Marriage Is Partnership With God… (Ephesians 5:21-33)

1. Wife’s Role

a. an opportunity to model our submission to Christ

b. an opportunity to partner with God to meet your husband’s need

2. Husband’s Role

*an opportunity to model Christ’s love for us

*an opportunity to partner with God to meet your wife’s needs


63 Responses to “THE ‘S’ WORD”

  1. Hi? I totally loved today’s sermon, wanted to go in for round 2 but i had a busy afternoon. I am single and loving it:-). I was in a relationship where the dude always thought either he wasnt good enough or i was cheating on him because he wasnt good enough for me and aaargh tsk i js got tired of always reassuring him and saying to him u know what, ‘am only interested in u’. So what happens in a marital situation where u js get fed up of always reassuring and affirming? &then i also dont feel the whole ‘ego’ thing. We are living in a very competitive world and like you said the person who marries you should find you fulfilling your God-given purpose so how does my success become an issue thereafter??? I am totally confused!!!


  2. Edward Kobuthi Says:

    I enjoyed your sermon. I attended the Nairobi Baptist retreat for couples in mombasa last year where you and your wife were the resource persons.
    I found your sermon still refreshing despite the challenge of having a more diverse audience, couples, singles and even children. I particularly liked your frankness to those that are still single so that they will know what they will be geting themselves into when they choose to get married. The message is still relevant even to oldercouples like me. Challenges do not end and each phase of life brings with it unique challenges.
    I particularly like how you use yourselves as examples. If the Pastor can have challenges in their marriage who else should not. In the past Pastors were viewed as very happy in all thier relationships and had no challenges which we all know was not true.

    I normally have a years callender and after listening to you in Mombasa last year I entered in my callender that I will visit Mavuno church this year and I did so last week and again today. God bless. Last Sunday I even went to the prayer tent and was prayed for on two issues. One was even answered and I am trustinmg that even the second prayer item will be asnwered in Gods own time.


  3. Hi Goldfish, thanks for posting. I feel you! That’s why you have to come to ‘Unmask The Man’ this Friday! The issue isn’t so much that you shouldn’t succeed but that you learn to understand your spouse’s unique needs as a man. Just as ladies struggle to ‘get it’ when it comes to a man’s need for success & affirmation, men also struggle to ‘get it’ when it comes to a woman’s need for love and affection. The result? Gender wars, manipulation & heartache. God’s way is counter-intuitive but after trying everything else, we came to the conclusion it’s the only way that works!

    Edward, thanks for visiting! Glad you could join us.


  4. Good day Pr M,

    I still marvel at how you unleash such revelation to texts in the Bible … God has given you a wonderful gift.

    The one thing that wows me about you is your honesty and sincerity …. One can actually feel the sincerity of your word when you preach … never lose that.

    It was a blessing to learn from you and your wife Carol yesterday … God bless you both abundantly as He continues to use you both to lift the rest of us up.

    Blessed week and so looking forward to the sermon on in-laws and out-laws.


  5. Hi Pastor M,
    Great sermon yesterday…your message was extremely timely and well put. Lakini….regarding a husbands role – It sounds all well and good to say ‘Love Love and Love some more even without results’ and ’50 – 50 doesnt work in a relationship’ however arent relationships (marriage as well as dating) meant to be mutually fulfilling and not one way efforts? As a man I am driven by a need for success and affirmation…but not just in the office. I experience great joy in providing for and being there for my chile which includes meeting her needs for love and affection but sometimes even that doesnt seem enough. ‘Be The Love You Wish To See’ words easier said than done.


  6. I have enjoyed the sermons over the last month and i look forward to the coming weeks. Today marks our 7th year since we got married and I would like to encourage all that even in these times when marriage is under attack and it looks like it is not possible to have a happily ever after- that it is possible….how true these sermons have been for us…we have been easing into Discovery and are slowly realising that Drama isn’t soo bad after all- it is giving the Discovery phase something to laugh about…..
    Thank you for telling the truth as it is, about marriage.


  7. Praise God for these sermons on marriage. I am 31 and single and I am learning so much. Every sunday has been such a blessing to me and I thak God for you and your wife. I am so glad that you tackled the issue on submission. As a woman I have always struggled with this concept especially in this day in age where the word submission has such a negative connotation to it. You both explained it so well and after all these years I finally GET IT! I figure marriage can be challenging but you are really helping me because as a single person I believe that I will be better able to tackle the challenge with all this information you have provided us with and the beauty about it all is that your teachings are all biblical and you know with God even the impossible is possible! Thank you for sharing your experience as well the reality of it makes it even easier to understand.


  8. Hi Pastor M and mavunites, was first time for me and my wife and 1 year old son to be honest church had become so dull for me and my family of late felt monotonous and just felt like an act so a friend invited me to mavuno i cannot explain how awesome it was from the worship to the awesome sermon on living happily ever after imagine for me i had just resigned my job and now pursuing my business so when u talked about being a kept husband and messagee on submission i almost jumped to my feet but i had to compose myself in summary Pastor M i think i will become a full time first time visitor thanks for laying ur heart God bless barchi and family


  9. Hi Pastor M and C
    Let me say that this last sunday was really hard for me to chew and digest. The S word. I’m really struggling with that.I would like Pastor C to shed some light into my situation. Im married six years now.We have had alot of drama esp in the last 3 years. We have gone thro issues such as inlaw interference, infidelity, indiscipline ,financial crisis- debt due to bad spending habits, neglect etc. However things have really improved since we started coming to Mavuno one year ago. I have renewed my faith in Christ and God is at work in my husband. I really am grateful for God’s faithfulness. After the tears and sleeplesness nights I woke up and decided to live for myself and the kids.I became “self sufficient” and no longer worried about things I have no control over. I think this brought about sone some positive change but the real problem is that I find it impossible to sumbit to my husband. It takes more energy and I lack the will to do the things I did so naturally 3 years back…I do not trust his judgement esp. in money matters( I take care of 80% of our financial obligations).I tend to just wish things away and not really think about them but the truth is am sad lonely and unfullfilled. Where can I begin? This is really hard for me.


  10. Hi Pastor M,
    yani yesterday I had like 50 aha moments. I have invited like 4 couples to come and listen to the remaining sermons. The only sad part is that my husband dearest doesn’t come to church so when I go home I have to try and remember everything and tell him how it was. Pls pray for him to start coming to church. God Bless you so much you and your family.


  11. SoonToBeMrs Says:

    Until yesterday I always thought “This really IS a Man’s world”. All the books on marriage are written for the woman/wife. Bridal showers are full of advise on how women should behave in marriage in order to keep their men happy. Compared to Stag nights where little or no advise is given to men. Its more of a send-off party for the dude and a chance for him to do what he probably won’t get to ever do again. Or at its best, he will be told about how his wife will start wearing bad weaves and nagging him. So yesterday, after you broke down the “Husbands Love your Wives” part, all of a sudden as compared to loving unconditionally as Christ loves us, submission seems like a walkover! I know its not easy both ways, but if we both play our parts as husband and wife, it will be well worth the spent energy.

    Thank you for opening your lives to us Pastor M and Carol. It must be hard, but it has changed my life. I am getting married soon and I am happy that now I know what I am walking into. God bless you.


  12. Hi Pastor c and M, wow…wow…wow, you know church has never been this practical, i didn’t know i could love church this much, thabks for your ministry it is so timely, what is even more wow is the transformation i have seen in my life…anyway, this sermon series was for me, you have changed total my view for marriage and most of all i will not marry a guy just coz i feel him but coz we share a purpose, marriage is bigger than i thought, this has encouraged me and now i see how God works in marriage and its is inspirational. now i have a new criteria for deciding on whose proposal i will accept. Pastor c, i wish you could tackle a burning issue amongst us ladies: there are more chics than guys in church and i have seen so many of my sister get unequally yoked mostly coz of fear of spinsterhood, can God really call you to spinsterhood if you do not want? where will our husbands come from…how do we continue to trust God even when he does not seem to be coming? i am looking forward to unmasking the man! May the Lord bless you Pastor M and Pastor C.


  13. Wonderful sermon. You could hear a pin drop in there. I know there was some great dialogue about this issue afterwords. My friends and I had a very lively debate! A quick question is: what if the woman in the relationship also has the overwhelming drive for purpose that is typically associated with men? A need to achieve, be successful, and requires great support and affirmation from her man? I ask this because in this day and age many women are being raised to be driven and independent, to seek their purpose more than seeking love.


  14. Hi Pastor M,C and all, I started attending Mavuno on the second sunday of this year becasue I was looking for something different than what church has traditionally been and… stuck here now! i joined mizizi and hoping to join a life group after that. i agree with everyone on how impactful and timely the series has been…am almost 34 years, single, female…. SNL i totally feel you on that lack of jamaas story.

    Billy..on the whole 50-50 thing, the point is, yes the relationship should be mutually fulfilling but if you go in feeling like whats in this for me……wheres my 50%?…. you wont get it…..BUT if you decide to give 100% regardless, you’ll get 100% back…eventually……”counter-intuitive” as Pastor M puts it. Remember God loved us while we were still sinners….marriage is supposed to model this.

    God bless you all, I enjoy reading the blog every week.


  15. sorry that was V on lack of guys


  16. Pastor M and C
    One thing that keeps resonating with me.. Work on Me and Pray for Them. Am working on being a person whom God will be proud to say ‘Good job my faithful servant’. Pray for me as i keep discovering my purpose so as to be and feel 100%.


  17. Hey all mavunites

    I have always said to myself that I will not marry a traditional guy who will put up his feet when we both get home from work and tells me that I should hurry with dinner as he is really tired….

    I came to church expecting to hear that men should do dishes and help in cooking as its part of loving your wife and being fair, and women should have no problem letting your man decide where the money goes even when he is not the one making it as its part of submission.

    I was blown away by the bigger picture that the whole S’ word was about. I now realise that I have been taking men’s roles of initiating and i was comforted to know how Christ wanted the marriage to work. That he wanted the men to love us first just as he loved us sinners first. That keeping quiet and dying on the inside is not really submission. That I can voice my opinion and still be submissive.

    Thank you Pastor M & Pastor C for sharing your lives and God’s word with us. It was quiet in there as someone described it because everybody was internalizing getting aha! moments. God Bless.


  18. Pastor M..

    May the Almighty God in Heaven shower u n ur family with unimaginable blessings…This same prayer also holds for all the members of the Mavuno family…

    Pastor M, i am very choleric guy and this is posing a great danger in my relationship….I sometimes find myself in serious problems (SERIOUS DRAMA) with my loved one becos of my anger…

    To add salt to injury, i lost my job last year (Nov 08) and this has ignited more problems between us….I sometimes end up depressed n feeling all alone irrespective of her assurance….Wat sometimes makes me feel soo depressed is that i have a loan that i used (in its entirety) to pay for my full university fees which i will be completing this year, and now the bank is on my case due to unpaid monthly installments..

    Dear Friends….I REALLY NEED UR PRAYERS!!!!! I need a devine intervention in my life. I have been praying for it, even before i lost my job and i am on the verge of losing hope. I think the loss of my job is making things even worse…. Please Pastor Muriithi and my fellow worshippers, PRAY FOR ME…(Not only for a job but also for my Temper)…I believe in God and i know he can make me the person i ought to be…

    God bless you all..


  19. Wa Njagi
    God answers prayers. What you are going through right now seems like an impossible situation but don’t loose hope.There was a song we used to sing in high school that describes faith as being guided by a hand you cannot see with your heart and to hear with your eyes. God will never tempt you beyond what you can endure and trust me, he sees what you are going through and there is a lesson behind it all. Ask God to reveal to you what he wants you to learn from this.I thank God for your wife who is constantly reassuring you. Thats a blessing! I will remember to pray for you and your family when I go to God in prayer this evening.Remember, don’t loose hope.


  20. Hello Pastor M and C,

    Thank you for taking your time to teach us on what God expects of us in marriage. What we watch in the movies is totally different from what am hearing and am glad I got to know God’s way before I got married. Infact I have risen the bar for the brother who will want to be my husband, I know better.

    For my brothers and sisters who are married, its time to be real. Stop pretending when/if things are bad, seek help or counseling. The ‘drama’ stage is normal [I have been made to understand].

    Take care and God bless you.


  21. thank Pastor M, thank you Carol for opening up your marriage to us. it is not an easy thing to do.
    Sunday’s sermon opened up my eyes. I have always thought that as the wife and mother, the spiritual leadership of the home belonged to me. I guess growing up, it was always my grandma and now my mum who pushed us to prayer and knowing God. I now feel free to pray for my kids and husband without the pressure of leadership.
    God bless you for the work you are doing. we will continue praying for the mavuno team which gives so much of themselves to make our lives better.


  22. Walalalalala!!!You must be heaven sent……For sure Pastor M&C,i felt like i could run and give you guys a hug,but i had to come down my emotions…Does this apply to dating??how do you know your on the right direction with your partner??

    “I wise man once told me that the only problem we have in this age in marriages and relationships is that we dwell and use alot of our energy and strength in fighting and blaming each other,Instead of loving and understaning,caring for your partner.”

    I have been in relationships searching for the right answers,about i get myself being in what i call the ‘honeymoon stage’ but tht lasts for awhile until drama doesnt seem to end or if it does i end up being alone again…!!

    We’ve met with some of the ladies after a due period of time,and some of them give me invitations to their weddings and some of them have babies.Goshhhh!! am always left in disbelief and with alot of answered questions..(AM I GOOD LUCK CHUCK????)whereby am with someone and i think am making right in all ways possible…Lakini wow unto me!!am alone shocked and confused…

    Can this affect me in to an extent that i have Insecurities, and mistrust in a woman??Your sermon was off extreme Distinction.It bought out all consequences of lifes realities and how we complicate it ourselves…

    I’ve always thought that “A dialogue means listening and understanding, not proving and convincing”
    “”To understand and to be understood is the source of unity between two people””but i seem not to fulfill that in a woman….

    I am in the ‘5th year’ and seem to be worse then “Taliban war on terror”Woi!! we’ve given each other space but as much as am fighting to make it right she will not let us work it as much as its impossible, I leave it to God hands cause i know life is not a fairy tale and its hard but its what we make and want it to be,also it will never be a rehearsal….

    Since i started coming to Mavuno i’ve discovered alot of sense and meaning in God’s direction and purpose in my life.
    My the Lord God shower you with blessings to continue the awesome teachings that you have bestowed in US…Thank you


  23. WOW! I loved the sermon this Sunday and was so jazd by the way you managed to bring out the whole thing strictly using scripture backing. I’m abit far from getting married but some day I’ll remember this series and thimk, “Aaaaah, so thats what they were talking about!” I think we live in a changing world without realizing that we serve Yahweh, an unchanging God. We sometimes think of scripture like a newspaper; backdated. Thankyou and thank God for using you to show us that if we can rely on Gods promises because we don’t think they are backdated, then we gotta obey His commands, coz they aint backdated either. God Bless!


  24. Indeed this series is life changing!! i am even sharing what i learn with my brother and good friend who are not in kenya!! Thanks for the online sermons, at least they can download and listen. The sermons have changed lives, mine included. I have understood submission better now and I am working on it in my relationship. as many say, its hard but i know its easier when you let God lead you. God asked us to sumbit and love, He also gives us the grace to do so because on our own we will not hack it.
    Wa Njagi….i feel you, last year we had money issues too, it wasnt a loan like urs but we didnt have enough money coming in to pay rent and it accumulated for 3 months. the frustration of looking for money and not getting was overwhelming. not that we were not wokring, i have a job but what i was bringing in wasnt enough to cover rent. i paid bills etc and that was it, even busfare was hard to get sometimes but i never missed a day at work, my husband is a businessman, he was owed money by 2 people, said money was enough to pay rent for the 3 months plus another 3. but up to today we have not seen that money. and today we donthave rent arrears. this is how….in those hard months i still tithed, it was hard at first but i tithed and sometines even gave a 50bob extra or 2soc. someone would think why not give exactly 10%…to me it was/is an investment. we prayed about that money and prayed. the people who owed my hubby money wouldnt pay, one of them actually got the money and “ate” it. we found out after praying for God to show us the truth and He did, the person up to now doesnt know that we know he “ate” our money. but we managed, in less than a month we paid the rent arrears plus the next months rent, how? God answered our prayers. I would tell my friend that i am walking in the dark but i can see the light, thats how it felt and before we got sorted, i felt like i was in the light.
    It is hard yes but it will work out, God will show you His power and you will be amazed. You have a nice wife from the sounds of it, she is by your side reassuring you…..not many would have done that, infact some would have taken off leaving you alone. Thank God for her daily. Also thank God for the things you have and perhaps take for granted, your health, shelter, food……..countless blessings that God pours on us daily. the fact that you can wake up is a blessing itself. you enter a matatu and get to your destination safely…that is not something to tak efor granted. be thankful for everything and even when you are down, sing. prasie God at all times. its good for your soul and you will be amazed at the peace that fills you.
    today i live knowing that I am where I am coz i trust God. and as each day passes i know everything is working out for good. I will be honest with you, trusting and faithing is easier said than done, its a learning process. just believe that God is in control and ask Him to help you trust that things wil be better and in a few weeks you will find yourself looking back in amazement!!
    blessed week all!!


  25. Pastor M n C,

    I was moved by your sermon-you have no idea how am being transformed.Funnily,i had made the same resolutions in line with your sermons and i could not be in a better place.I will join the next season of mizizi to ensure i get the foundation right-i am thinking of renewing my relationship with God too-but baby steps:)
    This morning i was shocked at how some women are so bored in marriage and they were telling each other stories-some even advised that you should get urself admitted to hospital to avoid going home,others had strategies like of going home late and stuff-it was very sad,they complained endlessly and i was lost for words,i wanted to share last week’s sermon but i thought i have no experience in marriage-it was horrific.

    Am happy that i have leant these things before marriage and one thing for sure-when i meet him i will bring him to Mavuno so that we can learn together:)

    Please pray for all the married people even the ones outside Mavuno.

    I would like to make a humble request to you and your sweet wife: start a TV series on this topic-i think couples need God’s intervention.

    God bless!


  26. HUngry for More Says:

    Well… amazed at what i didnt know thats slowly getiing reveled to me.

    Sunday was ma 2nd visit to mavuno after beind told abt the happily ever after series…i bought the part 1 DVD and after listening to all the amazed at how much is growing and learning i still need

    i always wanted to be married by the time i was 27 am 27 now ,not married not dating(still recovering from a messy relationship),….2008 i attended abt 6 of my galfriends weddings and all the time i got home id lock up myself in my room and cry to God wen will my time come,and to make matters worse i broke up with a guy id dated for 3 years who was seeing someone else as well on the side.u cant imgine the loneliness and anguish that was tearing my heart apart………….

    Pastor M u have no idea how much ur sermons mean to me i listened to ur DVD and sermon this past sunday and its like it was God talking to me….i was actually laughing at ur “is it clear storo” and its true ive been desiring something…..bila knowing wats on the other side and am like wahhhhh marriage aint just a ring and mygalfriends coming to my wedding telling me how lucky i am to be gettin married..Nayyyy….it needs work and it takes the Grace of God to have a happy marriage

    Am glad my EX left my life coz i realized he was my life and my world i had no time fot God or for church ,Am now working on deepening my Relationship with God and ive actually signed up for Mizizi i feel that there is so much i got to learn and God is slowly removing the things in my life that would hinder my Future and Joy and slowly Me and God are working on a beautiful relationship together ,its been slow but i can feel a difference in my spirit and its beautiful,and yet am sooo hungry for more of God (rem the sermon on looking for love in all the wrong places that was me allright)

    The desire is still in my heart to settle down and have a family but ave surrendered it now to God ,to work in me and to prepare me, break me and mould me i feel like clay in a potters hand being moulded to wat God purposed for me to be

    i have realized i got so much growing to do,so much learning to do and i thank God i realized while still single…..


  27. Catherine Says:

    Loving Father, you have heard Wa Njagi’s cry for help. I know even before he cried out to you, you knew what was going on in his life and you are working something out. Father, as he waits for you to sort out things for him let him feel your love surrounding him. Let him feel an assurance in his spirit that everything will be ok because Lord you are in control of everything. I thank you in advance for the wonderful testimony he will share in this forum. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


  28. Wendy, d.Gloria……

    Thank you guys for ur continued spiritual support……I will definately raise my face up to the skies n raise my voice to my Creator, to praise Him, Adore Him and Bless His Holy Name…Its true, were it not for him, i couldnt be typing this correspondence to u guys, were it for Him, its becos of Him last night i had food on my table…..I will wait on Him and i believe he will c me through…..God bless you alot for ur support n please KEEP ON PRAYING FOR ME N OTHERS….

    N Hey, she is my galfriend, not yet my wife (but im trusting God that this year, she will graduate and i will be one of the signatories for her certificate)…

    Pastor M……I agree with E, please have this Marriage Lessons on TV…

    God bless you all…


  29. Catherine…

    Thank you alot for the Prayer….Was about to sign out n i saw it…..God bless u abundantly…..


  30. Blank Spaces Says:

    Pastor M & C,
    Thanks so much for the honest sharing of your lives. We are on our 6th Year! Yeah, 6th! You know, listening to you was like listening to someone who was secretly recording our lives, and now replaying the whole video. When you mention your imfamous 5th Anniversary for you, I keep remembering the build-up to the same for our marriage.

    I was going through a counselling session via ‘bluetooth’! It makes me see how we are all the same, but until someone talks, we think that we are in unique situations.

    When you shared, I imagined guys locked up in a dark room and for years, people pass by the room but no one gets to notice them, yet they need help. Until one person (Pastor M & C) decides to shout and lo! Kumbe they were all suffering? Kumbe they all needed help? Kumbe all they needed was someone to tell them – its time to get real!

    Am not sure what i wrote made sense, but i guess i said what my overwhelmed heart had to say.

    You must be God-Sent in our lives. Am changed!

    God Bless you both.


  31. Pasto M & C, God bless you guys sana. On sunday i watched a couple stand up and then hold hands as you said the ending prayers.Yani if they were the only two who got it in the whole dome(which ofcourse is not the case) i truly thanked God for using you two.Its quite challenging for me to sit thru this topic(separated and for sure getting a divorce) but i trully thank God that this message is being preached and so openly.I hope people understand that the will is their for couples to have really great marriages but the human nature is sinful and only by every day aligning yourself with God can you be who you were meant to be in a marriage and in life.
    One thing i feel i should say, during our last week miziz and life group meeting was quite a topic is on what keeps being said about finding or living a life of purpose you know “i found my purpose”. I believe one of the main reason God created us is to have a relationship with Him intametely and if we all made that our number one purpose of being alive honestly the rest will follow, we just need to seek Him and whether single, married, divorced the minute you purpose to have that relationship with him you will have that abundant life, not that it will be perfect but with God on your side and in you nothing will be impossible. so in this marriage context one shouldnt fear that as you live your ‘purpose’ you might miss the ‘one’ or that you might never know your purpose, lets just commit to having a relationship with God like never before and watch Him move in our lives.He created marriage and God doesnt make a mistake but we need to be glued in to the source in the first place in order to understand the manual for life(bible).
    Again Pastor M & C God bless sana, may you always keep it real with God’s wisdom and guidance.


  32. Sunday’s sermon was tough to swallow, for me. I am always good at picking out parts of the sermon that favour me and reminding my husband all week, what the Pastor said. Sunday was different. I kept wondering when the sermon was going to play in my favor until I realised that I was so intent on gathering info to suit my needs, that I was forgetting that I had a role to play in my marriage and it wasn’t always about me. In this day and age it is so hard to be a submissive wife but I am learning to let my husband lead as I follow. I really enjoy the sermons, the relevance, and the links to the Bible. Wow, who would have imagined that the map of life is actually in the Bible?
    Thanks Pastor M. You truly are blessed and are blessing our lives.


  33. morning Jade
    I don’t know why I’m doing this but I just got the feeling that if you have not yet signed the divorce papers, please wait awhile….
    I’m praying for you and your husband…we all are… seek God on the direction you should take…listen patiently for His voice.
    God be with you.


  34. Thank you Lilian. I do believe in marriage (and agreeing with everything that is being shared in the sermons this past weeks) and in a perfect world divorce shouldnt exist but we all know the kind of world we live in:-) and how human we are…what i know is my faith, my relationship and my love for God would not be what it is now if i was sill married and that i know for sure.I was set free in a way i can only explain in another forum:-).But thank you for your prayers…all of you…At the moment my number one priority is getting closer to God and getting to know His purpose for my life, to experience Mizizi, which am enjoying by the way, without having past choices weighing down on me.
    God bless.


  35. Jade and Wa Njagi, praying for both of you. He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ever ask or imagine and no weapons formed against you will prosper.
    Pst M & C, this message was for a time such as this. I have heard a lot about ‘S’ word, no one ever put it in the context you did. It blessed me and my wife and alas the change is already there.
    God bless you and the Mavuno leadership.


  36. Thank you Pastors M & Carol, for offering yourselves as vessels to be used of God to help us understand what His will is regarding marriage. I am not married yet. My parents are separated and even when they were together it was on and off, we hardly saw dad. Watching the things that were happening with my parents made me so afraid of failing in a marriage. After some years I decided that just because my parents’ marriage failed does not mean mine will. I have been in a relationship for about two years now and we plan on getting married soon. Am happy that this series is so timely. I thank God for what He is telling us through you. There are times those fears about a marriage failing haunt me. With time am sure these whispers from the enemy will have no place. When I go into marriage, I want to trust God and focus on working on me and praying for my partner. I pray that God will help me submit to my husband. I realize now Submission does not mean that i will cease to exist in a way as I give up all my opinions and obey this man without questions!! My NIV version says in Eph5:22 Wives submit to your husbands as to the Lord. When its hard to submit, that ‘as to the Lord ” part should help alot!! …Where I submit in obedience to the Lord and am sure God will honor that. I look forward to learning more in this part 2 of Happily ever after series. Once again thank you & God bless


  37. Wa Njagi…As a child of God, your steps are ordered by Him and i am sure there is a reason for this season…
    Jade, I am so happy that you are positive and relying on God, and i know His perferct will, will be done in your life…


  38. Hi pastor m. Thank you for planting Mavuno church, i have been coming since day one and no sunday seems to be the same as the one before, each one brings different blessings and I thank God for you and your team. I am recently married and still in dream stage, which i hope will stay like till….death do us part! On another note, is it possible to have a page dedicated to prayer requests on the site? I could be having a strong need to have the church pray for me or others and would submit the prayer request. God bless you.


  39. Hi Pastor M;

    My hubby and i have been coming for this series and we are blessed by it and just the affirmation that we were doing the right things with our marriage so far is awesome and believe me getting there has just been God’s favor. My concern is am not sure how to put it. I have a friend who is just about to turn 30 and has been in a relationship with a man that has mistreated her and emotionally abused her in the worst way. she knows she needs to leave him but she thinks all the good men are married and God did not leave anyone for her. Being married i don’t seem to offer her any practical advice. Even as you unmask the man i feel its important for women to know and understand when enough is enough and move on. How can you communicate this as you do your series. Because even the story you gave of the married couple that the husband was an alcoholic can be used to justify putting up in bad relationship. anyway am not sure how to help her out i would appreciate something practical for her because she is very unhappy and in need of help.



  40. twentytwo Says:

    its good to see young people seeing the light, at least there is hope for a God fearing generation coming forth from enlightened souls. Wa Njagi and Jade, have faith, ask for what you want from God and sit back and let him work.. and do not disturb.

    And for the suggestions that the Happily ever after series be screened on TV…. i disagree!!! lets have mavuno on TV!!! past series, current and future! if Bishop Wanjiru can do it so can we!


  41. Hi Pastor M and C
    I have been coming to Mavuno for the past few weeks and i am getting hooked despite being a member of another church. The marriage series is really deep, real and helpful and i have pulled my husband to mavuno for this. If God wishes us to stay on at Mavuno, then He shall speak and we shall listen. In the meantime just to thank you and bless you for all the real and lovely things you are doing. Been married for almost 2 years now and like that you say things as they are – kama ngumu ngumu! It has been a challenge but the interesting thing is that I have grown so much as a person since I got married. That thing of God using your spouse to fulfill his purposes in you is so for real. As an SNL i never thought i was selfish, held grudges, could be a difficult person to live/be with. I was the perfect loving and loveable person. God has used my husband to draw me closer to Him and to make me a better person to those around me. It is like seeing myself through a mirror in a whole new light. Cannot lie this realisation and changing has been easy, but heck, God is working on me slowly by slowly. At the end of my journey, I hope i shall be able to say that through my marriage, I have a more faithful servant and God is pleased with me. Thanks and God bless you mightily 🙂


  42. Hey Mavunites!
    You are deep! It’s nice to read all you are sharing.
    Pastor M and C. please say something.We would all love to hear what your views on our issues are.


  43. What’s SNL?


  44. Wawawawa!

    Clearly the Lord is doing something truly amazing with this series. Its helping those who are married, singles, contemplating and even the curious. I guess its becoz its been kept real and very open. If this is not church as it ought to be then I dont know….

    God bless u Pst M and ur wife as U continue to peel off the mask from the illusions we have had about marriage.


  45. Hey,

    yeah its good to read from all of you.

    Jade, I feel the same way as Lillian about you having not yet signed the divorce papers. God is awesome and big as we tell the kids at greenhouse. he can do the impossible. Everything he does is impossible to man, His wisdom , we cannot understand. I am happy that you are seeking him, I feel you are in the right place and in His right time, God will show Himself to you. I will pray for you, for God’s will to prevail in your Life.

    Wa’ Njagi, The same applies to you. Its hard sometimes for us to look at our situations and see the good in it. But it is true that all things happen for good to them that love God. We are told that when we are suffering we should be happy, because the situations make us have patience and the patience builds our character, and this gives us hope in God and opens us up to his unending flow of love.

    Pastor M & C, I agree with the others that we need to eneze the injili to other Kenyans as well. I was talking to my friend and we were agreeing that we feel lucky and blessed to have access to this information at our young age. Our country would change tremendously if more people were aligned to the Source through your message.

    We will keep praying for all things are possible through God.



  46. hey,

    Im a young (late 20’s) entrepreneur and lecturer. been married for almost 2 yrs and blessed with a baby girl……cutest thing ever! I have been a born again member of NPC family for over 10 yrs now. A couple of close friends (Yafesi and Joyce) asked us to Mavuno during the Finance sessions last month and we have been attending since then. This current season has been a great eye opener to me and my wife. we had barely been enjoying our honeymoon phase than the baby……happened! After birth, we went straight to drama and though we promised each other separation and divorce will never be an option, I sometimes wondered what I had put myself in to! Pst n Mrs M, your insight and experience have shown me that there are greater things ahead for us. We are happy that we came and will continue coming.

    On another note, I lecture (Daystar Uni) and Consult in Inventments, Finance and Accounting. I have been doing a research on the Global Financial Crisis and situation and I found out that most of us have no idea what it is and what it means to us and how to protect ourselves from its effect that are currently beinf felt accross the country. I am willing to share and send information or even have a talk to members of Mavuno or anyone else interested. I think we all need to be prepared. I believe my family and I have benefitted a lot from the sunday services and this would be a good way for me to give back to the church in a way that I know best…..just a thought!

    be blessed



  47. Wa Njagi:
    God who created you in His Image and Likeness is ever true and Faithful to those that are called by His name.
    The situations that you’re currently going through will increase your patience, which will build your character and bring Hope to your life.
    God owns all silver and Gold and is Faithful and Just to provide all your needs, according to His riches in Glory.
    I will testify of my personal experience and what God has done for me.
    Some years back, our family were living in a single house, whereby we divided the house into a bedroom, sitting and kitchen by placing the furnitures in the different positions. Most are the days we slept hungry coz there was no food. I and my siblings were in school then (IN and Out).One time we went without food for three days, not fasting but no meal. But we never gave up in life, but were focused and kept praying for God’s intervention. True to God’s word He came through for us and as I speak we live a comfortable life. Hang in there and the good Lord will give you a double portion of what he has continued to provide in our family.
    Soon you will be testifying to people that are going through life difficulties and you will be suh a blessing. I am praying for you and I look forward to hear your testimony of what the Lord has done for you.

    I urge you to look back and thank God for the much he has done for you i.e. preserving your life, good health and many other things.

    Don’t loose hope in this land of the living. You have not fulfilled Go’d purpose in your life.

    God bless you indeed, may he enlarge your territory, may His favor and light shine upon you.

    Worship and praise His Holy name for “Who He is”.


  48. Hi, am single girl who in my wildest dreams had never thot Id be single at this point in my life. Pr.M I remember you saying that being single is a gift ; lakini what happens wen u get a gift you dont really like?,and you dont really know wat to do with it? 🙂

    That is the dilemma am facing.

    The other thing is the fact that we get this bunch of feelings pretty early in our lives , only to have to struggle with the chilling till marriage for the next many years. What is that about? Its like being given candy that you can only unwrap n taste so many years later. Isnt that kinda cruel?

    The sermons in Mavuno are really timely , though at this point am not sure what the point of it all is. Am scared of letting go of the stuff,relationships etc from my past (I was saved like 9yrs ago but backslid at some point n have only recently done the prodigal daughter move :-)) . My hugest challenge is a r/ship Ive been having with a married dude for the last almost 3yrs. Wen we 1st begun, I thot I had everything in control,that I wld walk away wen I felt like it, but Iv gotten more attached to him than I anticipated.Leaving him is proving to be an unexpectedly HUGE challenge. My will is proving not enuff for me to leave him n move on.The more I promise myself that i’ll leave him the more I cling on. The problem is that every guy I meet since just seems to fall short, so I have been unable to move on with anyone else. Why do married guys have such an appeal?

    I need to feel assured that what am struggling to leave behind will be replaced by something much better.I need help so badly …

    Pr.C , I eagerly await the Unmasking ceremony. Please address the concerns I have mentioned above.


  49. myrrh!

    If you read God’s word it clearly states that when two (man & woman) are married, no one should put them assunder till death do them apart. Baby girl please do not be the death in the life of that marriage.

    God is the Author of marriage. When he created Adam, he saw it wise to give him a helper and created Eve from his rib. God is not an advocate of polygamy, concubines or mistresses. In God’s eye what you are doing is wrong.

    Everything we do in this life has repurcations. I urge you to stop the relationship, because you’re not worth it. If that man was meant for you, in the first place he would have been single and unattached. You’re getting a raw deal and I believe you’re a woman of integrity.

    If you insist in maintaining it, you’ll one day experience what the wife is going through and if not you, your children will go through the same as a reminder of what you did.

    If you truly respect and are a person with dignity, you would have stopped this relationship yesterday.
    God is aware that you need a husband and a family. But at the right time and season you will experience what belongs to you.

    Married men are caring because it’s a responsibility that they are in and practice in their marriages. But this is meant for their fanily and not a mistress.
    At God’s time you will hook up with that loving, unattached gentleman.

    Don’t be in a hurry to make life, lest you regret and when it’s too late.
    God is a forgiving God and does restore our lives if we let him to.
    May you reconcile with God and your life will never be the same again.
    My prayer is that God will grant you Wisdom, guidance and open your spiritual eyes.


  50. Those are my exact sentiments , I’v placed pressure on myself to leave n all that … just that a part of me is so stubborn . It feels like my heart is being torn out when I think of leaving … its so miserable


  51. Hi all:-) Me again.. I had this awesome discussion with afew of my male friends from school and u know being a mavunite i wanna share everything i learnt but i also wanted to learn from them so i asked them what do guys want? To my surprise, they all said ‘i want my woman to be there and to just take care of me. Gifts hardly ever do it, they want u to affirm and love and respect and let em hang out with their boys and be naughty(not cheat)js be cheeky and remember that they have someone special somewhere, basically the little cutest tiniest things we hardly think of) and i just laughed coz everything they said(with occassional bible!)was what pastor m talked about and i began to understand the ‘ego’ thing:-) Am thoroughly jazzed coz i not only (kinda not completely) feel em but i also formed a great bond with those dudes.
    Pastor M, Gods word shall be correctly understood through your ministry with Pasto Carol shall and it shall reach the ends of the earth and i will definately be at Unmask the man tomorrow night…
    Looking forward to Sunday…


  52. last Sunday’s sermon was of the hinges. i have an after thought for the mamaz who want to peg themselves to Eph5 only on the submission to men.was doing some reading and came across some interesting verses.some directly saying that the man is the head of the woman(yes not husband-1Cor11:3)and others indirectly saying so(Judges4:9).thought i should just share lest our women fulfill Chris Rock’s prophecy “that a black woman cannot play her position in a relationship coz she wants to play your position”those interested in the verses can hola.


  53. 1 Corinthians 11 (Amplified Bible)
    3But I want you to know and realize that Christ is the Head of every man, the head of a woman is her husband, and the Head of Christ is God.


  54. myrhh, some years ago i got my heart broken in a relationship that i shouldnt have been in.

    when i wanted to call the guy, send an email etc i would pray (most prayers consisted of “HHHEEEEELLLPPPP”). Jesus hears the cry of our hearts.

    it took awhile and i cried alot alot alot alot. deleted his number (even though i knew it by heart it felt good to delete it). destroyed letters, cards, gifts – basically cleaned house of everything to do with the guy)

    after sometime and more praying i realized that i didnt think about him every day.some more time and more praying and it didnt hurt.some more time and more praying and im good.

    dive into the bible every day.

    get in Gods face everyday-pray,sing,cry.He is Abba Father – our Daddy.

    He’ll deliver u girl!!!!!


  55. interesting angie-greek word “gune” translated woman here is also translted means wife-80 times in the new testament. but the man in the sentence is translated man in the kawaida the vs yes “could mean”-as the footnote in other bibles denote- submission to her husband.but it literally talks of a guy n a however does not mean men are “lords of the ring”.what you think of the judges verse?before i share 10 other scriptures?


  56. Thanks Angie, thats really encouraging & I like the fact that your more eager to be real than to talk down to me. I really appreciate the sharing, God bless. I’ll begin the deleting immediately … I guess the rest will drop off eventually


  57. @ waleh … why the insistence on submission from ALL women & all that? What are you getting at?


  58. @1st lady am not insisting-God just sharing what I’ve learned during my QT shangazazd me too.and i wanted to hear others out. sorry of it looks like am insisting.perhaps what i was to get at presently the feminine movement is robing women of their womanhood.i’ll stop there


  59. Hi all,
    Thanks for all the great interaction! I’m amazed at what we’re learning from reading the blog – definitely helpful as we prepare 4 the remaining 3 messages. Thanks for keeping it real. And great advise Angie. Praying for you Myrrh as you return back to our loving Father. May God surround you with loving friends who will support you as you do what is right. Waleh, I’ll speak for the ladies here and say that it’s not just women who are being robbed of being what God created them to be. Remember, work on me, pray for them!

    I love the fact that our Father isn’t threatened by our issues. We can come to Him without pretense and trust Him to put us right. Our prayer as we teach this series is that God will raise up a new generation at Mavuno. A people who will show the world that married or single, yes, we can truly live a fulfilled and purposeful life!

    To all the ladies who are as I type this @ ‘Unmasking The Man’; may our loving Father show up big time and affirm you of His unconditional love for you!

    Peace, Pastor M


  60. I am up late,looking forward to more lessons in church,later today.Through the last couple of weeks I have learn allot. The one thing that amazes me about LOVE is that God Loved all of us..Imagine the people who have scandals,the people in prison,the terrorists..his love died because HE LOVE ALL OF US.I now know I don’t know anything about love (how can I love some of these guys ?) but the bible tells me the following “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.~1 Corinthians 13:7-8”
    I have just watched a movie called fireproof… check out All I can say is WOW. Pastor M,the SOURCE ..Jesus has spoken to you the same way he has spoken to others.

    God Bless


  61. I got a little confused with your interpretation and use of christs relationship with the church as a model for husband as wife and especially when it comes to taking responsibility for wrong attitude or behaviour in marriage, you seemed to suggest that the husband is always wrong,, and the wife should never apologise(she is always right) and should walk all over her hubby, is that how God wants us to behave towards Him, and doesnt this in the long ran ruin the relationship, then its also unfair that the only reason you gave for women to respect their husbands is ‘because of their egos'(ego is defined by many as a deflated feeling of pride) and therefore trivialised the whole issue of love and respect, again does the church respect and follow God then because of His ‘ego’, i believe you have to clarify these


  62. I got a little confused with your interpretation and use of christs relationship with the church as a model for husband as wife and especially when it comes to taking responsibility for wrong attitude or behaviour in marriage, you seemed to suggest that the husband is always wrong,, and the wife should never apologise(she is always right) and should walk all over her hubby, is that how God wants us to behave towards Him, and doesnt this in the long ran ruin the relationship, then its also unfair that the only reason you gave for women to respect their husbands is ‘because of their egos'(ego is defined by many as a deflated feeling of pride) and therefore trivialised the whole issue of love and respect, again does then following your argument it would mean that the church respects and follow God then because of His ‘ego’, which i dont think is true(making respect a bad thing) i believe you have to clarify these


  63. heard a lot of good things happening here so i think i’ll just grab a hold of my busy mind and drag my lazy self over to your hood 4 a sermon b4 easter..hope its as good as i hear..


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