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    Hey pastor M,Thanx for the sermon on Sunday it was the bomb,yenyewe you touched us mpaka right now we are sending this mail together something we never did before “we are in our 5th year of being together”.God bless Mavuno


  2. Thanx for that sermon pastor M. Am single & I’ve always been scared about getting into mariage. I had never understood why my dad has had 3 divorces and those who had suffer are the kids. My mom left my dad when I was 7 months, thanx to my grand mom who took gud care of me. Its been hard 4 me to understand why he got into marriages in the first place, and then not contain himself. Considering that I suffered in the hands of different step moms, its also been difficult for me to 4give my dad. Thanx to ua sermon, I now forgive him coz I understand that all that mattered to him was the dream. I thank God for this generation coz God is using his servants like U to draw the curtains for us on the outside to see what transpires in the inside. Maybe if my dad had the opportunity that I have, then things wud a lot different. I chose to be different now that I have Mavuno family by my side. Thanxs.


  3. Hi pastor M. Yanni ever since i joined Mavuno I love Sunday’s esp coz I jst broke up with my dude who was like 14years older than me n 4 a long time i had never been single. It had reached a point that I think I was over desparate 4 a man bt Mavuno has made me say NO 2 dudes coz I ain’t in a rush n more 2 that I’m sure God will tap me when the one is infront of me so i’m sure he wount pass me by.


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