Week of Thanksgiving


How has God blessed you this year? Even more specifically, how has He blessed you through being a part of Mavuno in 2008? This week – our week of thanksgiving – we want to use our blog to post our testimonies of thanksgiving. In a way, these are an online offering from us as a church; our way of giving thanks before the whole wide world for the many ways that God has blessed us.

So, please post those stories!


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  1. what God has done for me:

    1. I go to Mavuno Church every sunday.

    I was brought up in church by an upright christian grandmother. I then had to move to Malindi and there, I was exposed to Islam – both shi’ite and sunni and hindu. When I was 16, a question occured to me while watching a Mr. Bean loud mime: If I had been born a muslim, would I have become a christian. More to the point: am I a christian because i was born one?

    Thats when I started my search. i went for madrassa for a couple of years. i read the Hindu Gita. And finally I came back to the christian realm and like with the other religions, I asked hard questions. One of the questions that I asked for a year and it made christians panic was, “do you make a choice? Or has God made the choice for you because he is all knowing – and therefore he knows the choice before you make it?” Think about it.

    God has been answering my questions consistently and he has encouraged me to continue asking so I can learn to be like him. I am not there yet. But he helped you to set up mavuno close to my house and he led me here and I have found more answers there. I am a believer in this fact: God means to bless us in the afterlife but before that, he blesses us right here in Nairobi – in this life, in 2008; yaani today.

    God bless you Mavuno.

    2. He has grown me economically and in spirit (as above) and professionally and as a man.

    I founded a web content business in 2004 and I went through very difficult times. Many times I could not afford even bus fare. My business was way, way before its time so no one was biting, no one was buying because they didnt understand what I was selling. Ati Internet? Ati Web site? Ati corporate blog? Ati web 2.0?

    September last year I get off a No. 11 matatu (you know they are cheaper than these south C ones) and I am walking home, using that chochoro that is across the road from the entrance to the church towards my unfurnished apartment near KPA. As I walked, all of a sudden that 7.30pm I felt joy. i could not stop thanking God (and yet, i didn’t know why) i felt myself bursting with song and wanting to praise Him and not having been to church for a decade – i struggled to remember those old choruses and sung the pieces I remembered over and over, I thanked Him and praised Him all of that night – i don’t know where I found the words. i wasn’t then and I am not now Shpirii.

    I was in that stupor for a week or so, I was high with joy and thankfulness. Then a call came from the Office of the Public Trustee (government) and someone said, come for your cheque. i was like eh? Turns out my biological father, who had died exactly a year before had insurance as a senior government official had insurance and there was a part of that for me – his illegitimate son. I collected 1.4 million shillings.
    interestingly in that time, my business began to flourish. I left the business with a capable CEO and today I work for the government serving my country and my profession has flourished.

    if you are where I have been, believe this: God is with you and he is walking with you and you will not be lost.


  2. Lucky Ndanu Says:

    I am a new member at Mavuno and I thank God for the way I have been blessed the few times I have attended church. I would really want to thank my God for the way He has seen me through very difficult times during the year. I am now 24 years of age and the beginning of this year while at 23 yrs I was diagnised with breast cancer and the doctors did what they had to do to save my life. I was advised to undergo a mastectomy and at that tender age I was confused and felt that God wasn’t been fair letting me go through such trying moments. I then realised that God was in control and after some time of dire thinking and consulting, I went for the operation. I came out successful and its now around seven months down the line and I thank God coz I believe am among the youngest breast cancer survivors in Kenya and I know God had a reason why it had to be me.
    I want to challege all of us to always know that God plans our lives and we have to always thank Him in all situations. I have been jobless since then but at the beginning of this month God blessed me with a job and I am doing good.
    Thanks alot and God bless you.


  3. I have every reason to thank God for this year. This has been the most fulfilling year of my life. I turned 30 this year and the symbolism associated with it (Christ began his ministry at 30). I have received lots of favour at the workplace (confirmation, pay hike, cohesion with colleagues) I really bless the Lord for that.

    Amongst my resolutions for 2008, was to grow spiritually. I dilly-dallied from January to May. One Friday in May I was listening to Capital FM and there was this Pastor who was being interviewed and he was really making sense as he was discussing issues I was going through at the time. Pastor M really encouraged me on the radio and I made up my mind to visit MAVUNO for a full dose of what he was talking about. My maiden visit to Mavuno was on 1st June 2008 and to say the least I was blessed beyond words (I have been the most frequent visitor since). Indeed my search for a church was over. I enrolled for Mizizi (which I can only describe as life changing). It was during my Mizizi class that I met ordinary people with issues like me but sold out to being different. It was a 10-week ‘bootcamp’ that has changed me drastically. The friends I met then, have been there for me since. The life group has been putting me in check. I have met friends for life (as Pastor M had promised during our Mizizi induction). I can say I am getting better but bado sijafika yet. All the series for the year have also been very practical and on point. At this point, I would like to say that the Pastoral Team is on the cutting edge of what the Lord is doing in His church today. Keep it up and may the zeal of God consume you more and more. I have found my footing spiritually again after 3 years of drought.

    I also thank God for giving me such a beautiful girlfriend. She is all I have ever wanted and prayed for. To me she epitomises the love of God, unconditional. I am fulfilled, looking forward to greater things in the coming year (to ‘vuka’ into marriage ha ha).

    Though I have had dicey moments, I rest in the fact that I am anchored on Him, the Author and the Finisher of my faith. He’s been faithful through it all.

    Thanks Pastor M and the entire Pastoral team, may God richly bless you and keep. For the entire Mavuno, you are the greatest church on planet Earth and May you live to fulfil the Lord’s purpose in your life. I feel great to be part of the this Dream Team.

    Have yourselves a Merry Christmas and a Fulfilling new year.


  4. boniface yegon (bonny) Says:

    My name is Boniface Yegon and this year and I have been blessed beyond measure. To start with, my mum got so sick at the beginning of the year, during the post election violence and that mad things so hard for me and my siblings coz she is our only hope. She has not yet fully recovered but we have surely seen the hand of the lord. In spite of this, miraculously, the lord has enabled my younger bro to finish college while another one has just started college and enabled me to finally pay for my last fees in campus. I got tempted by devil till I had no more strength to fight on, first my mum has not been able to provide for our school fees, then I lost my wallet and all my documents in it just before campus opening day which means I could not get hold of the 15 thousand shillings from HELB then I was supposed to raise almost 35 thousand shillings for my school fees and almost 50 thousand shillings for two brothers combined yet I can now look back smile and wipe my tears of joy because all came to pass. I attribute this to my dear life group, Mavuno Sunday 1, without which I had given up. Thank you so much, your faith was enough for me when things were so thick I had no more faith in me. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I thank Mavuno, and fellow mavunites like Phyllis, too for making me a better person, more so now since I am assisting in leading a life group and to crown it all my life group has stood with me to such an extend that I am going home for xmass with a gift for my dad, whom we have had no relationship at all. Thank you all for showing me the side of God and family I had never seen before, merry xmass and happy New Year.


  5. I thank God for who he is to me,He is JEHOVAH, the Great I AM.

    he is the saviour, i have seen members of my family and friends getting saved this year 2008,
    he is a healer i have witnessed healing of my own sister, and a child who i was asked to pray for,
    he is a redeemer, i have experienced redemption in my life this year than ever before… i am not a pastor just a believer looking for the manifestation of his power on earth as it is in heaven,in Mavuno i have learned to practice my faith ,i call it Faith adventure and i enjoy every bit of it.
    i thank God this year i have seen God turn around the life of a pastor friend of mine. who had gone through accusations and was almost giving up his call in ministering the word of God, we prayed and as i am writing this his position has been reinstated and all his accusers were found out to be lying publically .Prayers works!!!!!
    miraculously i am involved in the mentoring program and church leadership training by a spiritual father whom i respect so much i believe he moved to Kenya from Tanzania this season of 2008 just for me.
    i was too curious on the deep details of spiritual warfare and i wanted to know the whole truth about Deliverance ministration and believe it or not the few sessions i had with the Men of God at the school of prayer this year 2008 has given me quite a different perspective.
    all of you who needs answers to questions you are even ashamed to ask people close to you go to school of prayers ,all your deep and secret questions will be answered by God himself revealing stuff to you, i discovered people can get healing with no dramas and noises attached to it…Glory be to God
    Mavuno Church and the entire Pastoral Team God Bless You!


  6. This year has been amazing. Not even sure how to blog, too much going on in my head. So i’ll limit this to the impact the sermons have had on my life. The ‘dark side of leadership’: I discovered I’m predominantly phlegmatic. Very liberating. I am working on not procrastinating so much and I’m alot more assertive.

    From ‘financial fitness’ and ‘Harvest series’: i’ve got rid of all my debt, i’ve also learnt how to give and give and give… As a result God has really provided for me this year-miraculously… Pressed down shaken together and running over. Surely as I have taken care of His business, He’s taken care of mine.

    From ‘Attitudes for altitude’: gratitude and submission were profound. Let me just say as I’m waiting on God to answer my prayer for a spouse, those are 2 attitudes that shall definitely be useful!

    From ‘true north’: I’m now actively seeking God for my purpose and using all the tools learnt during that series to find my way.

    Give thanks to God for he is good and his love endures forever




  8. Hey!

    I actually started making out a ‘thank-you’ list 6 weeks ago… It’s grown to the point that I’m flipping pages. To be fair to everyone that has to read this, I’ll try to keep it short.

    On a personal level, after the post-election uncertainty, life went back to being normal – quiet, peaceful, no-drama, moving along nicely. Till one Monday morning in March; that’s the day the real search for God started. God birthed again a desire in my heart to know him. Then the one day I visited Mavuno, a Mizizi class was being signed up and I thought to myself, “Why not? What did I have to lose?”. If nothing came of it, at least I’d tried. The first few weeks were pretty un-dramatic and on some days I wondered what I’d signed up for. My mizizi facilitator kept telling us that for some of us our answers would come in the last week and I used to think to myself, “right”. Anyway, I stuck it out and God started to challenge how I think, what I think concerning Him, what I think concerning myself, everything. Bottom-line: He changed me.

    I am thankful this year for a healthier relationship with my parents, a more fulfilling role at work, a sensitive boss, real friends (and that includes my life group), 2 professional certifications, getting out of debt, Pst Tony, Mavuno for training in life and godliness, Hajila (in the middle of all that loudness, she is really tuned in to what God is doing and saying), the opportunity to mentor 4 young people, the things I’ve not succeeded at, the things I’ve been great at.

    I now live “wide awake”, I try not to miss anything, every day I review the way God works. It is heady. Each day I can hardly wait to see what will happen – NEXT.


  9. Hi Pastor Muriithi & the Mavuno family
    It’s the first time I’m blogging on you page. It’s taken a while to get here (what with the connectivity issues we still struggle with). But this I had to do even if its late in the week and am on duty to ensure our little bundle of joy is cuddled to sleep (by the way she’s doing fine, infact thriving inspite the little discomforts little babies go thru).

    Your encouragement last Sunday was on us sharing that which we are grateful for the year ending. Of course for the Nyamus it goes without saying. After two years of grieving, agonizing, trying, testing, hoping and praying, we finally were able to shed tears of joy! The birth of our baby girl is the highlight of 2008.

    What we are most grateful for is the amazing, overwhelming prayer support we’ve received from the Mavuno church family. Even with the exponential growth in numbers, the increased responsibilities of our leaders, the changed face of even our own ecclesia, Mavuno has embraced us even much more than when we lost our boy. Brethren have carried our pain, fears, anxieties, thrills, joys like their very own. We, throughout this pregnancy have felt surrounded and supported by a committed battalion of prayerful Mavunites. We did not know that our opposition was a diabolic conspiracy of evil (a family member had actually thrown a curse at Anne, closing her womb from conceiving). Our doctor kept saying that there wasn’t any medical reason why Anne could not conceive yet there we were wondering what was wrong. The Harvest School of Prayer was the turning point for us. During the 21 day fast, the curse as broken and within weeks of the end of the class, Anne had conceived. Conception turned out to be the beginning of a journey of praying, fasting, anointing, declaring, standing and battling with forces previously unknown to us. We would have been overwhelmed had we done this on our own. We have family and friends who embraced this journey as their own, constantly checking on us and PRAYING, other who at the drop of an sms stopped what they were doing and PRAYED, and others who encouraged us and spoke LIFE into our lives and our journey. We thank God for our blood family but we thank God more for the Mavuno Family. There was temptation to call our little girl “Mavuno Njeri” or “HSOP Njeri” (I confess we weren’t brave enough). We (and this is came during a time of prayer) settled on NISSI NJERI. The root of this is Exodus 17: 8-15 where Moses & the Israelites led by Joshua fought the Amalekites. Every time Moses hands we lifted up, the Israelites won and when they grew tired the Amalekites won. When Aaron and Hur held Moses hand, the battle was won. And as a sign of remembrance, Moses built an altar and called it “Adonai Nissi, the Lord is my Banner, for hands were lifted up to the throne of the Lord.”

    Hands were lifted up Pastor, hand were lifted up. And because of the prayers of the saints, and the love of the brethren, our year ends well. Please pass our special thanks to your entire staff team, Pastoral team. They shall be rewarded handsomely by the giver of all good gifts.

    What are the Nyamus grateful for: the family of God in the form of Mavuno Church


  10. Hey al,2008, the year tht was..1st a big thanks to the lead pastors at Mavuno, kina Pastr M’S’Njoro,Linda,aki u guys hv got no idea wat difference uv made in pples lives,I hav seen my pals transformed immensly, I hav seen Gods hand in their lives,I hav seen friends who I wld best describe ‘ a step away frm atheist’ break dwn and accept Christ, yaani God has been true to word al thru my life since Jan 2008,I remember kneeling dwn one tyme in my room prayn for my country at a point of desperation,by the way I dint even knw hw to pray, (yeah I ws tht bad in prayer)God saw us thru tht…I also giv thanks to the lord for I appreciate my folks more ths year,thanks to the lord for providing for me even thru the year,harvest nite was just an eye opener, am still workin on my finances, n I belive I wil b off the hook in afew months,u won’t belive I ws in debt of almst 1.2m, n countin!wow !thnnks to the lord I got to get my mortgage procedures done by Dec,smthng I prayed for so hard,n lookd almst impossible..thanks to him for my dad has bin ill for almost 2yrs.. N he’s recovering well most of al I gv thanks to njoro n Pastr s n the mizizi facilitators,thanx to u I ws steered in the right direction,accepted Christ, made kingdom friends,I can’t express the peace and hapiness in my heart as I write ths,I read the bible often,(by th way my mum almst tripd whn she saw me readin it)n pray a lot,thank you Mavuno,may u live forever…may thy Lord bless you al..Amen


  11. Hi all,
    I joined Mavuno in October and I have a lot to be thankful for. For starters, the year opened up with my getting an assignment in Kampala and spending 6 wonderful months there before I quit to come back home.

    I am thankful because during that time away, God literally became my friend I had scripture notes all over the house and God would directly speak to me through His word and that was one of the best times for me in my relationship with Him. At that time, He also brought closure to an issue that had been in my life for 7 years and I was lost on how to handle it and like the woman with the issue of blood. my bleeding stopped at the touch of the hem of his garment and am really grateful to God for that.

    While still away, God allowed me to meet the love of my life and my future husband who is more than all I ever dreamed, I have never been happier. Tnank you Lord

    When I came back home, I was keen on starting up something on my own but the true north teaching brought a kind of nudging that, yes God has called me but he needs to ready me for the assignment. He has faithfully provided me with another job and I start in January. I did not even go looking, the company called me and asked me to submit my resume and then they invited me to interview.

    I am thankful to the Father for the restoration that has begun in my family. My paternal relatives have been sworn enemies even before I was born.While in Kampala, I prayed that God would begin a healing and sure enough this Christmas, my relatives met at my grandmother’s house and agreed to let the bitterness of the past be gone and for a new commitment of love to be birthed among us. It was agreed that my parents would host the second reconciliation meeting later in 2009.

    I certainly thank God because though it has been a terribly difficult year, He is on the throne and is still in the business of offering life everlasting and hope beyond the grave.

    Finally I am thankful to God for bringing me to Mavuno because I have a church where I can relate with God and His people as He intended. I am looking forward to joining Mizizi in 2009.


  12. florence M Says:

    Better late than never……i have alot to thank GOD for!This year startd on a very confusing n scaring gear. Actually de post election issues to me were so ugly, and the were ‘outside there…..their issues,’until that chillin evening, when i got home at 7.30pm, i was with a friend and my child, whom i had taken to de hosp…for some reason , ma comin in at dat tym was really planned…i wld say, GOD really wanted me to know wat awaits me…..i had Him several times times to go talk issues over with the chairman of our court(beinng de secretary of the court’s women group), but my procrastination took toll on me….this particular nite, as i was about to get into da hse, i had very heavy footsteps and such an urgent knock at the chairman’s gate, who is right opp ma hse…..such fear gripped me, but i retracked ma steps, stood at ma gate, heard de msge delivered……”MAMA HAS JUZ COME IN, MZEE HAS NOT BEEN SEEN YET FOR SEVERAL DAYS.”…..AS sOON AS the WORDS were delivered by the day gate keeper, who was supposd to av left @ 6pm,BOTH men felt ma PRESENCE…..AMEN! They both turned at de same time, both parties stared at each other for wat seeed eternity,until hGod’s hand lead me into the hse…….ma hubby was outside the country, he was due da next day,,,i decided not to tel him ova da fone…but fear took ova ma lyf, i cldnt sleep, any noise, even dogs barkin cld wake me up….. No. 2…One morning as i was sayin ma COVENANT PRAYER, which i know inside out, s’thin happenned, i forgot everythin….i had to refer frm de Prayer Bk, after prayn, s’thin came to me, i opened a page, read thru it but one thing struck me…Isaiah 54:17….i read on, finished’ pleaded de Blood of JESUS, b4 takin a shower. My hubby was lyk,’u wont be late?’…I was going for a 4 days marathon couse on trauma n i didnt want to miss, but i was 2 hrs late.I was disturbed thru out da morning session,as in why did i 4get ma Prayer?, why did i juz open dat page? wat is GOD tellin me?etc etc….thn da lady who sels me kienyenji chicken started callin me on bothma lines, i called ma hubby and asked him to get the chicken for me…..but he told me he wont make it. Dat meant i pass thru jogoo rd, but s’thin kept stoppin me(ma Prayer daily is to ask GOD t show me things tat will come ma way)He nudgged me, i got so frustrated, He reminded me that my hubby normally goes to get de them on satos cz normally when am in class….i remember leavn class in such a hurry, a muslim friend of mine wanted some marita counselln, but i promised a leter date. As o took the roundabout, i thot of going straight…..but alas! I went for the chicken….for da 1st tym i didnt get out of de car to cha her up, after i was thru wit her, i decided to fuel de car in the neighbourn station….i was feelin quite funny by now….then i decided to cross ova to da feeder rd right opp the station,to join de road going to town, insead of going to da roundabout….de traffic was juz pickin up, i waitd until i was satisfied tat de oncomin nissan mat’ was too far….there i was….all else i knew was dat ma car was rotating at such a speed,in s smal feeder road, borderin 2 opp carvan ditches not 4getn dat, if it moves ahead or behind juz kadogo, i wi be hit by oncoming vehiclesl , but everytym i saw de ditch, i cld steer to de right direction…..by ths tym, everyone around, expect me was screaming, for ma lyf. The car did its several skits, then it kinda stopped facing where i had cme frm…..dat very moment, i remembered ISAIAH 54:17…..i remembered ma daily prayer….i was lyk,’There is absolutely no doubt dat, when u PLEAD IN DA BLOOD OF JESUS…..He will be incharge, it also dawned on me dat, GOD had warned me frm mornin, but i didnt obey…….de consquence of dat was the all most death accident…..i wasnt hurt, GOD was incharge, da car was almost a write off, nobody was hurt in the mat…..BUT…..nobody, not even da policemen, believed i was whole…i had already called ma hubby, tnx God, he came in gud tym….i wnas sober, until he came, then shock tuk toll on me…..GOd saved my lyf. No.3….My Ist born bro just fell n died….mysteroius death it was…died the same date, same time 11 years later afta dad died frm a car accident……I HAD NOT RECOVERED FROM MA ACCIDENT!…HIS DEATH, DID ME IN…….i saw desperate souls(ma siblings), not words wld comfort us.GOD opened my inner eyes, i told thm to stop speakin despair….i told tjem GOD is sayin,’no more premature death shall befall us! Amen! i told them dat I WIL STAND IN DE GAP FOR THEM! HOW I DIDNT KNOW, BUT I WAS CONVINCED I WIL. No.4….I didnt not only know how to really stand in de gap, BUT I WAS BILA DINI! I had not gone to church for over 10 yrs….i belonged to a catholic faith which i denounced when young.The few tyms i stepped in a church was for funeral services….BUT KITU KITU THRICE I HAD GONE; X2 TO NPC VALLEY ROAD, AND X 1 TO PAKLANDS BAPTIST……ya dat was me! No.5…The SUNDAY( 15th june) IS A REBIRTH FOR ME. I woke up knowing i av to go to A CHURCH……NOT ONLY A CHURCH, BUT A HOME CHURCH(had ruled out ACK, PCEA etc) I called ma cossy to join me for church shopping.She wasnt around, but she’S been told of A CHURCH CALLED MAVUNO, very near home. I prepared the kiddos an we drove direct to MAVUNO….The church was parked to capacity…..FOR DE 1ST TYM IN HISTORY, GOD OPENED MA INNER EARS, UPTO TO LEO, I STIL REMEMBER DE SERMON; ABOUT DAVID N URIAH’S WIFE, BY PASTOR M. I KNEW THEN,DAT MAVUNO IS MA CHURCH…..3RD WK I JOINED MIZIZI. On joining MIZIZI, GOD, sorted out so many issues in ma lyf….but the best thing HE did for me is to SAVE ME, and to get filled with the HOLYSPIRIT…..besides knowing how to PRAY,HAVING QT WIT GOD,STUDYIN DE BIBLE, FASTIN ETC. AV NEVER MISSED CHURCH FRM THAT DAY, BUT LEO CZ BADO AM HOLIDAYING…I FEEL BAD, DATS WHY I DECIDED TO WRITE THIS…….. WAT HAS MAVUNO DONE FOR ME???? (i) Besides leading me to Xt, the series/sermons are quite enriching, fulfillin to a thirsty soul like mine. (ii)Pst Linda’s passion sermon, left me wanting to trully find ma worth in the midst of de male dorminated world. I had to speak healin to ma weepig soul, besides having a healthy talk wit ma hubby, finding my place in ma family, today all i can say….GOD CHANGED NOT ONLY ISSUES, BUT PEOPLE! (iii)PstM n C’s personality issue……yes i had read it in another version……..knowing am a MEL wasnt fun, several of us who were MEL behind whea we were seated really wept dat day….i don know wat i wantd to be; we are 9; 7 are sanguines:2 of us are mels…..we were different from day one. After this sermon, i wantd to know ma blend…..thru enough research, i now know am A MELSANGUINE! Av raised above many issues dat drag mels behind, and i believe by de END OF THIS YEAR….I WII HAVE OVERCOME MA DARK SIDE…NOT EASY THOUGH, but WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. (iv)Pst S with his ATTITUDE ISSUES JUZ DID IT! I had issues but DUE TO MA INDEPENDENT NATURE; I HATED SUBMISSION TO DE CORE.i (DID ALOT OF SOUL SEARCHIN HERE)…..had even to book for A SESSION WIT PST S ,ON DE SAME….It actually dawned on me that,MOST OF DE BAD EXPRIENCES AV GONE THRU WERE DUE TO LACK OF SUBMSSION; even to GOD….refusing to go to church is actuaaly breaking one of his commandments…..ths thing crushed me completely…..GOD came personally to teach me on this…..He warned me thru ma hubby, his word, discernment….but i refused to heed….i did wat He was telin me not to…..by de tym i started seekin Him, i had learnt wat submission, is all about.Thx Pst S. (V)Pst M’S True North…..Wao…De Purpose……i had to learn to listen to GOD even before i was born again…..i was a believer, who never went to Church. Durin Mizizi, i read about purpose n i was lyk, GOD show me de way i shd follow. During ma QT,GOD CURVED FOR ME DE WAY…..I CAN CERTAINLY SAY, AM AT DE MOULDING N FASHIONIG STAGE……tHNX Pst M, for your teachings ignited such fire into ma searchin ma purpose n finding it, tiz involvin cz ul av to refer to d BIBLE, but a long journey starts with a single step. (vi)December is in a league of its own……..it was AWESOME! SiNCERELY SPEAKIN, NO ONE TAUGHT ME WAT X-MAS MEANT TO A XTIAN, UNTIL THS DECEMBER…..GOD BLESS THE PASTORS WHO DID IT. The most significant of all;Satan was against ma SALVATION fRM DAY 1…..I waant to finish de MIZIZI COURSE cz ma leg was to be operated on….interestingly, it juz didnt happen dat friday; de surgeon got visiting DRS frm his country, so he postphoned, whn it was due next, the operating theatre promised to IMPORT A SPECIAL MACHINE, CZ SUCH CASES ARE ON DA RISE……i waited, frm Aug-mid oct. Not yet, i deleted de Drs no. frm ma fone, and concluded GOd communicates thru various means….i decided to PRAY FOR MY HEALING! Av been prayin, the pain is gone, but de swellin is not gone….i read alot about healin, so last sato, i was tossing in bed; I WOKE UP, READ DE BIBLE, TUK DON COSSETT BK,’WHAT YOU SAY IS WHAT YOU GET!’ I WAS READIN ON HEALING, WONDERING WHO ARE T.L ORSBORNE’S OF KENYA……I READ ON, UNTIL I STARTED PRAYING AFTER READIN MARK 14:13-14…I PRAYED WITH SUCH AUTHORITY, TO DE SATAN OF INFIRMITY…..BUT IT HAPPENNED…..I PRAYED IN DAT STRANGE TONGUE FOR ABOUT 10 MINUTES….I WAS LYK WATS UP,AM SAYIN IN JESUS NAME…I WAS SHOCKED…HOW CLD I SPEAK IN NEW TONGUES AGAIN YET I RECEIVED DE HOLY SPIRIT, END OF OCTOBER??I WAS LYK, OK …GOD 4GIVE ME….BELIEVE IT OR NOT, AFTER DE SHOCK WAS OVA, GOD DIRECTED ME TO MARK 16:17-18……MY LFY WIL NEVER BE DE SAME AGAIN……ALL I KNOW IS DAT AM HEALED………GRADUAL HEALING…AMEN.


  13. Peter Kalii Says:


    Am just from the second service where guys were giving testimonies on their lives. I was so tempted to give mine for indeed it is a masterpiece of Gods grace. To be precise, i have had a rich history of addiction to alcohol and have been admitted to a treatment facility for addicts three times and each time doing a three months stint! Also am an Ex-can at Mathari University for the mentally fit also known as mathari hospital.

    How did i come to mavuno with such a past??? Well ask me another one. I joined the hyped Msafara initiative as a volunteer and was awed by the worth of human dignity during the caravan until i gave my life to Jesus. Later after coming back, i lost my footing and relapsed to alcoholism. It was so bad i thought i was gonna die. One day i came to church at the sports club as drunk and battered as anything. Two fearless influncers prayed for me, Antony Okoth and Ndungu Kimani. That begun my turnaround journey. Then came Mizizi and for ten weeks i reaffirmed my faith to God. Then Pastor Simon prayed for me and when that humble man of God prays for you, yaani it is gone.

    Today am a standing testimony of Gods abundant and extravagant grace.

    Mavuno church thank you so much, what my psychologists and therapy counselor could not accomplish, you did for me and now am proud to say am an overcomer!!


  14. Peter… Glory to God for what He has done in your life! I have a close christian friend who’s life story currently reads almost exactly like the first paragaph of your post. The striking similarity was startling! I’ve kept my friend in prayer and given the support that i could. However, it would be great if you would be willing to share your testimony with my pal and guide him in the right direction.

    I’d really appreciate if you’d influence and bless this guy’s life with your testimony. Please send me your email address/contacts and i can connect you to him. Be blessed!



  15. New Believer Says:

    Hi hope you are well.Im a new believer and id heard so much about Mavuno that i decided i must check it out on Sun the 28th.Your service,sermons etc were like a breathe of fresh air and i understood why Mavuno is drawing such a large gathering among the young people.But im confused about one thing one of the habits im trying to fight in my faith is Secular Music and during the Praise session we sang No One But You a song originally done by P Squared.Not only did this song take me back to my club days but i heard in one of our dailies that the group P Squared consult witchdoctors concerning their songs and this could explain their phenomonal success in such a difficult music market.I understand that Mavuno seeks to bridge the gap between the world and the church but for a new believer like me you must be careful that you dont tempt me back to the world.What is the devils belongs to him but what is the Lords even music should be superior and untainted.I wish you a prosperous 2008!




  17. God has been good to me this year…i rededicated my life to Christ and i am enjoying every bit of this experience…my sister who was an alcoholic was totally delivered and now is a counsellor. God gave her back her life. for the first time, my family is sitting together on Christmas eve to pray and just be a family…this year i saw my deliverance come to pass…i have dound peace and my purpose in life…am truly looking forward to 2009 wow!!!

    On another note, i would have to agree with new believer above…turning secular music into worship songs is really churns my stomach…worship time is supposed to usher us into the holy of holies not remind us of where we have come from i.e the world…


  18. I joined Mavuno ths Dec. i thank God 4 Mavuno, 4 peace in Kenya, school fees, my biashara actually mine n God’s, good health, my family n spiritual growth. i jst decided to shorten th list coz its really long! God bless Mavuno.


  19. Sheila Nyakinyua Says:

    I am grateful for so many things that the Lord has done for me.
    I joined mavuno in May this year n am so grateful for the reception that I have received so far.I was once a born again,but fell short of the glory of God.One oof the things that am so grateful for is for he fact that God forgives even the worst of sinners and am a witness to that.
    Am grateful that he has been able to fulfill al my needs according to his riches in glory.Am grateful that he has been able to restore my soul and also that ha is in the process of healing my brother,to God be all the glory for he has been good,his love endures foreever….


  20. Thanks to God for all he did for me in the year 2008. I came across many obstacles in life this year.
    The last one being a road accident on the 6th of December where I rolled thrice in my car. The front right wheel came off just before Oil Libya – Msa road and my car ended up being a write off. I believe God has a purpose for me since if you saw the car, you’d not believe anyone came out of it alive. I only got 3 stiches on my palm of my right hand and 5 stitches on my year. I still retain my figure, physique, no broken bones. That was just and I will be forever grateful for that. I believe He has a purpose for me, esp at Mavuno and am praying that He shows me where.
    Thanks you God and am sure You are reading this comment! I pray for success in the year 2009 and blessings too. Forever grateful.


  21. For the past 3 week, everything around me has been saying “you must give thanks” everyday I have been hearing on radio, tv, preachers, friends… etc so I decided to blog

    i have never really doubted God’s ability to provide but recently I was put in aposition where i had to believe God to provide something I could not do for myself!!!

    In August my team was selected to represent the country in a tournament against teams from 11 other African countries. Our budget was about 3 million shillings. As ours is a self sponsored team, I really had to believe God for this one. It was a great task. I prayed and fasted much. 5 days to the championships we were told we had to pay an extra US$ 1000 which was not in the Budget.

    Funds were not forthcoming, however one person offered us about K sh 130,000/= and by Gods grace, this money served us like the 5 loaves and 2 fishes story in the Bible, to the end of the tournament. We even had a few left overs!

    I thank God because:
    · None of our players were injured and so we did not have to pay any medical bills or take any one to the hospital.
    · Our players never lacked food or transport home every day of the 10 day tournament.
    · Some one donated the water for the players through out the tournament.
    · Some one donated more than enough energy health drink for the players
    · Two people from the US donated a set of playing uniform for the team
    . The US$1000 was paid by the Kenya Federation

    · The international body running the tournament FIBA Africa, were impressed by our presentation and said we looked very smart and organized it was unbelievable that we are a self sponsored team.

    · One of our players was singled out as one of the top 5 in the tournament.
    · We were able to pay the players a small allowance something many of them had not anticipated.
    · Many players have been heard telling people that God is the provider for this team.
    · The name of the Lord has been highly lifted among members of the team.

    This event has strengthened my faith in God. It has given me the opportunity to tell others that My God Is A Good God and can provide for all our needs. he lifts you up and puts my feet upon a solid rock. I believe that God will never put you in a position that HE will not provide for you in all ways. So Gods providence for us went beyond the 3 million we had budgeted for.

    O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good and his mercies endure forever.


  22. Wat am i grateful for? I think the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that i am alive and in great health. I realised during the Thanksgiving sermon that the thing i am most greatful for was the fact that i never went to see adoctor the whole of this year. That mean that i was never down even one day.

    I joined Mavuno last year and the thank giving service was my third service. I found it just deadly as people talked passinately about the positives and the challenges that they had gone through. That made me promise myself to never miss a thanks giving service and i have not yet missed any.

    Mavuno is simply a great church to attend and that i think is demonstrated by the fact that even when i have a nasty hangover i look for remedies that will assist me make it to church. Its very sobering to wake up with a hangover and do your level best to make it to church.

    Am grateful to my pal Esther who introduced me to the church-though she ws just filling her quota of inviting 5 new people-as it has made my sundays joy filled and has also made me reduce on the hang timings so as to be in church the next day.


  23. I loved the thanksgiving service held last sunday.Ive been undergoing changes in my life for the past 4 years.I thank God,coz I wouldnt want to go back to where I was. I was on the highway to hell.It hit me recently that the transformation is because of Gods grace.It is a continous process and I pray that I dont miss the prize.

    During the attitude for altitude sermon series…(That was totally meant for me).I was so close to giving up on my job.I wasnt coping with my boss and the workload.It dawned on me that respecting authority is a command from God.I changed my attitude and my boss keeps showering praise about how impressive my work is.I thank God for that.I still have a little more work to do with my relatives who I have totally withdrawn from.I have vowed to improve on this and continually pray for reconciliation.I have held onto hurtful things that a male cousin,his mother and twin sister have said about us.In 2009,I hope to open up without telling them off so as to release them from the pain they have put my family through.I thank God for realising that I dont have to be vengeful.

    Lastly,I thank God for revealing to me the gift of giving.Theres nothing as beautiful as putting a smile on someones face.Better still theres nothing as nice as receiving blessings from a genuinely greatful heart.It feels like I let the light shine and people give praise to God for the deeds Christians do.

    I praise God….he is sooooo good and I THANK HIM:-)Theres is none like him.Remeber last Dec a time like now….eeeish!ni yeye tu!


  24. Antony Mwaniki Says:

    Hi Mavuno, Hi Pastor M.

    I am grateful to God for many things in 2008. Being in Mavuno and part of the relocation team as well as the prayer counselling team has given me a ringside seat to watch and gape of the great things that God has done in Mavuno from the relocation, to growth, to many coming to Christ.

    With all that there is to give thanks for I have 3 specific things I wish to give thanks for. The first is the birth of our lovely baby girl Gakenia. I am not sure the exact date which my wife Josephine told me that we are pregnant. Somewhat unlike me to forget but I did. We have a fairy tale pregnancy. No nausea, no cravings, no fatigue. I had waited for all these things to happen but instead my challenge was how to slow my wife down. Except for change in size would never guessed by her schedule she was preganant. For this I thank God. But the bliss was to change. On Friday 21st Nov 2008 we went in for a rountine check up which ended up as an alarm trigger. Jo’s blood pressure was so high that the doctor was contemplatinbg a C Section early the next week. This was alarming for us and more so since we did want a normal delivery. The doctor asked that we have some tests done the next day. We had the tests done and then went for the morning session of the leaders day. I thank all who were there for their prayer and support. The prayers were instrumental in us receiving a clean bill of health for the baby which bought us one week. Jo however was now on sick off. Next appointment was for Sat 29th Nov 2008. We went in for this appointment and blood pressure was still high and the decision was made that delivery through induction would have to be done on Monday. Sunday 30th Nov 2008 at 6pm we had Jo admitted but a low foetal heart beat prompted a call to our doctor. When he came in and examined Jo what was to me a rountine admission was suddenly an emergency with orders being barked out and documents for me to sign. I was somewhat dazed but I thank God for Ed Nyamu and my mum who were there with me. We lifted up our voices to God who had our prayer. at 8.25pm that night bay Gakenia was born through a C Section. The operation revealed that she was in distress and the call by the doctor was inspired. Her positon was also such that a normal delivery would not have worked. Induction would only have caused Jo unneccesary pain. To God be the Glory

    My second thanks givinng concerns the healing of a close family member. He, after post operation examination, was diagnosed with a condition that needed specialized surgery that couild only be done abroad. The most inexpensive place to do this was India. Arrangements were made for what would be a 6 week stay in Mumbia, India. In the menatime the family prayed. We had a prayer meeting on the eve of his departure and we felt compelled to take authority over the illness and speak healing. Once in Mumbia he went through the medical checks to confirm diagnosis and plan the treatment. The checks showed there he was OK, clean bill of health. There would be no need for sugery. 1 week later he was back home. All glory be to God

    The final thanksgiving concerns a gift to my father. My father had been an expatriate in Namibia for 6 years returning back to Kenya in January 2007. He is not the kind of man to sit around thoug 70 years of age and so for next 22 or so months he sought job opportunities with little opening. In November this year we had the famiuly conduct what is called a Gideon’s Action prayer. This was done on Sunday 2nd November 2008. On Monday 3rd Nov 2008 he got a call from the University of Nairobi where he was offered a teaching position. It felt as though he had been given a new lease of life. Praise be to God.

    In closing I must say that prayers of the saints have been key in our victories. Much of what I have larnt at the Harverst School of Prayer has done wonders for my confidence in prayer and ability to hear God. I would invite all who can to go through this life changing programme that gives you practical tools for personal and church ministry


  25. I agree with New Believer, as much as we are claiming back we need to be careful not to stumble our brothers and sisters who have just ‘vukad’.


  26. Hi Mavuno, Pastors of Mavuno,
    2008 has been a year where surely God has shown Himself strong.

    In our personal lives, we got married in amazing ways watching God work our budget to half through serious divine favor and then ensuring that all the bills were paid. We walked out without a single shilling in debt.
    God then miraculously provided a house in our preferred area of choice which even had a room with the colors we wanted.
    In business we have seen His hand in provision, coming through for us in amazing ways.
    He has been Jehovah El Shaddai, Rapha, Nissi, Shalom.
    School of Prayer has been such a blessing in teaching has how to listen and hear God; to trust and have faith in Him; to pray and stand in the gap.
    Thank you Lord for who you are and have been in our lives. Praise God in the Highest. Cannot wait to see what 2009 will be like.


  27. in the spirit of counting my blessings and naming them one by one:

    1. i pledged for the move to bellevue and by october i got back everything i had given. i gave more than was financially feasible but after i completed the last payment (i broke it up into monthly payments) i got it all back in one go through an increment at work.
    2. my sis and her husband got work permits (they are in a foreign country). same sis gave birth to a healthy beautiful boy.
    3. my mum had surgery (very sensitive area – her spine). doctors removed a growth and it was benign – Praise Jesus.
    4. i joined a lifegroup and met amazing people.

    oh thank God, Hes sooooo good, His love never fails.


  28. Christine Says:

    This has been a great year, and I want to thank God for ten years of marriage. I thank God for my family, also for the Mavuno family.
    God has been failthful in provision, protection and all round success. To Him be the glory!


  29. Hi, my year has been owesome. …just amazing! I remember slightly over a year ago before we moved from the club, when pastor M prayed for those seeking jobs and business. At that time I was in need of a new job.
    God has been good to me, He provided one, giving me a chance to travel on duty to many countries. I had wanted a job that would enable me to travel and get international exposure.

    I thank God as He has been gracious to me and to my family in so many ways i cant possibly exhast all in this blog. His love endures forever, He is good!


  30. I thank God for year 2008.I thank God for Life,Protection and providence.
    The year started rough,with a family business going sour affecting family relations.Our prayer friends stood by us,and God sent our way,people we least expected who allowed themselves to be used by God in this situation.
    I thank God for many months later,what seemed impossible,God has brought restoration.God has given us our own business which,is positively growing and is now a blessing channel for other people.God is also restoring the family relations and started healing our wounds.To God be the Glory.

    I would also like to thank God for healing.We had two scare moments this year and visited HDU twice.My mum had a stroke in June and was in a coma for some days.She was eventually discharged,but diagnosed as a Diabetic.She is recuperating well,but in late November,her kidneys failed and was back in hospital,for dialysis.
    As i write this blog,I want to give thanks to God,since she is much better now and is at home.We thank God for all the people who adminstered to her in Hospital especially her personal attendant.To God be the Glory.

    I want to thank God on behalf of my family.
    My Husband and My sister were engaged in a new assignment this year.
    My Sister in law was promoted and God led her to a new house,after her previous lease contract was frustrated.
    My brother had a succesful thanksgiving ceremony for the birth of his children and baptism,inspite of mum’s illness.Thanks to God for Mums’ friends who supported us in all family engagements since mum could not attend and played the role of mum.
    Healing for my sister in law’s husband based in Nigeria who was involved in freak accident.

    I especially want to Thank God for all the life group friends who prayed with us,and for Mavuno church and especially the pastors who allowed themselves to be used by God throughout the year and sharing God’s messages.I am richer and stronger in Christ as a result of this fellowship.

    I thank God for the testimonies shared,since they indeed encourage and show God’s faithfulness and grace.I am touched by Ed Nyamu’s testimony.
    We have been trusting God for a child for nine years and I am encouraged by his revelation.I will indeed continue praying and trusting God in this situation,knowing that what He can do for the Nyamu’s ,He can do for us too.

    Mavuno,God has been good to us.We Give God all the Glory.


  31. mamananii Says:

    God has miraculously seen my family and I through 2008 in so many ways. 1. Despite having one (unstable) income and a new baby, we have not lacked anything. We were in dire financial straits when we discovered we were expecting, and one morning I felt like God told me He would provide everything we needed for the child. And provide He has! Everything from stylish maternity wear to baby clothes (I have only bought three items of clothing for him, ten months later!), toys, and furniture. To date I have only bought two months worth of diapers. Praise God!
    2. I did Harvest School of Prayer in 2007. One of the things that weighed heavily on my heart was the relationships among members of my paternal extended family. To say acrimonious would be an understatement! We have had an annual family get together for over twenty years now, but each was characterized by ill feeling and nasty undercurrents due to personality clashes and stuff that had happened over the years. To make a very long story short, in 2008 God has healed the relationships in our family within months. To God be the Glory. I know that He will come through concerning other things He has put in my heart that many around me do not understand right now.

    Thank you Mavuno staff and pastors for the hard work you do, and for encouraging me through sermons and classes to be a fearless influencer where I am.


  32. been the 2nd week after the new year i guess this is rather a late thanks giving. but here goes.
    i am grateful to God since 2008 marked my being born again. after so many failed attempts i finally got saved in 2008 and must ay the lord has brought me from far! i beleive this blog is for thanks giving, though i wish to state a concern. i enrolled for mizizi in november 2008 and i had to stop after the first class. my reason- the facilitator asked us to introduce our selves and state one thing that makes you unique. well when it came to his turn he said that he smokes cuban cigars! well for a young believer like me, that was shocking!!! that doesnt mean that it would stumble me. but i kept wondering really? do i really want to be led by someone like him?not been judgemental but really i tend tto agree with the new believer blogger you need to check on that!because we dropped out of class so many of us that day. but i will be joining the course this coming month. (AND MY PRAYER IS I DONT GET THAT FACILITATOR)however please if you can check on it. this could be a stumbling block to many who want to join.


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