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challengeIt’s not to late to join Pst. M’s New Year Challenge! Please read about it and sign up here.


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  1. Mavuno is truly a beautiful place to attend worship, You guys are doing a great job.

    The last Sunday of 2008 i attended service where we all shared about the experiences that made us be in 2008. It is during this service that i got alittle bit concerned to hear a remix of the famous song “Finest by PSquare” I shared this with a couple of my friends only to tell me that there was a Sunday that there was yet another secular remix of Bob Marleys reggae song. While people might say that its okey and cool i beg to differ.

    Kanji and team…you have done a splendid job with your compositions and vibrant music…why are you trying to imitate secular compositions? I love music and i love parties….i am in love with church and trust you ….after going out on a Saturday night….the last thing that is pleasant to listen to is the same beat, words of a song i heard last nite in a club being played all over again in church.

    Guys loose that secular remixed songs business. It isnt cool at all and it isnt enriching at all and it will kill the talent that you have nurtured.


  2. Hi Kagiri, thanks for the concerns and noted. As policy, we ask that you use this blog to respond to the sermons and that you send any critiques about Mavuno or the service to our email address ( God bless!


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