Travel Companions


If you want to go fast, walk alone.
If you want to go far, walk with others!

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  1. stephen mwangi Says:

    for a long time i have been searching for a church to actually settle down first serive was on 12th of october during pastor’s S’s second episode of alltitudes 2 attitides..after the service i went home very excited, the 1st thing i did was listen to pastor M’s introductory cd and beleive you me i have been trransformed from that day..i even invited my girl friend last sunday and on the same day we both joined a life group..mavuno is a social place and this is what i have been missing in my life..thankyou somuch pastor M ans pastor S for your good sermons..


  2. I loved yesterdays sermon. Pastor M really got me thinking about friendship. I have many friends but i wouldn’t say they’ve all been supportive of me and my successful endevours. I learnt to accept them all as they are but to keep those who’ve genuinely cared, are happy for me and have been very supportive closer. There are all sorts of friends out there: Those who like you for your social status, those who are there for you when the going gets tough, those who like you for what you can do for them..i could go on and on! The sermon woke me up. I’m now looking to build long lasting friendships with people who want to walk far and i believe i will do that at Mavuno, the place i now call home.


  3. My lifegroup is my support system. They saw me through my roughest patch yet. I lost my job before the financial fitness sermon (hint: no savings, no fallback plan, nothing!), and being a single mom, things were tough. But no one ever pointed a finger. My lifegroup made sure me and my baby had food to eat, diapers, electricity, rent, each and everything! They were not only there physically, but financially, emotionally, spiritually… and when I got tired of fighting, my lifegroup held my hands up like Aaron did Moses. Eventually it was one of my lifegroup members who got me my new job. Thats why we call our lifegroup THE Safehouse. Its where we go to when we are battered and bruised by life, and its where we find God, and a shelter from life’s rain.


  4. My lifegroup is my support system. They saw me through my roughest patch yet. I lost my job before the financial fitness sermon (hint: no savings, no fallback plan, nothing!), and being a single mom, things were tough. But no one ever pointed a finger. My lifegroup made sure me and my baby had food to eat, diapers, electricity, rent, each and everything! They were not only there physically, but financially, emotionally, spiritually… and when I got tired of fighting, my lifegroup held my hands up like Aaron did Moses. Eventually it was one of my lifegroup members who got me my new job. Thats why we call our lifegroup THE Safehouse. Its where we go to when we are battered and bruised by life, and its where we find God, and a shelter from life’s rain.

    Joining a lifegroup WILL change your life.


    Men will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another. John 13:35NIV
    Chuck Swindoll writes: “One day a Marine Corps buddy who came to Christ told me, ‘Chuck, the one thing I still miss most is the fellowship I had with the guys at the tavern. I can’t find it amongst the Christians I’ve met. I no longer have a plce to admit my faults and talk about my struggles, where somebody won’t preach, frown, quote a verse, or blab it all over the place.’
    “The neighbourhood tavern’s an attractive counterfeit for the church. Ever watch Cheers? It is an imitation, dispensing liquor instead of grace, and escape instead of reality. But is’s an accepting and inclusive fellowship; unshockable and democratic. You can tell them your secrets and they usually won’t tell others. It flourishes not because its patrons are all alcoholics, but because each of us has a God-given desire to know and be known, love and be loved, and we seek these things fro the price of a few beers.
    “Christ wants His church to be unshockable: a fellowship where people can come and say, I’m beat…I’ve had it,’ and find real answers! Now before you shoot me for comparing your church to a tavern, ask yourself, (a) if you discovered your spouse had been unfaithful, who could you confide in? If your biopsy confirmed cancer, who would you turn to? (c) if you were lonely, where would you go?
    Jesus said, “Men will know you are my disciples, if you love one another.” And love aint what you say, it’s what you do!



  6. Yesterday I felt like service shall not be over.The sermon series are so real and it put me at a position of self check and being right with God.I have now started prayng with a purpose and as yesterday Pastor put it that mobile phones have made us more busier,I can now be guided by just clicking on it and be reminded on what to fast on in regards to the 21 DAY FAST SEASON.I love Mavuno.I love the people.


  7. WOW!!!!! Pasi… go don it again O!!! am still thinking bout the beautiful yet realistic sermon that was on Sunday, as you spoke your word struck chords for my hair cuticles to the under of my feet…mmmmh, its really gotten me thinking…how far i have come in my path with God, if it was not for mizizi and just finding the real me and search for my purpose i DON’T want to know who or what i would be like today. one thing i know is that i would be empty….Mizizi is a must for every one ,its teaches us to let go of our past, seek forgiveness,manage our finances and be a family through small groups that make the larger Church we worship in .LIFE GROUPS is just the right place to be… the 3A’s truly keeps you in place and purpose….i being a leader of a small group can attest to that….we have been so strong in prayer,friendship and just living life…you truly become ONE with even pretending to be one ….walking together through Life…….if anyone knew me bout 3years ago they will surely tell you i have changed…without even straining too….Someone(not mentioning names 🙂 } said to me “Surely the Lord has a sense of Humor”…. and you know what? HE truly does .. He placed me on the right path, the TIMING was just right.
    i have had “friends” and Friends, the first group of “Friends” “loved” me coz i had chums to spend and would be so careless with that hard earned chums…. Spontaneous reaction is what chums was to me…running a successful business chums was never less at all. when things started going slow away went almost 90% of my friends the 10% who remained are still walking with me today and i added another 90% through my LIFE group they are so real and i just love them to bits we are known as the chocolate factory…apart from enjoying lots of chocolate we a beautiful fusion of ingredients(personalities) that come together to be one in God…
    God bless you Pst.M and the rest of the Pastoral team, one can’t ask for better leadership and guidance. Thank you so much


    If anyone doubts the value of travelling companions through life ,let me tell you my story..on september 4th this year iwas involved in an accident that required surgery to repair my fractured now bionic woman as they had to insert a metal plate to put the fragments together…keep that in mind..
    I have been attending mavuno 4 about a year now and the impact that it has had on my life can be described using one word..lifesaving..iwent through mizizi,joined the coolest ekklessia/life group in the world and began to take part in church ministry-greenhouse &understudying for mizizi..anyway long story short..i have made the kingdom friendships that pastor m described during the intro of my mizizi class…my two months of recovery have been the hardest of my life,but God and new found friends have walked with me,prayed with me and even cried with me!in hospital starting from the emergency rm ,i had over 70 visitors!my nurses askd if iwas an mp!…my fellow mavunites continue to support me even now as i go into the 3rd parents wer amazed as i kept introducing so n so from church…God bless all y’all and know that you have preached Gods love without uttering a word!see u on sunday…


  9. Dear Pastor M,

    When I got home on Sunday and started reflecting on the sermon about our purpose, our and our travel companions, I started to ask myself what my purpose in life is. Its strange how we can trod along life’s journey without discovering our purpose in life. It is sad what we hear that the cemetery is very rich in resources. Whenever I see Kanji on stage worshipping God, I know for a fact that He is where God wants him to be and he has discovered His purpose. That is what I want for myself. Every day I pray that I will discover my purpose. I am hungry for God and to be used for Him, I want to be where He wants me to be because I know that my heart will be satisfied when my will is aligned to Gods. That is my prayer today – that I will find my purpose and that my will will be aligned with Gods.


  10. Confused!! Says:

    Pst M,
    Ive loved Mavuno from the first time i came, in May. My problem is that i seem to be loosing altitude at a very fast rate, am headed South na i just pray it will not be a very thunderous crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i missed the sermon on forgiveness and that same week we kosanad with one of my friend and since that day……….Av been angry from that day neven prayers dont seem to work. my relationship with God has gone to an all time 0 n even wehn i pray we dont connect anymore so i have even stopped praying and the anger has followed me all the way from home to work, and even my relationship!!! I dont know what this is where am headed, and i seem to have lost sight of my purpose in life…………


  11. Mavuno Church surely is a blessing not to one but to all who ever come and get blessings from God. When you spoke about walking together with purpose and heading going towards the same direction i could not agree with you more. Before joining Mavuno i woke up one day and asked myself who my true friends are and i could only come up with three. The others were mafans as you called them, others were not mafans they were just mere spectators. I was so distraught because as i prodded myself further i realised i could not bring myself to share my life with the 3 people i called friends as i feared and felt they would be judgemental. At that point i decided i had no friends and turned to God. Luckily i walked to Mavuno church and guess what I have a whole new lot of TRUE FRIENDS. They dont judge or condemn, they listen and share my joys and pains and thank God for all situations. The Life Group meetings are such a joy and when we bare our all good or bad the only question that comes up is what does God say about all it or what does God ask you to do in your situation; its not about US its about US & GOD since the two cannot be separated. What else do i want from my friends but a shoulder to lean on or a pat on the back saying well done. My group actually celebrates it by using this tag line “Who did it” we know its not our power but the power from the Almighty. We cannot walk alone and the three A’s do surely kick in. I believe if i do the three A’s alone at some point i will cheat Me – its only human that sometimes we will stray but when you remember the Life Group and the report you have to give then you are able to make the right choice if unfortunately you dont at least you share and are given encouragement not to give up. I believe where two or three are gathered in the name of the Lord only good will come out of it. As we pursue or true north i would encourage us all to walk with a band of friends who are on the same course. Thank you Pastor M.


  12. Dear Pst M,

    This is very interesting. Last night I had a dream. It was sunday 16/11/2008. As time went by I realised it was 11.30am. In Mavuno I come for the 9am service so I was like what!!!! I have missed the service in Mavuno?? We have been talking with my friends about the coming topic. ‘Descending to Ascend’ and are looking forward to it. When I realised that time had gone so much (in the dream) I remembered that there is a 12pm service, so I started driving to church for the service. Pst M the Mavuno team is a blessing. Since I came to church 3 months ago my life has never been the same again. God bless you.


  13. Tony Muramba Says:

    Hi pastor M,

    I must say Mavuno is really transforming me. I have been in the valley of decision concerning some friendships. I have wanted to sift my friends but I thought I owed some people my life by being their friend. I got a very good ‘friendometer’ on sunday when Pastor M. came up with the two types of friends to avoid. I am now acting accordingly emptying my ‘otherwise full’ phone book. I can now easily offload friends who are not compatible with my travel plans. The journey is beginning to be easier. Thanks Pastor M, I am truly blessed, strengthened while at the same time being put on checked and equipped with the important life skills. God bless Mavuno..Yes we can


  14. I am someone who thrives on activity but this year I believe that God has slowed things do so I can deal with the important issues key amongst them is purpose. The sermon series is a godsend and I thank God for you Pastor M. Reflecting back on my life I see it as having completed many tasks but with no common thread. I am at that point where I have acknowledge that I cannot get fulfilment until I align to God’s purpose and do things His way.

    I do also realise that I have tended to walk alone because I wanted to walk fast but I can truthfully say I have not walked far. I will be praying for and working to build friendships that will enable me and my friends to walk far.

    I believe this slow year is a time of refinement. How long I do not know but I pray for that I will be a quick learner so it will not be 40 years of refinement. I do look with great anticipation at what God will do with me. I believe there is greatness in me and great things that God has planned for me. This helps me go through the refinement.

    I thank God for Mavuno Church. This is truly my family

    God Bless


  15. Though the i might not have a job
    and there is not money in my pocket,
    though my plans have not come to fruition
    and i am not where i thought i’d be,
    though my love life is none existence
    and the one i love is far away,

    18 yet I will rejoice in the LORD,
    I will be joyful in God my Savior.

    19 The Sovereign LORD is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to go on the heights.
    For the director of music. On my stringed instruments.


  16. Hi, i still can here the phrase that made yesterday’s sermon so real “REFINEMENT PRECEDES ASSIGNMENT”. i so truly feel like God spoke thru Pst.M, for me to understand. Being an infant in salvation…(2 months now)i cant believe how far the Lord has brought me(my testimony some day) i was so excited bout being saved and started jumping straight into what i thought to be my assignments, creating all this big and great ideas for my christian walk and even greater ones for the church, i sometimes felt abit disheartened and discouraged especially when i shared and didn’t get any response for these….”creative ideas” ,inside me in all that was going through my mind i would hear the Lord say” Be still and know that i am Lord” i didn’t understand and even opted to “try” and take the extreme back seat( being a choleric with primary mel and sanguine trait) i knew this would be a hard task to follow through.

    i then thought maybe its coz God has shown them something about me that isn’t right and that in place fear, self judgment was born. Then yesterday Pastor M said this words that made me feel re birthed over again “God is able to turn our messes into a message” and there and then i felt peace.

    i truly love the vessel God has used to transform me and many others(Mavuno church) where you finally feel that you are at home always…yesterday, i came to church and as Pst. Amani spoke of warfare i could so relate coz thats what my week had been, as i entered the sanctuary i felt this warmth and said “Thank you God for am home” the worship team….Wow! the worship leaders just put the beat in my feet and i danced with praise in my heart thanks guys.

    Am so glad for the pastoral team and just in case we dont say this very often i pray to God that as He blesses us not to pass you over pass over for you are the cement/glue that holds us(mavunites) together for if we had bad church leadership there wouldn’t be a church……

    i pray to be made over so that i too may influence many into God’s embrace.

    Thank you so much Mavuno and God be our anchor.


  17. Thank you Pastor M for your wonderful insights on purpose. I never thought that being launched into purpose has to be at the right time- God’s timing. I was thinking about what you said about your personality and being called to serve Mavuno at the right time. I think you are very gifted and God has given you great wisdom.Looking back I think God choose you to pasture this flock- Mavuno because you speak in a laguage that we understand, and you have raised the standards not just for Mavuno but other churches.I believe you when you say that Mavuno will transform the continient of Africa. Be blessed and keep doing the good work.


  18. kindly put the sermons for the past month(Nov) online!!!


  19. AGREED!!!! desperately waiting for november sermons!! listened to pastor simon’s one and can now even recite them!!!!!

    still looking for a church so in the meantime living off mavuno ones…but its not an excuse to not find a church. promise i’ll try!


  20. We are working on putting the sermon series up today, and yes Jules, it’s no excuse so see you on Sunday!


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