Village Christmas… On TV!

For all who missed the Village Christmas concert, despair not! You still have a chance to catch it on TV. Look out for the show on the following stations…

KBC ~ Thur 25th @ 10.30am, Wed 31st between 6pm & 10pm

KTN ~ Thur 25th @ 10pm, Sat 27th @ 2pm

Citizen ~ Thur 25th @ 10pm, 26th @ 1.30pm

[Edit: Thanks fearless influencer Kevin Kanyotu for making this possible!]


5 Responses to “Village Christmas… On TV!”

  1. Thanksgiving message

    I thank God for my life, job, family, friends but most of all i am thankful because I gave my life to him on the 23rd of November 2008. I have trully experienced THE PEACE..It is just awsome!! THANK YOU LORD


  2. Also just to mention check the same Village Christmas show on K24. Time: Christmas defined time yet.

    God Bless You all,

    For His Mission,

    Kevin Kanyottu


  3. I cant wait for 2mrw, yaani i think th show will be th highlight of xmas. Thanks 2 every1 who made it possible. im so psyched up u cant imagine!
    merry xmas to y’all!!


  4. I am in Malindi and I was with people who have seen the village Christmas on TV and they are so impressed. It was a major major hit over here.


  5. Hi
    I have never seen such an impressive performance.
    I watched it on telly – I live in Kakamega. I even watched almost ALL repeats. I even called all friends I could to watch and they too were not disappointed.
    Please let me know if its available on DVD/video.
    This really blessed me over the festive season.
    Good job!!!!


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