This February @ Mavuno


Sundays @ Mavuno:

1st: The ‘S’ Word

8th: Inlaws & Outlaws

15th: No More Drama

22nd: Friends & Lovers


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  1. yesterday was my first time to attend service at mavuno and i loved it.Am almost quarter of a century old.I’ve dating for 2 mnts and i found the sermon totally on point.Though the sermon was directed toward pple in a marriage setting it also applies to those of us dating.The insercurities and lack of clear cur role defination has been and continues to be the cause of many dating relations. You helped me purpose to love on the christ model-unconditionaly and selflessly. Thanx pastor M,u blessed my life.


  2. hey pasi and praise be to God’s Holy glad to report that sundays message was timely and gave alot of insight on the role of a hubbie and wife inorder to make the institution of marriage a success in Christ.i left equipped with priceless wisdom that will make me a HUSBAND WITH A DIFFERENCE.the johnny seven cows was timam and offered the lesson that truly beauty is in the heart of the beheld as i reflected on the twenty-eighty rule offered by tyler perry .thanks pasi and may the Almighty God bless you and your family abundantly.


  3. I watched a movie the other day and i hope the pastoral team could watch it and pigia it debe for all to watch. it’s like the word on a silver platter, i mean it was just deep. ” FIREPROOF”. It’s about marriage and it will take some pointers home. ‘least it did for me. Otherwise, i have found, and thanks to my life-group, that Christ loved us all the way. I was never expected to meet him halfway, he came all the way for me. if we are to love like Christ did, then we love all the way. We are human and we expect to be met halfway at least. think of Christ and try to love like he loves u over and over. It is not easy because i am not christ but i want to be like him. so i will try. try till i die. so help me God. Thank you Mavuno for breaking it down for me. God bless!!


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