Destination Destiny


Seize your purpose by sharing God’s concerns


  1. Poverty
  2. Poor leadership
  3. Disease
  4. Illiteracy
  5. Spiritual emptiness

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4 Responses to “Destination Destiny”


    The first words out of a baby’s mouth, after they utter ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’, is usually Mine! Or Me! Or My! In many instances, we seem to never forget these early words we spoke when we still couldn’t spell them. That is what our subject for today is; selfishness.
    As Pastors M. & S. preached last week and this past Sunday, it was clear to me that our greatest barrier to going to heaven is selfishness.
    All we are going through right now, for the most part, is because of someone’s selfishness. The person is Adam and his only wife, Eve. At the Garden of Eden, they agreed to be selfish and forsake to follow God’s orders i.e. not to eat the forbidden fruit.
    Before that time, someone had been kicked out of heaven because of selfishness; that created being was Lucifer (Satan). He also fell and has caused many people to fall with him. The devil (Satan) was kicked out of heaven as described in Isaiah 14 because of selfishness; he desired to make himself like God.
    Unfortunately as he (Satan) was kicked out of heaven, he took with him a third (1/3) of all angels (now known as demons). They all rebelled against God’s perfect will because of selfishness.
    The world right now is going through a major shake-up primarily because of people’s selfishness.
    Rebellion is a form of selfishness because we choose not to heed to the laws God has put up for us to follow. In some countries, God’s laws (Ten Commandments) have been removed from schools and students now are motivated to rebel against a loving God.
    No wonder they are resulting in following after, and accomplishing their own evil desires that are against God’s laws.
    We hear of homo-sexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, rape, abortions, murder, muggings, and majority of car accidents, alcoholism, prostitution, the spread of HIV/Aids, and many other ills in our present society.
    All these ills are as a result of selfishness; homo-sexuality, lesbianism, bestiality are all a result of rebellion which stems from selfishness. God has stated in black and white what is right and what is wrong according to the Bible (the word of God). However, sinful man and woman have decided that they know better and may be that God is holding back (kinda like what Eve must have felt like when the devil tricked her).
    Rape and such like vices are as a result of selfishness; so are adultery, fornication, and divorce. Suicide and such crimes are a result of selfishness. When one decides that this life is ‘hard’ to live and thereby take their own lives, it is a very selfish act. This is also in line with abortion and the like; the only difference being that in suicide, one does not have the opportunity to ask God for forgiveness, while in abortions, one can later ask God for forgiveness, and God seeing their heart, will forgive them. Psalm 103 states that God forgives us of all our sins (when we confess them to Him).
    Thefts, murders, muggings, and the like are as a result of selfishness. Because we want what Mr. Y or Mrs. X has, resulting to theft or such like crimes, then we can deduce that all that is as a result of selfishness.
    The world is preparing for war not because of any other reason, but because we have become very selfish. Countries have enriched themselves with weapons of mass destruction; not necessarily because they want to protect themselves from other countries, but because it is a pride thing. Yes, there are those countries that may build up their military prowess because of impending dangers. But all in all, it was as a result of pride especially when one European leader decided to use his powers to kill millions of people in a very short time.
    Coming closer home (Kenya), we have experienced some problems in the past and I am sorry to be the one to say that if we stop being so selfish, the same problems will continue. Corruption is a direct result of selfishness. Where those who have been elected by their supporters, abuse the offices they have. Unfortunately, a lot of time and resources was and were spent to eradicate selfishness.
    His Excellency Kofi Annam and his very able team managed to bring about peace to our nation using the knowledge they have on such matters. I know the whole country was on their knees praying for this nation. Thank God that all is well and as many have suggested, may we never experience a time like that again.
    Not to be a sore thumb, but I think those times may soon come if our leaders’ selfishness is not dealt with.
    Back to our topic of discussion, as we live our lives, we should always remember that God so loved this world we live in that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever would believe in Him would have everlasting (eternal) life.
    Love gives, while selfishness takes. God is love and He has freely given us eternal life if only we would receive His only begotten Son Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour.
    The enemy wants to take away your life, but God will not allow him to. If you are reading this letter and you haven’t made Jesus Christ your personal Lord and Saviour, please do so. It is the best decision you will ever make for yourself.
    Let us stop being selfish and allow Jesus Christ to come and live in us.
    In conclusion, I now believe that anyone who finds themselves in hell is only because they were too selfish to accept God’s free Gift of eternal life. Those in heaven will be those who in this lifetime, stopped being selfish and accepted the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
    December 25th is soon with us; will you allow it to come to you earlier than usual by opening this eternal Gift God has for you. Christmas happens anytime someone opens up their heart to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.
    If I don’t see you before December 25th, have yourselves a very happy and blessed Mary Christmas.
    Lots of love,
    Mr. & Mrs. M..

    The Mary there was intentional; she opened her heart and life to receive Jesus; do the same today i.e. let Jesus Christ be born in your heart and life.
    This is it; hell will be filled with selfish people, of whom Satan is the most selfish.
    On the other hand, heaven will be filled with people who opened that free Gift (Jesus Christ) God gave us.
    Those who do not wish to get saved are truly selfish because opening this Gift will mean that one would have to share it with others. In a sense, there is no way you can open this Gift and fail to share it with others.
    The selfish people may not want to open this Gift because they do not wish to share Him with anyone else (and so they die without having opened this eternal Gift).
    Christmas is around the bend, open your Christmas Gift today!

    Question: Why do you suppose the Anti-Christ will deceive many of the people during the tribulation?
    Answer: The Anti-Christ will be able to deceive many people during the tribulation because of their selfishness.

    My prayer:
    It is my prayer that you will not have to cross out my name from your list (especially for those in my life group, and those who know me), and also that I wouldn’t need to cross out your name from my list; in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Disclaimer: This is the unrighteous selfishness


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