The Gift Of Gratitude

Great paradigm-shifting sermon by Pst. Simon on Gratitude this past Sunday. Here are the ppt sermon notes.

And by the way, quite a few people have been asking us about guidelines on tithing. Here’s a chapter from the Mizizi course that we hope you find helpful. You can also refer to some of the recommended books listed on the blog below.

God bless… Keep those gratitude stories coming!


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  1. at the risk of sounding cliche, i will go on and say that this sunday’s sermon saved my relationship with my boyfriend. we are both recent young believers (who discovered Jesus during the break) and despite having Jesus in our lives, things were still abit strained and shaky. i had purposed to break it off once and for all after church and after the sermon we both agreed to give it a hearty and concerted shot. Pastor S gave us a valuable life lesson…gratitude unlocks blessing! we have been practicing this coupled with appreciation and prayers for one another. things are much different now and we are relating in such a different and better way since then (praise Jesus!). bottom line, the relationship i have with my sweets is nothing short of a testimony on so many many level. Jesus is the lord of our lives and we are living pure lives and striving to focus and love God first so that we can learn how to love each other. it’s not as perfect as i make it to be but we are headed there alright.
    really looking forward to the rest of the sermons. God bless you pastor S.


  2. Thanks WCN, am so glad to hear that story. God bless u and the relationship, and take you to new levels


  3. a gal with ATT Says:

    hi Capt S
    the past few months have been quite dificult for me coz every time i come to church its like the passie was asked to preach about me and i have had to do some seriousl soul searching. this months sermon on attitude is surely about me. i am one of those with serious ATT issues and sunday’s sermon was a real prod up the behind. Am in the process of being retrenched and before the sermon i was really bitter but this week i have tried to sa thank you , to not have negative thought about people and tobe more cheerful. i still feel the retrenchment is unfair but at this week practicing an atttude of gratitude mainly to God has made me see that i have so much more opportunity for growth and creativity in the new year without the encumberance of being enslaved to my paycheck. its going to be a huge act of faith but i pray for the right attitude
    thanks captain S and your crew


  4. Hi gal with ATT,
    Thx for sharing. I am sure that God has a great plan for u. He who takes care of the birds of the air and the flowers in the field will surely take care of u – for u are of greater worth! Keep the att right and greater things are in store! Blessings


  5. Hi Pastor S,
    I have attended Mavuno Church for about 1 month from another church. I have been blessed by the sermons, real sermons to real people with issues. Its is true that my attitude determines my altitute!! I actually thought you are a pilot by profession until I read the bulletin. I was touched by the way you appreciated your wife by washing her feet. Not many Kenyan men would do that. I’m older in numbers but young at heart. Mavuno Church is an ideal Church. God bless you.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! “the gift of gratitude” It was jana at around 4.45pm wen i opened my comp to read my mails just to find my bro whom we’ve not talked for nearly a year now, e-mailed on Sunday 12th after Pastor S read the wonderful testimonies of many families & relations being healed after obeying what the Spirit of God required each one of us to do to at least three people by Wednesday 8th. I chose to obey and thanked my bro so so much for the many years he was a true brother, caring & supportive. The thank u’s were too many to quote to him one by one. On opening the mail from him I couldn’t believe him asking 4 forgiveness. He had actually messed me badly financially to an extend that I could not pay tithe neither fare to go to Church. The rest is history.

    I believe that God is healing our family and bring unity, love etc which was there before.

    Pastor S, God is using u a time like this wen many families, relationships are broken to bring healing. There is Power in 4giveness.



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