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2009_01_200bMany have been waiting for them – now they are online. Enjoy!

Happily ever after!

Click and listen.

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8 Responses to “Sermon online”

  1. Hey Pastor M,am truly blessed by your happily ever after series.It is definately encouraging and to be honest i have leaernt that i there are many areas i need to imporve.Am working on me for sure and i guarantee you he has noticed.Am very glad.
    But am abit worried about the single folk,am not sure they find it as encouraging.It would be good to keep on reminding them why the infor is important to them as well.
    I thank God for the mangement of Mavuno,God truly is using you to reach us who are lost.Keep on praying for us as we pray for U.


  2. Hey Pastor Wamae, Thanks for uploading the January series. However, the “Roses to Dishes” mp3 is not playing. Pls reload.


  3. hey people
    Pliz up load ”looking for love in all the wrong places”. Also just wondering what happened to having a singles event. it would be so awesome!!!!! let us know about that.
    mapenzi tele!!


  4. Hi Pastor M and the Tech gurus at Mavuno,thank you for the awesome job you guyz ………..the online srmon gives me a chance to be in Mavuno and also at work at the same time.Please reload the following two episode coz am having problems downloading them:Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places and From Roses To Dishes

    Thank you and God bless y’all


  5. Hi all, thanks for raising the issue. We’re on it and will load up the 2 sermons asap. God bless.


  6. Hi Pastor M,

    I was just wondering how i would get highlights or even details on the Unmask the man event that was held coz i missed it unfortunately. I seem to also be thirsty to understand why men behave the way they do…..



  7. Hi, sunday’s sermon was great, however the powerpoint presentation only has the animals and no details, would appreciate to see the explanation, coz its deep


  8. Hi, I totally agree with Shiro, would like to have the depth of the explanation of the animal coz for real i cant tell which category of animal’s i am.



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