Welcome to the Mavuno 21 DAY FAST!

Dates: 3rd to 23rd November 2008

For it is time to seek the LORD (Hosea 10:12)

Prayer Guide for Week 2

  • Family: Pray for your family members, asking for salvation, unity, protection and blessing; and bringing specific issues to God. (Nehemiah 4:14)
  • Families – pray for Mavuno families (healing, restoration, reconciliation, love and unity). Pray for a few specifically.
  • Work – Pray for workmates, especially for those who do not come to church, and pray that God will use you to influence your workplace.
  • Churches – Pray for Nairobi Chapel churches and I.C.C., that God will prosper them in the ministry and strengthen their leadership.
  • Pray for peace in Somalia, Congo and Zimbabwe.


Please download the complete Prayer Guide here: 21-day-fast


One Response to “21 DAY FAST – WEEK 2”

  1. I started th fast today and it is arguably the most profound experience I have had with God in the last 2 years.wow!!I can’t say that a ‘breakthru’came immediately.what I see is a change or a softening of my heart toward God.over the last 3/4 years,I have felt God’s sovereignty and interpreted it as meanness/insensitivity.events have left me questioning His motives,even His fatherliness-there are just some things good fathers wouldn’t let their chidren go through in the name of teaching them some deep,life altering lesson;or so I thought.for some reason after the fast I just have an understanding of how much the Father values my character over my comfort.this isn’t to say to those in a hard place that they should pick th lesson and ‘count it all joy’but its to say(as I learnt today-He’l work it out for your good,wait on Him.He’s good.I really hope anyone else who’s fasting is encouraged.He is a good God.


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