New Year Challenge

On behalf of the Mavuno pastoral team, I’d like to wish all the Mavuno family both here and in diaspora a Happy New Year! May 2009 be a year of prosperity and fearless influence. And may our testimony at the end of it be as in 1 Corinthians 2:9No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God (had) prepared for those who love Him‘.

Pastor Muriithi

P.S. Join me in my New Year Challenge here


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  1. I wish all mavuno family a prosperous new year. I joined mavuno in August 2008 and been blessed by the messages that i receive every sunday. One unique thing about the messages is that they relate to our daily live and does not only encourages on faith but also on how to walk the faith. I have never been so blessed the way Iam blessed by the word i get from Mavuno. Attitude for gratitude by Captain mbuvi was a revelation to me and has just change my life. Thank you pastors and may the lord bless you as you train us to be fearless influencers


  2. hi Pastor M,
    i’m excited about this challenge.i’m ashamed to say reading God’s word is hard. and that this is a s.m.a.r.t goal. looked at reading plan, its worth trying. let’s see how it goes..1 Cor 2:9


  3. Great! Just this morning I was writting my plans for the year, and one of them was to read through the bible once this year. I take the challenge, its quite timely for me. I will read through the old testerment after this.


  4. Simply me.. Says:

    I’m one person who never makes resolutions. I normally live like a Zebra out in the open spaces, with 2 goals; the first being avoiding the jaws of the marauding lion, and the second is to find some nice pasture to fatten me up! Well, I realized that by taking up the Bible reading challenge, I can do both quite easily. I can actually kill two birds with one stone.

    God’s word is the green pasture that I need, and at the same time it will enable me to defeat the “marauding lion” being the devil. Thanks Pastor Muriithi for throwing this challenge. I’m definately committed to fulfilling it. And guess what, I’m already on it and way ahead of time at that!


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