Welcome to the Mavuno 21 DAY FAST!

Dates: 3rd to 23rd November 2008

For it is time to seek the LORD (Hosea 10:12)


Prayer Guide for Week 1 (Personal)

  • Ask God to search you and show you the issues in your life that need correction. Spend time to ask for God’s forgiveness. (Psalm 139:23,24)
  • Dedicate your body and life to God, and allow him to have his way in your life! (Romans 12:1,2)
  • Gratitude: Take time to thank God for all the blessings he has given you as we come to the end of the year – at home, at work, in relationships, etc (Psalm 100)
  • List 3-5 prayer items that you want to ask God to solve in during this period of prayer. (Jeremiah 33:3)
  • Friends: Pray for 2 of your friends – their faith in God, personal and family issues.  

Please download the complete Prayer Guide here: 21-day-fast


4 Responses to “21 DAY FAST”

  1. hi pastor M,
    i have been to mavuno church ever since it started and i love the teachings they are really building me up in all ways. i especiially love the series that is ongoing, but i have a little problem i want to discover the true north in my love life. (i have been dating this guy for a while now , he’s such a nice man and we,ve been sleeping together . last week just after the service i prayed to God to show me the way forward in my love life.i got the courage to talk to my man about us and i suggested that we shouldn,t have sex and that we should live our lives to glorify the Lord he kept quiet for a moment and the said we should surely do that but then he said from now on we are just good friends . this really hurts i want to be with him and even get married to him have been praying God to make him over just for me .should i let him go or should i pray and wait for the lord to bring him back to me , i love him so much i dont want to let him go.pls advice me pastor M whatever you advice i’ll surely follow i respect you . may the good lord bless you.


  2. YOu know reading what Natasha is saying and actually her having an option to ask Pastor M, encourages me alot in deciding to attend church at mavuno since September, 10 years ago and now in the middle of a divorce, i would have given anything to be able to belong to a church where i feel at home enought to ask my pastor for such guidance knowing i wont be judged. I believe in marriage and i have been looking for a church that would allow women dating or even men, who are christians and not necesarily born again to be able to have a place or someone in church who can actually just take them thru the thought process as they seek God guidance, you know just provide a non-judgemental God oriented way to face the many conflicts that women go thru.I pray that Mavuno will embrace this and one day it will be a Ministry in the church, especially since its an area i would love to be involved in.
    Natasha, am no expert but i srive to live daily a life that is guided by the word of God;will say this, dont panic take the rest of this praying month to really seek God and let the good friends bit go on, be just that good friends for we know God just wants the best for you and ask God to make you over, to renew your mind, trust that feeling that made you decide to make that decision in the first place, let the word of God guide you, i know how hard it is knowing what is right for you and actually doing it and thats why i will be praying for you and God willing Pastor M will be able to respond to you soonest.Barikiwa.


  3. Hi,

    Last months sermons are not clear. Tried to listen but there is nothing. Please upload others. None of them is playing


  4. Hey Natasha, thanks for great question! And thanks too Jade for your great response ~ I’m not always able to answer questions on the blog which is why I’m glad there are so many wise Mavunites to do so! I totally agree with Jade that God desires the best for you Natasha. Psalm 37:4 says ‘delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of your heart’. I affirm the decision you made and believe that as you seek to become who He wants you to be, He will give you wisdom to navigate the challenges and peace in your situation. I will be praying for you this week. I’d also encourage you to share with one of our prayer counselors on Sunday and we’ll keep trusting God to make His true north clear in every aspect of your life.

    Jade, thanks for sharing. I’d love to talk some more when you’re ready about what such a ministry would look like.

    And Doreen, thanks for pointing that out. We’ll work on it asap. God bless!
    Pst. M


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