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The February Series ‘Happily Ever After! …2’ is online!! Including ‘Friends and Lovers.’


Happily ever after!…22009_02_200

Click and listen.

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  1. Hi,the sermons for happily ever after 2 uploaded have a problem………….the only the first one minute has been uploded.



  2. charles I Mwangi Says:

    we have been blessed so much my gal n i since joining early this year. concerning sunday’s sermon i realise that it is because men have failed in their role of showing true masculinity that our society has turned to be the way it is, we therefore end up with homeless girls and single women, it is also for that reason that i have decided to stand out as a real man and correct this mistakes and apologize to the girls and women on behalf of the men by creating a Prayer and Counselling rescue centre for girls and young women who are suffering as a result of many men out there. God gave me this vision a few years ago and i have been planning slowly and very soon i will be rolling out. i believe this sermon is a confirmation of what God has put in my heart to do. God bless you. i would also like to join the prayer and counselling team.


  3. Well in, been waiting for this…

    God Bless Mavuno!

    Charles, I know the prayer team meets on Sundays at the prayer tent to pray for the services at 7.30am for the first service and 11 for the second. Perhaps you can start there?


  4. Wendy 1 Says:

    its really encouraging to see a man stand in the gap for other men.
    May God guide you and shed his light apon your path as you seek to fulfill his purpose in you.


  5. Hey Pastor M. I listened to the message the “s” word and it was good. One correction through…the story of “Jonny 7 cows” should have been “Johnny Lingo and the ten cow wife”. I googled it and here is the link if you want to read it in full.

    God Bless


  6. Kipkemoi Says:


    I was unable to attend this however it seems that I can not play the whole sermon. I have downloaded the sermon several times and it seems that the uploaded sermon actually has an issue!

    Is it possible to get the full sermon uploaded?


  7. Mercy Nyagah Says:


    I go to Nairobi Chapel Ngong Road and have really enjoyed listening to your sermons online.

    Are there DVDs available for sale at your church. I would love copies.

    Keep up the good work. God Bless


  8. I really hope i can get the sermon on runners and fighters that was presented on powerpoint by pastor m and carol during the february series.
    the one that was talking about rules, roles, reason for being and roots.
    God bless.


  9. im from another church and i just got this CD leo and im in the courtship season and from this i’ve learned alot.

    i hope to get more of you seasons in this topic


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