Pics from Jars of Clay Concert

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2 Responses to “Pics from Jars of Clay Concert”

  1. kenyanreality Says:

    This must have been truly amazing. Do you plan any more concerts for Christian rock groups? Newsboys? Delirious?


  2. Hi pastor Si,
    yani on Sunday you touched my heart. I remembered how fathers are not responsible until their children and families are getting lost. I pray that God will help us especially me to be a responsible and good father. I remembered the way I was brought up without the love of the father and I found myself crying tears rolling out of my eyes. But one thing I thank God for is the way you represented the fathers and apologized on behave of the fathers and the words that you spoke they were real and encouraging to so many hearts that were hating. God bless you passy and may you continuous to speak to the children of God so that they may understand the way God wants us to bring up their families. Have a wonderful times passy as you teach the children of God


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