This Weekend

This promises to be a great weekend filled with some first-time-ever celebratory events! Apart from the Men Only event happening tonight at the dome (6.30pm), we have two great Valentine Day’s events tomorrow. singles-getaway_600rekindle-the-fire_600

The Singles Getaway starts @ 2pm at the Lukenya Getaway (next to Daystar Athi River Campus) and includes a bbq dinner, accomodation, Sunday breakfast and much fun. Please come and bring your friends! The married couples dinner Rekindle The Fire starts at 6.30 pm @ the Sarova Stanley in downtown. A great way to spend Valentines weekend with friends from Mavuno and the other Chapel churches.

And then on Sunday, Pst.M & C continue our series with ‘No More Drama’. See you there!


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  1. I joined Mavuno late last year and I must say that I have never felt so much at home! I especially like the sermons where the pastor is not yelling, thundering and threatening the congregation to eternal damnation if they do not repent! To be honest it gets kinda boring to be threatened every Sunday with hell and fire!! Instead the daily teachings on life and what God’s word says on every situation is one of the greatest blessings I have gotten. For how can you preach to a hungry man about God and hope he understands? It is only wise that his immediate problem(Hunger) be taken care of then you can proceed. As things stand, I am now able to concentrate more on Gods word as I have fewer moments of stressful situations thereby my mind gets drawn closer to God and i know He is really alive. Keep up tha good work Pasi, your wife n the whole mavuno. I think I understand so much more on relationships now n I hope to grow to a toothless age with my wife when we finally tie the knot!!!!


  2. Hi mavuno

    I was told about this web by a friend. Am really blessed……can’t even express. am in Cayman Islands and truely this is the best E-worship i have come a close. When am back home i will make sure i will step my foot in mavuno. Keep it up, be blessed for good work.



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