Live Like No One Else…

Wow… what a phenomenal weekend! We finally ended the ‘Financial Fitness’ series – with a bang! On Friday night, Mr Kibby Kariithi gave us an eye-opening, mind-boggling and extremely challenging talk that helped us learn how to invest in difficult times. Here are the notes.

And then on Saturday and Sunday, we had the first Harvest Money Fair… with a wide array of financial advisors from different financial institutions. They were there to give the Mavuno congregation and our community at large all kinds of advise to help us get financially fit. The Cash Flow ® tent was packed as many came to play the game for the first time and left with a greater awareness of their financial situation! And then Pastor Muriithi concluded the series with a powerful message ‘Get Rich Slowly‘.

What a great month of learning! Please let us know if and how the series impacted you. God bless and have a great week!


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  1. The September Sermon Series hit me between the eyes from the very first sermon. The first sermon set the foundation for everything I need to know and do about money – He Owns I Manage. With this perspective my focus has needed to shift from what to do with MY MONEY to LORD HOW DO I INVEST YOUR RESOURCES. I am a work in progress.

    I am also one who can testify that Debt Does Destroy Destiny. I am working hard to pay off a debt I should never had taken as I see know that I denied God the opportunity to provide for me miraculously. The chains of debt held me back from taking up great opportunities. I am believing God for freedom from debt over the next 12months. Words of prophesy and encouragement have been given to me and I know God will see me through.

    The Harvest Nights have been both encouraged and challenged me. To be an Abundant Thinker, A Kingdom Giver and Builder and to trust God to give me the resources He knows I need to deploy for the work for which He has called me.

    I am trusting God for a transformational change based on His Word which does not return to Him void. My wife and I are making changes and trusting God to give us the wind assistance that we need. I am working hard not to beat myself for the many mistakes I have made but as Paul said forgetting what is behind to press on. I know that I will share a testimony of God’s Goodness for even now the lessons are truly a gift from Him. Painful yes but a gift all the same. I am thankful to Pastor M for being thus used of the Lord and all who spoke during the Harvest Nights. As Kibby prayed so do I that God will place me in the Centre Of His Will. Faith and obedience are the key.

    God Bless You All


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