Not About Me


Genesis 2:18-25 It’s not good for the Man to be alone

Marriage helps us fulfill purpose (happiness is a by-product of purpose)

For it to last, for it to have staying power, your marriage has to be bigger than you

Marriage teaches us to love and be loved (happiness is a by-product of love)

Love is not a feeling but action based on a commitment. Marriage teaches us to love as God loves us

Marriage makes family possible! Through the church, God is raising a new breed of stable families who are able to minister together.

Next Sunday ‘From Roses To Dishes



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  1. hi, thanks 4 that word..through you,God has confirmed to me how marriage fulfils our purpose..yaani, these sermons are just revealing my immature thinking on marriage..guess av slipped on believing and magnifying the rosy feelings instead of seeing the hard a chik, and i luv sm soaps so,…bt what doesnt seem clear yet is on the issue of ‘the one’..if there isn’t ‘the one’, then what is there? if we shouldn’t be waiting for ‘the one’, then what should we wait for in order to really know that who we end up with is rilly the one in which God purposed?..thanks..lorraine.


  2. hi. when you said that marriage should help you fulfil your purpose and thus i should get married to someone with whom we share purpose with or who will support me, i was shocked, and especially with the illustration of the married man who wanted to pursue his vision in ministry, but the wife was not upto it.
    pastor, am resolved to just get bussy with the things of God, and i wont go out looking.. ill wait to be the hunted and ill be patient to be connected with the perfect match for me.
    bt the way, i never thought i could learn such things in a church set up, so, thanks so much to Mavuno


  3. First of all, I sanction T____ who mentioned that hygiene and cleanliness should be discussed in church. You hear it from friend and family, but when you hear it from the Man of God, it sounds a little different.
    Second- thanks for Sunday’s message. I was thrilled, humbled, encouraged, challenged… especially when you talked about purpose. For a while I’ve been ‘toning’ myself down and I know now that that’s not the right thing to do. I know now that I was created to fulfill the only purpose that I can fulfill, and that can’t be done bending over.
    And when you asked me whether I’m dating my “The One”… wah! (He said that he’s dating his, by the way, which made me all bubbly and melted-candle-waxy inside *sigh*) But I’ve been thinking about that… and I’ll let you know later on in the week.


  4. First of all, I sanction T____ who mentioned that hygiene and cleanliness should be discussed in church. You hear it from friends and family, but when you hear it from the Man of God, it sounds a little different.
    Second- thanks for Sunday’s message. I was thrilled, humbled, encouraged, challenged… especially when you talked about purpose. For a while I’ve been ‘toning’ myself down and I know now that that’s not the right thing to do. I know now that I was created to fulfill the only purpose that I can fulfill, and that can’t be done bending over.
    And when you asked me whether I’m dating my “The One”… wah! (He said that he’s dating his, by the way, which made me all bubbly and melted-candle-waxy inside *sigh*) But I’ve been thinking about that… and I’ll let you know later on in the week.


  5. Christian gal Says:

    Pastor M,

    Thank you for an appropriate message yesterday.

    As you rightly put it, purpose is very important in one’s life and I do believe that the goal of marriage is for the husband and wife to support and encourage each other to fulfil the destiny that God created them for.

    But now, for the checklist part, Pastor , don’t you think we should have a certain criteria… not $$$, tall dark and handsome stuff, but things like loves God, caring, clean etc. I think we should have a yardstick but a flexible one.


  6. every Sunday when i leave the church i find myself with a little more faith! you speak to me and altho am only 2 Sundays old in the church i find so much encouragement and hope from ur sermons.

    i have been fighting with my ‘the one’ every single day for the last 3 months, i lost my job recently,i have been going to bed crying every night,things have been thick for me but through you i have learnt to let go and let God and to seek and pursue my purpose.

    pastor thanx for giving me a little more hope every Sunday,its what kips me going thru the week.


  7. Am a young mum n married.I believe marriage is not about ‘the one’ but about 2 people coming together n finding a purpose for each other through true love,being faithful,being trustful n endurance. Once you find true purpose in life as an therefore makes it easy to live with your companion happily ever after


  8. On Sunday you said that we can ask questions as well on things unrelated to the sermon…I feel strange even asking this in a church website,and thank God I don’t have to use my real name but what does the Bible say on masturbation.I’ve struggled with it for two years now,hating myself,alternatively believing God still loves me,then not seeing how that’s possible.How does one get out of it.I have gone for deliverance sessions,each time believing I’m free,making adjustments to my life that would put me out of the way of temptations,getting prayers…I want to be right with God,and I want to join ministry but I’m afraid that if I do,I’ll be that ministry’s Achan.It really ate at my self esteem but I’m recovering from that somehow but I still don’t like who I am as a result of it.The last two years were the worst.I lost so so much weight as a result.It’s even harder to deal with because I’m a woman and women aren’t supposed to do such things.It’s not supposed to happen.I don’t want to make it seem as if I’m helpless.I’m not a victim of something.It just…happened and I wish I could reverse time and talk to myself three years ago to take steps to prevent this.I’ve read books,asked questions without implicating myself but I have no answers yet.It’s affected my faith because of all the prayers I’ve gotten which still aren’t working.And to be quite honest I know that as soon as I post this I’ll wish I hadn’t but I’m desperate to be free.


  9. Pastor m.
    Sorry, forgot to add that am 3 sundays old at Mavuno and am really encouraged by the sermons..they have a softer side to them n encourages everyone to feel apart of the church.

    Pray God that he keeps on inspiring you even more so that you can bless more young people n by givin us real life examples about you an your wife,you trully identify with the congregation. Thanks and God bless


  10. I have been eyeing Mavuno for quite sometime but attend ICC services. Last week my boyfriend was really hyped about your theme for this month and we decided to visit Mavuno.

    I thank God for Mavuno, where young people can interact and have a blast in the presence of God. On sunday, I felt like you were speaking to me; the girl who looks at all men as “the one” which by the way comes crumbling down once i find out they are not (majority turn out to be married).

    I have been living my life expecting my prince charming to rescue me, sweep me off my feet, feel his presence all the way across the room, expecting him to be immortal. On Sunday I realised that i should stop living the desperate life and LIVE FOR GOD.

    Continue praying for us (single people) and God bless you immensely for the incredible work you are doing.


  11. This series is just hitting so many parts of my life. i come from a broken family where my dad and mum separated when i was 10 and thereafter my dad bringing home a string of mums home before settling on one who i dont get along with. Many are the defected marriages around me…. So for most part of my life i have kept buried the need of getting married. But that doesn’t mean that i have not been seeing guys. Just not with a future in mind.
    I rededicated my life to christ mid last year. Stayed without a boyfriend since a while before. But now aki the loneliness has been hitting me oflate, n i have been looking for my husband to be since i plan to be christ like even in my bodily relations. Yaani my mind did a real about turn.
    Now ati there is no rush? The confusion man! I dont feel whole as i am and i understand the need to be. But….. I go changing my thinking from one day to the next on yes i need someone in my life, to no i dont need anybody but the source…
    What to do. Pastor M please talk to us confused people….


  12. Thank you Pastor M for your wonderful insights once again!
    Its trully humbling to know that its not about us, its about God’s purpose and that happiness is a by product of purpose. So when we say to ourselves that we are not happy in this marriage, we are chasing a mirage…nothing can remedy the situation unless we align ourselves with God’s purpose. Am on my sixth year of marriage this year and if for no other reason than to find true happiness will I give myself fully to serving God and seeking his will in my life this year.
    Thank you for giving us as great start this year!
    And by the way when you said that the lady you would marry would be one lucky lady,(joke), hell she is!My husband agrees too.


  13. Simply me.. Says:

    About purpose, I fully agree with Pastor Muriithi, and I pray he reads my contribution on Sunday in full. I know of many people who are suffering from this and it needs to be addressed. I have a friend who’s single, very successful and thoroughly intimidates most guys who come around her. It so got to her that she even started making decisions not to have specific stuff so as not to intimidate the men folk, and in essence get a husband; e.g. the choice of car to drive. I constantly tell her that if someone gets intimidated, then too bad!

    If you meet the “getting intimidated” type ladies & gentlemen, my advise? FLEE LIKE JOSEPH! Gallop into the wind! Make a mad dash and RUN into oblivion without looking back! You’re definitely on different paths of purpose. I liked how Pastor Muriithi put it; “if you short-change yourself by stooping low in order to find someone, you’ll do it for the rest of your life.” We should never short-change ourselves at the expense of anyone. Neither should we take responsibility for anyone’s insecurities. If anything, he/she should admire and appreciate your efforts. After all, don’t you become a team when you get married? What better spouse for one to have than one who will challenge you to succeed and build you up? The Bible says in Proverbs, “keep company with the wise and you’ll become wise yourself.” I’d rather be associated with winners and not losers.

    One thing that was profound in yesterday’s sermon was the fact that God is the one who saw Adam’s situation “not good.” When I look at Adam, I’m humbled by the fact that all he was doing was taking care of God’s business, so passionately and without ever complaining, and God saw it fit to get him a suitable companion. It just dawned on me that this is the only solution; you take care of God’s business, He takes care of yours.

    In conclusion, I always tell my friend that marriage is a triangle between God, a man and a woman, where God is on top, then at the bottom, a man on one side and a woman on the other. And like Adam, the more they seek God’s face, taking care of His business, hence inching closer to Him, the closer they draw to each other, and the less they do this, the further away they drift from each other. This means that they would have to be SO CLOSE to God to find each other. Therefore, the onus is on us to find God. Food for thought, isn’t God the one who “brought” Eve to Adam? Could He have done it if any of the two were far from Him? Be blessed.


  14. Pastor M,

    I fullly agree with the sunday surmon. Thanks for beeing a blessing to mavuno through your word. I recommend you start a Tv show and talk to young people because this generation is loosing it when it comes to marriage. I share a similar story with Pastor M some years back when I was still single I had this boyfriend and our purpose wasnt the same. His idea of fun would be hanging out with many of his friends drinking the night away. Having dated for 4 years I took a fast and asked God to fulfill his will in my life. The following week I received news that he was cheating on me and that was the end of that relationship.
    I continued seeking God and for sure after some years I met my current husband and we are happy. We seek God together and for sure when there is purpose there is hapiness in marriage. So the girls should seek for Gods will in their lives and he who is above will seek a suitable companion for you.


  15. anonymous Says:

    Thanks a million for this series. It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life when I feel some sort of peer pressure from my friends who are almost all dating and keep asking me what I am still doing being single at 25. Now I have an answer to give them – Its not about me.

    Pardon my being a bit late in responding to the other week’s topic, but I feel that there is something that may have been missed – what are the right places, therefore, to look for love? The wrong places were talked about clearly, but what are the “right” places?

    Finally, allow me to ask about the Mizizi classes; the bus will be at Kencom, yes, but at what time please? Thanks a lot and God bless!


  16. anonymous2 Says:

    Bus will be at kencom at 5. Also joining mizizi.


  17. This months’ series is just an affirmation of a couple of things i’ve come to believe and change in my life. As a Snr. Single i realised that we waste away chasing the elusive ‘the one’ then we come to intertwine ourselves with so many the ‘not the ones’ and the result is what we call brokenhearts – after setting ourselves up for it. A couple of years ago i asked God to show me direction and also manifest in me the purpose of leading a life that was more of thirsting for God than for earthly pleasures. Believe me i have not dated for 2 years and i am happy as anyone else. God has a way of fullfilling your life in a manner that you do not crave for earthly pleasures, and instead find ways of being a blessing to others as he blesses you. When i at where i’m at in my fullfilled state its only because i invited him to be ‘The One’ in my life. I lead a healthy life and funny thing is my married friends or dating friends always seek my counsel. I used to wonder how that happens but now know that God has bestowed in me the gift of listening and a generous and healthy heart and soul that sees people for who they are and take them as they are. I also have around me friends who are married and dating who take me into their homes and embrace me as i am in my singleness. For the young ladies out there who are single. I would only say the way to get people embrace you in your status is to be straight without any secrets or any issues that may doubt others when they invite you into their relationships. In fact most of my male friends confide in me, they talk to me from the point of saying ‘you’re a lady and know what our girlfriends / wives are thinking / trying to express so please make us understand them better’ and their wives/girlfriends know they can trust me too to steer their men in the right direction. If you are known to be a good person no one will feel threatened by your status. If anything they work so hard at matchmaking it becomes a joke because you even forget the signs you are given by your pals when guys are matchmaking. For me as a single lady and mother i believe in Letting Go and Letting God. My motto is Surrender – Submit – Serve. If marriage was meant for you, your partner will find you, if it wasnt you will be fulfilled in your single status – as you pursue your purpose in both cases in serving the Lord and living for your purpose.


  18. me, myself and Irene Says:

    @ Yadi;

    I feel you. I have been there too. I still am, but I’m making headway finally. There’s so much I want to tell you but let these two suffice- don’t give up, and don’t condemn yourself.

    On the not giving up, I have learnt that evil is within me and around me. As long as I am alive these forces are there to draw me down the wrong road. It’s in the music, it’s in the movies and telly, and even more sadly, it is in me, my lusts. I came to the conclusion that I just can’t give up the fight to stop, for the minute I do, I’m done for. The christian race is a marathon and not a sprint. It is slow, arduous and hard, but it must be run. So don’t give up. Think of the day you finally win. Won’t you be glad that, fall after fall, you got up, and you made it. Fix your eyes on the prize and keep trying. Believe you me, you are going to make it.

    Then don’t condemn yourself. If God doesn’t condemn you, who can? I believe He has enough grace to cover each fall and lift you up each time. I believe He is rooting for you, sure of your victory through His strength. God is on your side. Yiu just keep on going back to Him and watch Him do the impossible. It may happen slowly or dramatically, that’s up to Him- but the sure thing is that it will happen. The victory is certain, sooner or later.

    I know you’ve heard it all before. I hope you believe it. Praying for you ( and myself as I do not speak from a point of sinlessness).


  19. Yes its not about me great sermon pastor but Honestly guess i gave up on love, relationships its ups and downs, the do’s and the dont’s yani am DONE, the series are a blessing dnt get me wrong am just tired ave read all the books i could, listened to all the sermons i could, sang all the songs i should and been the best i could but still ended up with a broken heart thrice in my lifetime.

    so whichever man is destined for me let him find me fulfilling my dreams and climbing the ladder to success in my career and living a purposeful life further more who said i should stop living just because one part of my life is not working huh to all who’ve been blessed with great marriages and relationships we applause and celebrate you, keep going coz we look up to you and hope that some day it shall be our story too!


  20. Pastor M, People preach lakini…waaa waaa Mavuno is home of fun in christ. Everytime one visits Mavuno he/she seems like a visitor…….You know why? coz things are new every time hence converts one to be new wholistically. Come the preaching style….one might think is in a TV station for an interview kumbe ni church…..Anyway last sunday you rocked so much reminding me that its not ME anymore….this what have been confusing us new believers….we tend to take things at our own hands forgetting that its God who plans and guides us regardless of the situation…….Kwanza when it comes to Relationships young people rely on their good looking ,looking for mates in wrong places but now we have learnt ot let go and let GOD.
    aM EXPECTING wonders from YOU Passy coming Sunday.


  21. hey Pst M,
    thank you so much for deliverying such an awesome msg.Not about Me was a hit home msg,why?well am egaged to be married and both of us know we have a higher calling to be used of God and we came to see where and how we are to compliment each other in our giftings.
    Let me share something with you please,i was reading Gen 2:23.when Adam said that ,’she is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh..”it hit me like a ton of bricks,bones are symbolised with strenght and brokeness,flesh….need i say more.i have come to realise like Adam getting to fall in love with someones BONES is real easy, don’t even mention it but when we get to their,my,our’s a different ball game.i have taken the challenge to love the bones and flesh of my lovely lady just like Christ has loved me because it’s not about me…thank you and God bless


  22. i have a question pastor please answer if you have the time. My mum past away 2 weeks ago and resently i have been having the argue to get married quickly. I have been dating my christian boyfriend for a while and marriage has been dicussed but for mid next year. suddenly i cant wait and i having this wild ideas like going to the A.G chambers to get married. My mum brought me up on her own and now she is dead i feel i dont want my dad to get any dowry because he really now nothing abt me and that fact makes me what to do it even faster. I know its not about me so i am i going through the normal grieving process seeing she has not been died even a month or should i be worried about myself.


  23. Hey Pastor M….”Good stuff” is w@ i kept on thinkin the whole tym durin and after service.Yaani…i’m young (19) but I thank God that He doesn’t care about one’s age 4Him 2reveal some of these divine Truths & secrets.
    Sunday’s sermon was a confirmation to a Rhema i got last year December 3rd where God was reminding me of all the promises that i have made 2Him thro’ the years that if He Blessed me with the man who’s ‘missin’ rib i carry…I’l make sure that we build a very strong marriage that He can use as an example of w@ a God-Centerd Marriage should be like & to me that is the ‘Bigger than Me or Him’ purpose that i av always carried in my heart.& all u ask how u’l know ‘The One’?Only one way 2find out….Pray & listen 2God.
    P.S. MAKE SURE U DON’T HEAR W@ U WANT 2HEAR BUT LISTEN 2 W@ HE SAYS.Critically important.
    Can’t wait 4Sunday….


  24. Pastor M.

    Wewe uko mbele kabisa. How you manage to pull your sermons prose, nonstop and entertaining can only be likened to Obamas jana’s speech. I’m giving you a challenge – while I respond to one of yours! My Challenge – Write a book. You’re a deep guy. You’ll find something that can inspire somebody for posterity. I took your challenge of last Sunday. Here goes: Ephisians 5:22-24. Need i say more…

    Take Care.


  25. i cant remember when i started thinking this way – “women are only meant to come alongside a man and help fulfil his purpose”. and i was sooooooo angry that i was merely a spare part in someone elses life.

    at times i would think to myself that im going to stay single just to prove that im worth something on my own.

    i was thinking about the sermon and remembered what Pastor said about women and purpose. Thank God that He has a plan and purpose for ME and when/if i do get married i will be a co-labourer with my husband.

    and if i dont get married i will still live a purpose-filled life.

    married or single – we all get to hear ‘well done my good and faithful servant’


  26. Sam,
    I feel you. Pastor M needs to write books! Not just a book.Trully! how gifted can a person be? I think he is not only talented gifted and knowledgable but poetic, entertaing and charismatic. Am Obama in the making.


  27. hi its been a great two sermons.You know Pastor M,Sunday was my wedding anniversary.To say the least it sucked.We are on a NBM for the last year or so and truth be told i want out.Then you spoke about your own challenges.How exactly did you guys work it out?


  28. The sermon was great…always is….just afew thots…..
    One…i got married to my husband for all other reasons other than oneness of purpose. how can we as a couple identify our ‘one purpose’..what if we dont have??? i mean, is it possible for a couple not to have ‘one purpose’?

    Two…to all those fellas who thot ‘helper’ means picking up socks and stuff, shock on you..for someone to be able to help you…they are able to do all you can and much more…otherwise how can they help??? Just a thot

    Keep ’em wonderful sermons coming.


  29. Pstor M you have a talent ,You apply real issues to real life in christian perspectives and for sure your transforming mavunites into extra odinary people.When you decided on the topic happily ever after for this heart skipped a beat when i heard the topic.I said that am God’s favourites because have been strugling thinking i made a mistake is he the one real?? but God reminded me that Marriage helps us fulfill purpose (happiness is a by-product of purpose).Pastor i challenge you that you tell young people to avoid come we stay,because marriage is a beatiful institution and you should let God bless the marriage.I have been feeling that i made a mistake because i didn’t go for counselling , or put God in my marriage and i have lived a miserable life I thank God for mavuno that he saved me and now am wondering if i can join PMCC class and if we can be joined ”Marriage makes family possible! Through the church, God is raising a new breed of stable families who are able to minister together.I feel God wants me to tell young people that love is not a feeling but action based on a commitment. Marriage teaches us to love as God loves us.Let God bless your marriage ,because Marriage is also for God’s people (church)>Am trusting God to save my marriage/relationship to stop like feeling its a garage for us.Passie let me know if we can Join PMCC or you have a different counselling for the already married couples who never went through PMCC?


  30. When I saw the sermon title, I just could not believe it!!! My immediate thoughts, “I am going to look for a church to visit in the month of January.” Then I thought, “ok, let me just persevere thru it – it’s only one month anyway!”

    I must admit tho’ that I was kinda curious about the sermon… obviously marriage is a subject that always raises curiosity. So the first Sunday of the series found me in Church albeit late (by the way, I sat in the overflow tent and as far as it possible with me – I shall never be late to Church again!) and for sure Pst.M, the sermon was just for me…

    You should see me now… the Lord has turned my sorrow into dancing again. I have so many years walked as a defeated, downcast and desperate single and as such resorted to abject solitude – where no one will ask me when are you getting married? Or kwani what’s really wrong? Aki woiye bado? Or go for those weddings / visit couples with child or 2 and remember all over again how badly single I am? – solitude has been my faithful companion!

    Sermon 1 – John 4 did it for me and knowing only God can satisfy me and satisfy others (not me to satisfy them) was a simple message so profound!

    Sermon 2 – the example of the gift of single-hood and the gift of marriage was so beautiful… a gift to the Church of God, not just about me! That was so deep yaani I cannot explain!!! Hii-selfishness-na-shida-za-kujibandikia-zishindwe!

    And tho’ my feet have faulted in responding to the call of prayer, I know God has begun to do a really great work in me and His joy is richly filling my heart even as I approach the BIG THREE–0

    To this Great-Bible-Teaching-Fact-Revealing-Life-Group-Giving-Mavuno-Church-of-God, may the Good LORD continue to richly bless and refine us.


  31. Hey Pst M,
    I must admit, when I saw the topic for this month I thought it would be one where we single pple just have to painfully endure… Sitting through it, I realised that there is something in it for everyone.
    Thanks for doing such a great job and not leaving us hanging…
    God bless!


  32. Simply me.. Says:


    I thoroughly feel you. I’m a chap and that thing of men leaving dirty socks and other things for their wives to pick up after them, is simply an excuse of sheer laziness!

    About purpose, please read my comments above and apply the “Triangle” principle. I’m sure that if you do, God will definately reveal His purpose for you and your husband.

    Be blessed.


  33. Thx Wendy.

    So, what’s your take on Ephisians 5:22?


  34. Asalaaam Wazeiya!!! Thanx pasi for enlightening me yaani- At least tuna ka sneak preview ya venye mambo inafaa kuenda. The selfless rule about Marriage was so touching , it plucked my very own heartstrings!!! If my Girl was around, I’m sure she would have felt the same. Thing is, we are in a relationship so mature i at times thing we got hitched a while ago!!! But as much as we took oaths before God to “date” to the bitter end(We wont let go of each other), i cant help but wonder- talk about Long distance relationships….
    Am i a fool for hoping everything will be easy if I just have faith in her or in this world we live in today(Talk about Contemporary Christians) its a far fetched idea?

    A brother needs help…


  35. Please Pastor m, In your next Sunday Session Let All the women in Church know that they are not wonderer’s but they were created wonderful by God therefore we should not get tired of Waiting from God for its no longer us but God.
    Here comes from roses to dishes…cant wait to hear about this,,,,,,,ve tried to picture what will be the content but nothing is clicking…all i know is that a rose is a perennial flower shrub..thorny but red defining love .
    I remain expectant for God’s words from you.
    Have a gainful evening all Mavunites wherever you are blogging from.

    God bless Phyllis


  36. what is the place of re-marrying after divorce in the church?


  37. Hi all,

    Thanks for all the great comments, feedback and questions. And thanks for keeping it real! All much appreciated, and helpful as we prep for the next few Sundays. Don’t have space to write too much so just a few comments on some of the questions raised. Will try and tackle the others later, maybe in the service. ‘Irene’, thanks for answering ‘Yadi’s’ question so well. And thanks for writing ‘Yadi’. I’m glad you come to Mavuno. God’s not given up on you so don’t you give up either!

    As for ‘Christian gal’, thanks for the clarification on ‘loosing the list’. You’re right; there are some non-negotiables when it comes to finding a spouse! And hey ‘me’, paraphrasing Irene, ‘its a sprint, not a marathon’. Be encouraged ~ God is not finished with you yet! Hang in there as God transforms you by renewing your mind (Romans 12:2). I encourage you to join Mizizi if you haven’t yet as a good starting point. Ditto for ‘Grace’… My condolences. Please consider not jumping into a relationship right now, but give it some time. If you are able, come up to one of our prayer counselors on Sunday so we can stand with you at this time.

    ‘H’, there’s much hope. God did it for us and I believe He can do it for you. Please keep coming as we’ll be sharing some of the truths that have kept us together. Maureen, it’s possible for a couple not to have the same purpose. But as you begin to pray in a focused way, seeking God for your purpose and for one for your marriage, God is able to change that! Start with Mizizi if you haven’t already.

    And lastly Muli, a few people have asked for a special pre-marital class for couples who are living together and would like a church wedding. I think its a great idea! Not sure we have the capacity to take it on right away but we definitely want to make it happen!

    God bless and see you on Sunday. Pastor M


  38. Pastor M,i agree with the rest,u r special,before Mavuno i ws listening to Joel Osteen n am nw more than hapi to have met a kenyan pastor so inspiring n in touch,am getng transformed,God bles u n keep up the gd work!


  39. Live in boyfriend Says:

    Pastor M,

    your such a blessing (cliche) am sure youve heard that for so long now… but for real if you make this happen – the premarital classes for the couple living together but planning a wedding- i will be so glad coz for sure i need it…


    live in boyfriend


  40. Hey Sam!
    Ephesians 5:22- Women submit to your husbands as to the lord.
    You know what, I was kind of lost when Pastor M challenged us to find the verse that says women submit to your husbands.
    Anyway this is what I think.Gods calls us to submit to one another (vs 21) as a way of honouring him. I think that this verse is said in the context of what is glorying and righteous before God. ie if it trully pleases God. e.g a wife cannot allow herself to be dragged to a bar upto , indulge in alcohol all in the name of submission. Yet women need to understand their role in the home and to always appreciate the husband as the head of the home inspite of whatever circumstances they are in…tough thing to do in our generation..vs 31 also goes to say that a man shall leave his mother and father and be united with his wife and the two shall become one flesh.I thibk that if the two become one then there cannot be a subordinate rather they should be partners.
    Now Sam, what is your view on Ephesians 5:22?


  41. I think something was not clear here. Pastor M challenged for the verse asking WOMEN TO SUBMIT TO MEN. Yes, the one for wives submitting to husbands exists, but not women to men generally.

    I guess I should also pause and ask myself, could I be the one who heard my own question?


  42. Hellow Pastor M,

    Am 2 weeks old at Mavuno and am loving every bit of it. Thank God for the series; its timely and am learning quite alot.

    Being single and a Christian in the present world is one very challenging experience. Am glad to know that there those going through what I do e.g. when is ‘Michele’, yaani pilau for your wedding, you’re running out of time etc… I have decided to stay put until the Lord brings him, not ‘the one’.

    Bless you.


  43. M…. Clearly put, you’ve hit the nail and nails on its heads.. in as much as it sounds hard for both parties, I am better being my own man rather than creating an image of someone (The lady) in my mind who ends up being the complete opposite.

    On burying the hatchet, I best believe that forgiveness is key.. That sums up my thoughts for now


  44. Hahaha. Arthur has decided to throw a spanner in the works! Eeeh… about the question, i think we’d have to ask the horse…

    Anyway. A friend of mine has a very interesting way of looking at it. Eph5:22 says “submit to your husbands as to the Lord,” an act of submission as you aptly observed. If you care to chambua that word, there is sub + mission. Ie, the woman should be ASSISTING in the mission of her man.

    Take a captain and the first officer in a jumbo jet. They have a two steering levers but only one gear. The only reason the first officer won’t turn left while the captain banks right is because they are well aware of the pecking order. They can fight about the speed but not about the direction since they have one thing in common – the destination.

    Eph5:24 Says “husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” Now here’s the interesting bit. The mission of the husband is to love his wife – Which means, the wife’s role is to assist the husband in his mission of loving and giving himself up for her. Yaani… the more you submit to your husband, the more you penda yourself!!


  45. Pastor M..thank you for the great sermons that have inspired me to re-examine every area of my life as i seek to fulfill God’s purpose for my life, which by the way, i discovered after attending the ‘True North- Discover your destiny’ series. Each sunday at Mavuno is a true blessing.

    I’m single , and looking to get married one day and today’s message was eye-opening. Thank you for the non-censored truth about marriage.

    Now that we’re learning about marriage, I’m curious to know what God’s teaching is pertaining to polygamy, a situation which is very common in our kenyan society. kindly talk about such marriages and what God’s word says about polygamous unions. How do such marriages fit into God’s plan for us?

    Looking forward to part 2 of this great series. Have a blessed week.


  46. hi,
    Been visiting mavuno like forever, Keep on saying this is the last sunday then I go back my home church then you unleash a mouth watering message & I’m hooked for another series….God forgive me. I’ve been married for over five years,my wife & I asked each other which phase we’re at. thank God drama is over for us, dream stage was short & intense, now I’m getting to discover her & I say I still don’t know her but I hang in there. The secret for me is that I learnt early there are only two options in marriage for the husband..”I’m either happy or I’m right”…can’t have both. We also developed rules of engagement in disagreements so that after conflict we are better than before.


  47. Hi Sam
    thats an interesting observation.Anyway am glad thou that Pastor M clarified that its “Wives” and not “women” that need to submit to their husbands.
    But just like you say, it takes two to tangle.. none is complete with alone but the two complement each other.
    All the best as you persue Go’s purpose for your life.


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