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Are you lost in a world that has engulfed your passions and extinguished your principles? Are you drifting on the sea of purposelessness, stranded in the jungle of disillusion, successful in people’s eyes but wanting your life to count for something more?

The time has come for you to explore the reason for your being, to climb the mountains that stand in the way of your future and cross the rivers that keep you from your purpose. This November at Mavuno… unfold your map and re adjust your compass. True North: Discover your destiny.

here are notes from Sunday’s sermon…


If you’re heading the wrong way, driving faster won’t get you there. You need to stop for directions!

Jeremiah 1:4-10

I was known

I was formed

I was set apart

I was appointed

You will never be satisfied until you are aligned to God’s purpose!


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  1. I just love mavuno. have attended the financial serie and attitude 4 altitude and its amazing. from week 1 of finace sries, i have made decisions on my house`s finances, and God He is just amazing. I sold a car i was driving, at an unbelievably large price…talk of His provision after your obedience.from the profit alone i`ve bought written a tithe cheque,bought a smaller car, planted the rest of the scoop in real estate, a retirement plan,reduced my debt position and at the bourse. Result is a net jump of 400k up on my houses networth. God He is real on these issues.From Pst Hellon`s kingdom wealth secrets sermon to eric kimani`s…all of them, mere truth!!!


  2. Don’t know if it’s age that’s catching up but this Sunday, the service definitely left me hang-overed to this very moment that I’m writing this blog (Monday afternoon). Much as I would like to admit that I was intoxicated with the Holy Spirit, there was another toxin that left my head ringing up until now. Mavunites, by a show of hands, how many honestly find the praise and worship session a bit too loud? Please don’t be shy! Your health of hearing is at stake here. I give props to the sound crew for the phenomenal job that they do, really I do. But if we’re all to enjoy the praise and worship together, both young and old, shouldn’t we do it with acceptable volumes that don’t burst our ear drums in the process? Perhaps we (the church) should invest in a surround sound system (like most churches) and have the sound distributed around the dome rather than have bone crashing decibels blaring from the woofers up the front. What do you think?


  3. hi, amazing service, sling and stone rock.
    question – what if my purpose/destiny/what i was created for or part of it is a let down,not what i expected. Does God explain it/fafanua/help u get it?or is it obedience first-understanding later?


  4. Its great to have you back Pastor M thou like many have already told you, you missed alot. l look forward to this series on purpose living- by the way am reading purpose driven life.Im at that place where I have finally found my road map and I know where to go.The only problem is that there are so many obsatcles and detractors on the way. I know that you will have some guiding principles. I also look forward to the month of prayer and the kesha because I need divine intervention to keep on in this journey.Be Blessed.


  5. im fairly new at mavuno and i have to say that each sermon has been ministering to me and this november is the at a point in my life where i feel lost and this sermon is just what i need to get bearing and align myself with God.



  6. Hi mavuno team, its great to b part of a large family. I got saved then did mizizi so i thot that i pretty much had the purpose thing figured out. My life is so far aligned to seekin Gods purpose for me and runnin wit it. So wen the sunday series began i


  7. Great to hear the comments people. Keep them coming!

    Ed, your comment on the sound is noted. Please use our email ( to address any comments/suggestions/complaints so we can reserve the blog for sermon response.

    Great question, Angie. Here’s what I think; God’s plans for you are so much greater than your plans for yourself! Also, He created you and knows exactly what you’re capable of. You are correct in your thought that the feeling of let down is a result of lack of understanding. James1:5 encourages us when we lack insight to pray and ask God for that understanding. From experience though, once you begin to ‘get it’, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted!

    Appreciate the question about detractors & obstacles Wendy. I’ll try & fit that into the next couple of weeks. Prayer is a good place to begin though!

    JM, great to hear how God is blessing you financially as you apply His principles! Thanks for sharing.

    Pst. M


  8. Noted and thanks Pastor M. Much appreciated.

    God Bless 🙂


  9. I’ve been attending Mavuno since the launch of the Dome and anyone who knows me very well can see the change in me, and best of all I can feel the change in me. Two months ago I gave my life to Christ after Anthony Wahome’s Power of Giving and it’s been a journey I wish I had taken along time ago.
    I had been going through the motions in life doing a job I hate simply for the salary. I’ve been applying to other companies in vain despite my qualifications, then one day out of nowhere God gave me this divine business idea and I remembered Anthony Wahome saying that one of the benefits of giving is that God gives you divine ideas. I am now realising that the reason I was not getting call backs for interviews and the reason I had started resenting my job so much is because God had bigger plans for me.
    After praying and fasting about it for some time, I still felt God telling me to trust Him and I am now letting Him be the lamp upon my feet and the light to my path. On my day of fast He spoke to me in many ways and as I was reading Purpose Driven Life, I came across the chapter on Shaped for Serving God which says that “..figure out what you love to do – what God gave you a heart to do – and then do it for his glory”. I handed in my resignation letter at a well paying job on Monday and some think I’m crazy when I tell them that I’m obeying God and trusting that He will bless the works of my hand if I remain faithful to me. I am so excited about this Month’s series cause it’s just driving the point further home. Pastor M. I know I’ll be one of the testimonies in this Church…watch this space cause if God be for us, who dare be against us. God bless you and the good work you’re doing at Mavuno


  10. carol your response to God is wonderful to hear about. Even the the fact you quit trusting God is a testimony already. Not many would make the step please keep the blog updated we shall be praying for you.


  11. “It’s not who I am but WHOSE I am”. That’s just what I needed to hear this Sunday. Excellent stuff Pastor M – looking forward to the next sermons as I embark on the journey to my true North.


  12. Finally after saying we needed to talk i go onto the blog again. I suddenly felt confused and overwhelmed after the sermon. I was at a crossroads of sorts asking myself what i wanted with life then you delivered the sermon. It all unfolded on Tuesday at my small group meeting. My team members keep saying i amaze them sometimes, i send them mail then i send a follow up mail on the same item and they say its like i have my own conversation with myself and they’re on copy – they’ve accepted me like that – where can you get such honesty – guys join a small group. Back to today’s last sermons business you had left me in a rut but its all cleared up now. We were asking each other how do you get to know your purpose and how do you hear God speaking to you or showing you direction. As we were deliberating on this i got the answer. I remember sharing with them and saying i’ve figured that its all about obedience and submission. Reason being if i am Obedient and i’ve submitted to God i will choose to do what is right and I will forever consult with Him in everything i do and I believe He will never lead me astray. Thats it. I took your sermon and the series for last month with Pastor S and i had a very clear picture. I’ve finally realised that yes i was given the ability to make choices but i was also given the Bible and the word to use as a foundation for everything in my life including my relationships, my work, my calling everything and its 100%. We can accomplish tons of successes but we are empty because we are not doing what we were meant to do – why is someone in a job they dont like its becaus it was about rent, or a big car or the golf club membership we wanted, God was not consulted. I am walking with the Lord in Obedience and i am sure sooner than later i will shout BINGO and it will be all there in black and white. I will not be an Elijah asking God why me I will listen i will follow and I will have purpose in Life. Thank you Pastor M. You’re a blessing and we are blessed.


  13. Pastor m can i bring wet wipes to cool your faces up there on the pulpit.My purpose for this week


  14. I used to wonder….which church will i take my kids to, which church will they grow upi in and a few months ago i got my anwswer when i came to mavuno and took my 3 yr old to sunday school, her very first school experience, i stood at the door expecting her to cry or ask to go with me but she forgot i was even there, so i slowly walked towards the dome. When i picked her up afterwards, she was happy and seemed to have adjusted so well….thanks to the teachers there. Every sunday that she has been there she has learnt something new, my little angel is growing up well!!
    I hadnt been to church in a while coz of many reasons, of course laziness was one!! One friday i came to mavuno, loved it and haven’t looked back since. I didnt feel alienated, or too sinful to be there, no one gave me a holier than thou attitude. its perfect!
    The money series was great, I can personally testify that tithing does make a huge difference, my bro had always told me to tithe but my excuse was i cant afford it!! well now…i cant afford not to tithe!! How dare I not say thanks to God, how dare I rob Him?!! I had been tithing for a few months before the money series and what i had learnt was reinforced by the teachings i got at Mavuno.
    This months series is already having an impact on my family. My hubby works alot and hard, several times i have asked him to spare some time for me and the kids… which he would respond…would you rather i spend time with you and not work? why do u think i work so hard? dont you know its for you and the kids…..a big sigh and i would leave him to his work.
    so he would work…we would miss him but i never gave up, it was tempting to give up and say marry your work but as hard as it was i hang in there and this sunday Pastor M was talking to him, not directly but via his sermon. am sure we will see some changes.
    Its been hard but the one thing that has kept me sane is constant prayer. I have learnt to sing praises even when my heart is totally against praising! That uplifts me, raises my spirits and calms me down. I have come from anger to telling God..its in Your hands now, deal with it, this battle is not mine and you know what…it works!! Trust and Faith, its a learning process, but on the way there God always comes though.
    I told God my hubby is in His hands and i have seen Him work. I have seen Him protect Him for thugs on the way home, from unscrupulpus businessmen and I know He will continue to guide him.
    I’m glad we hava a church that is truly God driven, centred on helping each individual to find their own purpose as we grow into fearless influencers!
    I am not my own person, I am God’s special child!
    Mavuno is truly a blessing.
    God bless you all.


  15. Wow, loving all the great testimonies. Keep them coming! To all who are walking in faith towards your purpose, much grace and wisdom on you. Am excited Emily about your travel companions – sounds like you’re in a great life group! And you’re right on about God’s word being our road-map to purpose.

    Matthew, thanks for your concern and newly-found purpose 🙂 To Carol and all the others who are taking some risk because of something you sense God is leading you to, may God give you much peace and wisdom this month, and may His word continue to guide you and give you alignment to His true north for your life. And just to affirm you d.o for your attitude in a difficult situation. I encourage you to continue to work on yourself and to pray for your hub. May God give you grace and victory in your relationship!


  16. Dear Pastor M,

    When I got home on Sunday and started reflecting on the sermon about our purpose, our and our travel companions, I started to ask myself what my purpose in life is. Its strange how we can trod along life’s journey without discovering our purpose in life. It is sad what we hear that the cemetery is very rich in resources. Whenever I see Kanji on stage worshipping God, I know for a fact that He is where God wants him to be and he has discovered His purpose. That is what I want for myself. Every day I pray that I will discover my purpose. I am hungry for God and to be used for Him, I want to be where He wants me to be because I know that my heart will be satisfied when my will is aligned to Gods. That is my prayer today – that I will find my purpose and that my will will be alighned with Gods.


  17. I am enjoying the series like many others before but I am concerned.

    Of late, I feel like the church leadership is highlighting more of Mavuno Church than of God. Of course, the church is a crucial cog in the wheel that drives people to God but we must never lose focus of WHO we are children of. While I also appreciate that a lot of people have met God and experienced things they never thought possible in their lives, let’s be careful not to over-glorify the fellowship at the expense of the Father.


  18. Christine, that’s a great prayer. And a good place for your heart to be. I believe God delights in answering prayers like that. Keep at it and watch what he does. David, I’ll definately reply to that concern on Sunday. Keep it locked! Pastor M


  19. Am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that you cannot be in Mavuno and remain the same. When we moved 3 yrs ago, i was merely a church-gower, a routine i kept, slowly i began implementing the lessons & now am a completely different person. Am not there yet, but am not what I used to be (my friends will attest to this) Being in a lifegroup, sch of prayer my growth has accelerated and it’s time to serve in earnest- for there I know, I will realise my destiny. Thank You very must Pst M, Pst S, Pst Linda and Team Mavuno. Have no doubt that you are impacting this generation and changing lives to the glory of God. I am praying for you.


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