have a fellow-work-in-progress here. So let’s keep blogging and see where it takes us.

    @ Tender Warriors and Tender Gals
    In my slightly badder (yes, that is a word, I insist) pre-Mavuno days there was a song I liked (and still do, actually) by Alanis Mo-something-I-can’t-spell, and I’d like to know from you guys whether it reflects appreciation of a tender warrior, or it reflects the blue-blooded-woman culture or is it just Hollywood and I need to throw it into the junk pile?
    In case you are wondering why I’d even ask…this is your chance to tell me why it is so obvious… : – )

    Head over Feet
    I had no choice but to hear you/You stated your case, time and again/I thought about it/
    You treat me like I’m a princess/I’m not used to liking it/You ask how my day was/

    C – You’ve already won me over inspite of me/So don’t be alarmed if I fall head over feet/and don’t be surprised if I love you for all that you are/I couldn’t help it, it’s all your fault!

    Your love is thick and it swallowed me whole/you’re so much braver than I gave you credit for/That’s not lip service

    You are the bearer of unconditional things/You held your breath…and the door for me/Thanks for your patience

    You’re the best listener that I’ve ever met/You’re my best friend/What took me so long?/
    End (I think)

    Tafadhali chambua barabara!


  109. Ever since I started attending Mavuno, my eyes and mind have been opened. For a long time I’ve been searching for the “right” guy without knowing what exactly I’m looking for. I’ve come to realize that I’ve been selling myself short probably because I had no self-confidence. Now I know better and know what I need, because I’ve learned to love myself first.


  110. I have been so restless for many weeks now and I am so glad I decided to check out the blog… I have just felt God’s touch as I have read different bits of the blog… There is a God! Good night!


  111. Thanks Pastor S for been a blessing to many! Every time I listen to you speak I feel like tears want to roll down. I am the type that has always believed God to settle with the man that God has purposed for me. After many years of waiting with nothing forthcoming I ended up settling for pink men who have truly ruined my life emotionally and spiritually. God has been working in me through the sermons and I have now made up my mind to start a new life and wait on God as per his promises. When you talked of men been answerable to a higher authority was like piercing to my spirit and I knew it was time to move on. I am still hurting from my past relationship but I know God will give me the strength to overcome. I know deep within me my tender warrior is about to find his way home.


  112. Just read Tony M’s take on last Sunday’s sermon in today’s ‘Instinct’ (Standard). Quite an interesting read!


  113. Christian Gal Says:

    @ Kisa
    God knows your name, he knows the number of hairs on your head. You are His because He made you.
    You’re special; there is no one on this earth who can be Kisa, so whatever you are going through God sees. Take heart and try to be around people who can encourage you.
    Come to church on sunday and please talk uo a prayer counsellor .You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  114. Justaman,
    You are in the right place and congratulations for beginning the journey to victory and complete freedom. Remember that God accepts you just as you are irrespective habits or issues we are struggling with. By acknowledging that you have issues in your life is the first step of the healing process. Am proud of you and excited that your Girls will have a tender warrior in making. Look forward to doing Mizzi with you


  115. Catherine Says:

    @ Simply me….yes that’s the accident. I can’t even begin to imagine what the family of those who died is going through.

    @Simply me, Tender girl, Ciks, Heartfelt, Asha….thank you for praying. My bro goes back for the plea hearing tomorrow and we’re not out of the woods yet. He’s required to go with a log book or a title deed to stand as surety and so we’re frantically trying to get one of these two documents. This is so nerve racking but God is still in control….I have to keep reminding myself of this. Continue to pray for God’s favour over him.


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