Descending to Ascend

Refinement Precedes Assignment!


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  1. The story of the rich person who was washing the loo’s because that is where the greatest need was really is a humbling experience.For real!!We always want to work where their is less need and get all the praise.After all,I am volunteering! (I say deep within).I am quickened in my thoughts that I have to humble myself (it aint easy though) to decend to where the greatest need is so that other people may accend.Trully Refinment (With actions) Preceedes (With actions again) Assignment.Walalala!!I find that powerful.Have a blessed week wount you.


  2. The last 5 or so months have been difficult for me. I have a well paying job that zaps all my stength both emotionally and physically. For a while now I have been treated with contempt by my boss. Frankly I felt like I was decsending and I wanted to leave. I kept going back to the Lord and asking him if I could leave. I went on retreat and the Lord told me STAY! I MUST FINISH MY WORK IN YOU! James 1:4 -Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete not lacking anything. I stayed on despite the storm. I worked dilegently and did not disrespect my boss, I did not rally the tropps against the organisation infact I did the opposite, by Gods Grace. I also began a Friday prayer meeting at the office. I have prayed and fasted like I have never done before in my life. Recently I felt what I thought was a release and that the time had come, I resigned, no job in the pipeline, a mortgage, two kids and a third on the way. I just know my assignment here is done, dont ask me how! When Pastor M said that when people discover their dreams they should not go quiting their jobs, I felt ooopss! what have I done? But then I realised the state of mind he referred to was quite different, was it Pastor M?. Anyway I think that was my season of descension I look forward to a season of ascending. I particularly liked the part in the sermon where Pastor M said God does not operate in chronos time but rather in seasons. I like that. For me and my wife, we call the next season Season 4. If anyone knows the name for that in any language please share, I will probably name baby number three after the season. Psalm 91:2 I will say of the LORD, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.’ I completely surrender to HIM because he is my only refuge.


  3. what captured my attention was REFINEMENT PRECEDES ASSIGNMENT, that was such an eye opener. Now i understand what God has been about in my life and i am trusting Him to clearly reveal His assignment as enter a new year and to open doors of opportunity for service both in church, my workplace and at the community level.
    God requires that i SERVE that too was pretty powerful.
    Thank you Pastor Wanjau- i guess for me i am so awed to know that God can confirm His word and speak so clearly in this day and AGe . keep up the good work and KEEP THE FOCUS


  4. wanguisummedup Says:

    Pastor M
    My script reads exactly like Kenmani’s. I was in a well paying job and left because I felt God was leading elsewhere and like Him I went oops! when you said about the refinement process. Then I begun to feel like I had left too soon. But I remember being clear with God that I was not going to leave in the rearview, I was facing ahead. Now I desire to just know where the Lord is leading in the light of the word you gave last Sunday. I am clear though that God is keen on my trusting Him and walking in obedience no matter what the season. Thanks Pastor M


  5. Descending to ascend was an amazing sermon. On a personal level, I have been wondering what is taking God so long in giving me what he has in store for me. Just listening to the sermon made me realize that I really wasn’t ready! And that if God gave me, whatever it is he has in store for me now, I would probably mess it up. So, as uninteresting as the preparation process is, it is absolutely essential. So, many things fell in place for me as I listened and I understood that God wasn’t just being slow he was Refining me, for my assignment.

    Thank you Pastor M, that was truly a word in season for me.


  6. This month has just been a great blessing for me. Right from the 1st sermon where i felt really confused to the last one where i had everything within grasp is just great. All glory go to God Pastor M & Pastor S you are a blessing. I believe i fall in the bracket where God does not want to give you the whole picture at a go. I believe i’m made for leadership and it has shown all through my childhood to where i’m at now. I’m a piece of work and refinement through God’s word was necesary hence my being brought to Mavuno was just for that purpose. God works in mysterious ways and I know that if i had been given everything on my lap i would have ended up being destroyed by the blessing that was meant to be. I learnt through November that everything situation and obstacle used wisely is a lesson that is leading to being able to lead a purpose driven life if we are aware of the Lord’s message and teaching. My job is a refinement, my difficult childhood and dysfunctional family is refinement and my whole life story is just refinement once He knows i’m ready he will send me out on a mission. I know its not about where i’ve come from its about how i finish. I might have made wrong choices along the way but as we way our mess is our message and when its all been put in place and the refinement has been completed the message will flow like a river. I’ve changed my whole attitude towards finding my purpose and as i shared in my small group we are not all made to be out there as public leaders in newspapers and the electronic media i believe some of us will be great as they are laid to rest and the story will live on longer than we have lived on earth. We need to let go and Let God work through us now and forever and we will finish well.


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