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Starting this coming Sunday, Pastor… oops… Captain Simon Mbevi takes us through a brand new series ‘Attitudes For Altitude’. Please invite all your friends!


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  1. When you mentioned Jesus turned water into wine because the water was there… that got me waking up. Coz at some point I kept asking how do I start getting richer slowly. I actually have some resources that I have not utilized for no apparent reason.
    Another thing for us entrepreneurs, the tithing issue sometimes I think its clear sometimes am not sure
    I am doing it right. Can we have some guidelines? for the budget guideline can we have something too? …


  2. Kudos to pastor S for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way, i was so blessed and challenged at the same time, have been going round the circles for some time now, nothing seems to work out i hate my job and on the process i got so much frustrated and bitter with every one and everybody, am now trusting God to change my attitude.


  3. Your sermon this Sunday was a blessing. I have struggled for so long with hatred and bitterness towards my relatives on my maternal side.For so long these people treated my family as outcasts and bad mounthed us since we were not as financially sound as they were.(The Lord has been good to us and things are looking up for us).I have carried this bitterness in my heart for so long ,to an extent that I snob my relatives when I bump into them on the streets.To add insult to injury,I questioned my relatives christianity…I called them the plastics(for pretenders).
    Yesterdays sermon was an eye opener.I am quite grateful for experiencing this at a tender age.I now have a gift of discernment.Further still all these negative comments about us made me and my sisters work hard and excel.I thank God,though I still feel I need to work on my attitude towards my relatives .I need to forgive them and set myself free so I can soar to greater heights and release to God in prayer.


  4. Pastor S,

    You could not have said it better about Gratitude. I am totally and forever grateful for being in church last Sunday. It dawned on me that the people I have never been grateful or said thank you to are my own parents. The reason I have not done this is because I blamed them for the way my life turned out – not that i’m not doing well at least in the eyes of the world (i’m a HOD in a listed company) but because i was turned not only into an insurance policy for the family but as counsellor for my parents through the difficult and violent marriage and as a go between for mum and dad as well as being the official ATM. I dread seeing my mum or dad calling me as they have never been bearers of good news. Its always who did what to the other or we need money or your brother needs money etc., and this is since i turned 18 earning a 4 figure salary to now when i’m 38 earning a six figure salary. On sunday i realised if it wasnt for them and the education and values they gave me i would not be where i am today. I realised that their hurt and pain which i shared has made me a strong person and it made me leave an abusive relationship with a child because i knew what that comes with since i as i watched my mum battered for life. I understand that my family story of riches to rags taught me how to be self reliant and try to make sure that i did not end up in the streets. As we all say in every bad thing there is good that comes out of it. Believe it or not i spent the night in bed crying; because i did send money to my parents and help them in time of need not because i cared but because it was expected of me. I’ve been paying school fees for my step brother whom i never even want to hear mentioned for all the wrong reasons because i want him to have the education to take over the burden i have for my father and because i know the call to ask me to pay will come anyway. Out of five siblings i am the one who is called despite having 2 elder siblings and i keep asking why – i have never realised it was a blessing. I even decided never to get married out of my parents marriage life and that was wrong. I realised they had been a burden in my life not a joy and it was painful. I asked for prayer during our mizizi retreat two weeks ago for my parents and i’ve been praying for them since but last Sunday was a big blow and icing on the cake its like a continuation of prayer and counselling. In the evening as i got onto bed i switched onto Hope FM and what was the message it was about gratitude and honoring your parents – God was talking to me very very clearly. I did say a prayer and i asked God to forgive me for this. By the time i slept i had this plan to make a trip back home to actually go see my folks although separated and just share a time of laughter and thanks giving. Believe it or not before the night ended my mum had called to ask me how i was and today at 4pm my dad also called me and we talked for 20 minutes yes about my step brothers school fees but i did extend it and asked how he was and he opened up asked me about my son and asked that i visit him with his grandson – he’s never asked for me to do that. I’ve not had a coversation with him that lasted more than 4 minutes in years. Its always been hi how are you and then the problem and solution process begins. I am making peace with myself and reconciling with my parents and building a relationship that is based on gratitude and selflessness. Thank You Pastor S. God Bless Mavuno! Im in the right place last month i made a resolution to start walking to work and stop spending unnecessary money on fuel since my office is 4 minutes away from work. Now Im reconciling and healing with my parents. I feel like telling God to just bring it on – I am ready and i’m being moulded into his servant and disciple and its by choice which i am grateful for. Im flying like an eagle. My facebook status has been reading ‘Great is thy Faithfullness’ since Sunday as i realise the Lord is taking every step with me. Thank you; thank you thank you and Praise be to God!!


  5. Hi Emily, Regina and Carol. Am excited to read these stories… May the good Lord finish the work he has started in you and the family as you press on with the gift of gratitude! Am convinced, that “Gratitude unlocks Blessings” Let more of his good blessings follow u all.


  6. I opened this blog to make a submission on my take out from Captain Simon’s message on Sunday and what did I find? … Emily’s submission. I am amazed by her testimony. Today I felt the need to fast and pray for my family and friends and Emily, you have certainly been added to my prayer list. I commit to interceding for you concerning your family situation and also concerning the way you bring up your son-I am a single mum myself. Thank you so much for being a blessing to me today.

    One of the people I have communicated my gratitude to this morning is my mother-I grew up hating her because I thought she was too hard on me. But that great woman of God brought me up in the way of the Lord-and yes along the way I went off on a tangent-but she never stopped praying and I found my way back. Now I have my own children and all I can say is Praise God for my mum.

    I look at myself right now and all I can say is ‘LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE’ I am so grateful to Him


  7. sparklingjewels Says:

    I am sending you a link to my blog, the story there was shared with me on Saturday and i was really encouraged. When i came to church on Sunday…… I kept praising God because I knew HE must have sent her ahead to prepare me to receive Pastor S message.

    And if you have any stories to share with us that would inspire other Christians, please send them to me


  8. sparklingjewels Says:

    Hello Emily,

    I share in your story, and praise God that the sermon on sunday finally opened your eyes to God’s purpose for your life.

    Am like you in many ways, am a first born, and have taken care of the family since i was 18. and prior to that from age 12 i was the family defender against my father.

    God saved me at age 11, and when i turned 23 i had an opportunity to review what i have gone through and came to the realization that i was called to service.. and not just any service, but service to my family.

    I can bet that you have a strong personality, you have the kind of voice/ tone of voice that people sometimes call harsh, but they still want to listen to. you have an unmatched reasoning capacity and whether you are a genius or average student, you seem to know alot more than others.

    combine that with the fact that unlike many people you actually got a job at age 18 and you can surely be grateful for the role God has given you.

    God picked you for leadership, you will always be a leader and what better training ground than the people closest to you.

    My prayer for you is that God will surround you with ministers and members of the christian fraternity that will help recognize his purpose and continuously encourage you.

    Secret: the minute you forgive your family members, you get release, you feel lighter and closer to God and in my situation, It was almost as if I now had more resources for my family and myself.

    God Bless you

    Phyllis Migwi


  9. wow!
    i am grateful to God for his mercy,i am grateful to the Pastoral care of Mavuno church,Thank you Molly and the Mizizi leaders who could stand me when i was doing mizizi your patience was heavenly and i thank God for your prayers because one year later…. i am still here, with testimonies to share without fear,
    in this one year i have seen my mom and sisters being born again and able to forgive,my dad on the way to become saved,my other sister totaly healed of a disease the doctors could not treat and had bad reports to give everytime we visited hospital, and everyone in the family of people who believed they got everything together sending prayer requests in different situations affecting them and with the mustard seed faith prayers i have seen God changing their situations ….
    haleluyah to the Lord of Host and I thank God for the Mavuno Church


  10. what a sermon “Gratitide unblocks blessin” to be honest since i started attandin mavuno i have neva heard pastor Simon preach and i was abit skeptical at first when i heard he was taking us through the sermon i was like ….i must confess its the best sermon ever at mavuno church that i have ever attended.i never forget to say thankyou, please en its really makin a difference believ you me!!!


  11. Thank you pastor S.
    The message was deep! It was amazing to experience how the holy spirit can takeover in what seem to be ordinary.
    Whoever sat next to me might have wondered. I sobbed sobbed and sobbed as i thought who to list, you said we list 3 but my list is endless of ppl i should be gratefull to, as i write am still doing the list, calling, texting and mailing, nevertheless,over the long weekend ahead i will do thank you visits.
    Thanks again


  12. Papa Shango Says:

    IT WORKS!!! I immediately jumped into my car after the 1200 flight and zoomed home to wash my wifes feet. Despite having the look on her face of ” Are you Mad’ she agreed to cook my favorite dinner. Pastor Mbevi, thanks for giving me back my ‘game’, it is 4:30 in on Sunday afternoon and dinner is on its way. We should talk about you being my Human resource manager.


  13. Papa Shango,
    LOL, that was funny, but enyewe great things happen when we appreciate our women, I’m definitely going to do something that demonstrates humility to my wife.

    The only way up is down!


  14. Kanyottu kevin Says:

    Yaani Pastor S,sijui i say what bana. One of the most humbling thing i saw in my last 29 yrs of life was you washing mama Covenant on stage.It so made me realize the part of scripture about loving my wife as Christ loved the Church. As practical it was washing Sophie’s feet ,it became metaphorical to me that as long as i live i shall wash my wife Shiku’s feet too.
    I have purposed to honor,serve and be faithful to her forever and i believe that pride of humility will follow me all the days of my life.Thanks for opening Men’s eyes and mine too.


  15. Hi pastor Simon.I usually don’t blog,but I have to tell you that is one of the most inspiring and convicting sermons I’ve ever heard.I just pray I never forget the lesson on humility.Thank you,and thanks to the whole pastoral team.We really appreciate what you are doing.God bless.


  16. Thanks guys, I am soo glad to hear your responses. May God make us the humble men that will be the pride of our wives, the glory of society and the song of our kids.
    The way up is down!


  17. Thanks Pastor S, for the Humility wake up call. I can sum it all up in one quote:-

    There are two types of people – those who come into a room and say,

    “Well, here I am!” and those who come in and say, “Ah, there you are.” ~Frederick L. Collins

    That does it for me.


  18. Hi Mavuno members I just moved into the neighbourhood and had the opportunity to vsit your church on sunday and what a blessing it was, I am a member in another church but I was so blessed with the sermon and made up my mind immediately that that will be the church of my choice.

    I pray for you all in the ministerial capacity that God will continue to bles you and encourage you in the work that he has called you to do. I am looking forward to next sunday and many more sundays to come have a blessed week and God mightly bless you and keep you


  19. Mama Mwende Says:

    Hi Pastor Simon, this is Regina -Twin Cities MN listening to your sermon series for October, I am so blessed and thanks to all Mavunites, especially your webmaster for keeping us on the loop!

    My daughter Elizabeth tells me that she’d a blast with your kids at Sarit last weekend! what a treat that was!

    May the Lord bless you, and may He continue to revive His work at Mavuno! In Jesus name.

    Oh and by the way I also got to listen to Antony Wahome, he led me to the Lord through a CU meeting with John Munga at Kaaga Girls almost 16 years ago! KEEP SOWING THE SEED (WORD), It shall profit for those the father has chosen and preordained to be the heirs of His promise.



  20. Mama Mwende Says:

    This is my antidote;

    “Pride is like a beard, it has to be shaved everyday!”

    Twin Cities, MN, USA


  21. Pastor S. Thank you for a lovely flight. i must say this is the best one i have taken so far. Vengeance by Forgiveness- now that is a tall order. I was in a relationship that ended in a break up, and my little unborn love. Forgiving my ex is something I have been trying to do, but I keep missing my target. I think i am better able to let go now, though I still think it wil take sometime to clean my heart of all the bile! Do pray for me.

    I keep wonderting about the Lord’s prayer, ‘ forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us..’ is it then a prerequisite to forgive for me to be forgiven? Food for thought people. be blessed. May God give us hearts that are pliable.


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