The Power of Submission

To submit is to yield self to the authority, power and will of another.

1 Samuel 24: 1 – 10

Submission precedes honor!

  • Submit at home (Ephesians 6:1-3)
  • Submit at work (Ephesians 6:5-9)
  • Submit to civic authorities (Romans 13)
  • Submit at church (Hebrews 13:17)
  • Submit to God

Week of Honor
Who will you honor this week?


19 Responses to “The Power of Submission”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Am excited!it was my first day n u were spot going to join mavuno church,wil submit to my boss n see how it works


  2. Simply me.. Says:

    Today was certainly an eye-opener. The question about submitting to the boss is very important, but can be quite tricky, like walking on egg-shells. Captain Simon, a question came to my mind during the few minutes discussion. Not that I go through this, but I think it’s important to ask for the benefit of many people in similar situations.

    How does one handle a boss who’s asking you to do something that isn’t morally or ethically correct? For example, how do you deal with a situation like your boss asking you to “sort out” authorities like corrupt KRA or City Council officials, who always come for bribes due to delayed tax returns, late license renewals, or any other thing that may be morally wrong? This squarely puts one between a stone and a hard place. If you don’t obey, the company gets fined heavily, among very many other potential risks, and I can assure you the boss won’t show you his teeth! You’ll just feel his bite, as he slowly but surely injects the venom in your skin! Are you still supposed to submit to such things?


  3. Capt. S,
    Thank you for sharing the messages this month. We are working on a construction project at work and my boss has a different opinion from mine about a certain aspect of the design concept. Since I am on the ground and relate with the customers more frequently than he does I thought that I was wiser in making the decision. However, yesterday as I listened to the sermon I was convicted to submit to his authority in this matter. As I reflected back on my work life I realized that I have been honored and promoted many times just because I’ve submitted to my bosses and had a teachable spirit. So, thank you again for that timely reminder.


  4. In my office, i have a signage that says”never hold an opinion about people who are assigned to lead you in life” but i sometimes i find myself holding “Justifiable opinions” Pastor S that sermon hit me like a tonne of bricks!!! God has called me to submit to authority even if i do not like it. I just realised it is only through Christ that we can do the things you preached about this month. Pride, Unforgiveness, ungratefulness and rebellion is so much easier coz we were formed in iniquity. Humility, gratefulness, forgiveness and submission we can only do with the help of the Holy spirit. Thank you Pastor Mbevi, this month i have been truly blessed. For once in my life i am truly enjoying being a born again. Thank you for the advise you gave me on forgiving my dead father last week. I did it by faith…it was not easy but again that is when i call on the Holyspirit to help. God bless you Pastor.


  5. I jus wana say THANKYOU for just being you this month,THANKYOU for being such a mighty blessing in my life and to many other peoples lives, may God give an overflow of blessings to you and your family.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    So I come to Church on Sunday with attitute, sorry ATTITUDE… I had just read the sermon title a few hours before I came to Church and I sort of hard a rough idea the issues you would address in the sermon and so I sit through the sermon. And it was on this very day that I didnt have my pack of tissues that the tears begun. Never have I been so broken…

    My heart broke as I thought of the things I had done… how much I had rebelled against authority, how my head was swollen with pride, bitterness and revenge. I had never thought of it that way.

    All I can say is that I am grateful for the prayer tent… I could cry, receive the prayer and counselling that I needed at that very hour and God has continued to minister to my situation.

    Captain S, may the good Lord bless you for your frankness – it was astounding to say the least.


  7. Hi all. Good feedback, God bless u all as you apply God’s word.
    ‘Simply me’ raised an important point. The limit of submission is sin/what is wrong and destructive behavior. God’s authority is the highest – so any other instruction that contradicts that should not be obeyed. That takes care of the moral and ethical issues.
    In family situation, a wife will not submit to adultery and violence – that must be confronted. David confronted Saul’s wickedness, was submissive but didn’t stay at home to be killed.
    I agree it can be tricky, but one would rather lose a job or a marriage than condone sin


  8. Hi all. Good feedback, God bless u all as you apply God’s word.
    ‘Simply me’ raised an important point. The limit of submission is sin/what is wrong and destructive behavior. God’s authority is the highest – so any other instruction that contradicts that should not be obeyed. That takes care of the moral and ethical issues.
    In family situation, a wife will not submit to adultery and violence – that must be confronted. David confronted Saul’s wickedness, was submissive but didn’t stay at work and wait to be slain in the name of submission.
    I agree it can be tricky, but one would rather lose a job or a marriage than condone sin


  9. Hey pastor s. Thanks for clarifying that. It was the subject of debate at ekklesia. May God continue His work in you. You are much appreciated.


  10. I shared this story with members of my class, and thought I should share it with you who visits the blog too.

    I have always told people and advised young people that they should honor there parents. and I thought I was doing that since I wasn’t fighting with my parents or my colleagues at work.

    During Sunday’s sermon i got really distrubed thinking about my dad. God revealed to me that the relationship I had with my father wasnt what He expected between parents and children.

    My father left the family awhile back shortly after receiving his retirement package. Growing up i had witnessed and been part of alot of domestic violence, so when he left it was good riddance from me.

    Ever since, we dont fight, we dont talk much either until and unless he visits. during which then i will do my duty of sitting and pretending to be interested in what he says…while counting the minutes until he is done.

    During the service I kept hearing “you have to call your father, for this healing to be complete”

    I didn’t call him, infact i went home and tried to sleep because I was feeling a little tired having just come back from trip out of town. after about 2 hours of trying to sleep (kept waking up, feeling very restless).

    I decided to send my father a text message requesting forgiveness for all the things i have said and done that have hurt him.

    Feeling a little better, went back to sleep. after an hour I woke up to the sound of my phone. It was a message from my father, and He had sent a message saying that he forgave all and commends me to God for pardon, remission & absolution of all my sins. and he also prayed that God would bless me indeed.

    My relationship has never been good with my father from an early age….. this is one of the nicest things he has said to me in a long time. and if feels great.

    When a pastor friend told me God is moving you from where you are to a place where you will receive a different kind of word…….i doubt even he knew exactly how different the words / sermon i have heard since I joined Mavuno would be and the impact they would have on my life.

    God Bless you all


  11. Wow, Pastor S, you have really given us a lot to think through this entire month, last sunday was great, I think I am just rebellious by nature and submitting to authority has never been easy for me, after your sermon with God’s help obviously I decided to actually change and learn to obey those in aithority wether at work or at home. So on Monday I was talking to my workmates about submitting to authority and when I told them about wives submitting they all burst out laughing cause they couldnt see me submitting to a husband!!! Anyhowz Pastor s, barikiwa sana and thanks for reminding us of what is expected of us.


  12. Capt. S…. Sunday’s sermon was so powerful and it goes to show how we’re/am not submissive. (May the Lord have mercy.) It has helped me realize what submitting is. Mavuno has great teachings and all I can ask the congregation is to continue praying for our leaders and their families. Indeed God is good.


  13. Good afternoon Pastor S,

    I’ve finally found my way into the blog again. I’d tried to stay away for at least 2 weeks but it cant happen. Its not God’s intention. Last weeks sermon on Submission got me spot on. I’m not “rebellious” i’m what they used to call “a silent criminal” in school. Last week I took a day off on Friday from work to actually get away from a situation where i needed to submit – my pride (which needs to change to humility very fast) does not allow me to be submissive. I was fighting with a superior in the office and as much as i knew they were on the wrong i was not about to be the one to step back. I was trying to force him to see the light so i opted to stay away from them for a couple of days so that he could get it straight in the head and realise they were in my territory and i had the final say. Little did i know you were waiting for me in Church. By the time you finished i knew i was on the wrong path i had to come back to work, humble myself and send mail asking for a meeting at their own time to go through the situation again. The tone of my email and my respecting their position changed their tone towards me and we are not fighting but talking like grown ups. I am challenged by authority whether above me or below me and i proved this to myself on Sunday an hour after leaving church. I went for lunch with a friend of mine and while driving out the gate the watchman is asking me to hurry up as he is holding traffic on the road. Believe it or not and i am so embarassed by this i actually told him i didnt ask him to hold up traffic for me. Dont We forget too easily. My friend asks me in the car – where did we just come from and what did we just learn? I was torn into small little pieces on the inside. I’ve gone down on my knees so many times this month and i need to stay there for quite a while. All i am asking now is whats in it for us in the November series? I’ve been in for a rude shock thinking i was a very good person but i realise that i have REAL ISSUES. If it wasnt about God believe you me I’d have known its over for me – our God is a faithful God and I will believe and trust for transformation through the word. I am a woman after His own heart and I know i will get there as long as i remain steadfast and fixated on the goal of salvation and faithfullness. Thank you again and God Bless.


  14. haleluyah!
    i am trying out the submission to everyone this week and the response i am getting is…. “what have you eaten?”and others ask “what are you up to?”
    it feels good to just be nice with no agenda behind the goodness,i am praying i keep the attitude of submission for ever.
    thank you and God bless


  15. Oh draw me Lord
    Oh draw me Lord
    Oh draw me Lord
    And I’ll run after You

    Lyrics by Selah.

    Thank you mavuno church. People are real here. I feel like am in my second home.

    The sermons are life changing and very much applicable in my daily life.

    God’s blessing on everyone.


  16. Hallo Cpt. S.
    It has been a month session at Fundi wa mbao’s workshop; to echo kanji.
    God has been taking Israel out of my character, its kinda painfull but for my own good. Character transformation, Now I pray Christ sends the holly spirit with sand paper. God bless you all.


  17. Hi Pastor S

    God is surely speaking to me about submission, right now am not in the place I want to be but I have surely changed from who I was. Pray 4 me especially for submission at work, it’s been a real struggle.

    Thanks 4 letting God use you.


  18. WOW!! i thought the dark side of greatness was heavy…this has been the mother of them all. For a married woman, it has been a breaking and most humbling journey since i heard the message of submission. It has brought to question everything i do and i cant seem to figure this new revelation. Pray that this message changes our marriage and how we relate with our husbands and that we have joy in the call to submit to them in a way that pleases God. Captain S, thank you for letting God use you to transform lives , marriages and relationships basically. God bless


  19. Dear Capt. Simon,
    i visited Mavuno church for the first time on Sunday 26/10/2008 when the roads were blocked for the Stanchart Marathon. You were talking on Attitude for Altitude on the subject of Submission. My my my…. I wept after the sermon. I felt like i had failed totally. I have undergone a rough time at work but i felt if i had the knowledge you imparted on us that day, i could have handled things better. I know God has forgiven me because my heart was totally broken. I was among those who came to pray with you after the service and you said the lord was telling you that there was going to be a turn around in my situation. I have witnessed some kind of respectiful treatment, i am being accomodated, depended on and listened to and although i am yet to see my job restored, for next year, i am confident that things are going to turn out even better for me. Thank you for preaching on real issues because life is really made of such. May
    you continue praying with me for Gods purpose in my life to be fulfilled and for a restoration of my job that i have been told is abolished effective 31st of December this year.
    May God bless you as much as you ahve blessed me.


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