Finally! Here are the notes for last Sunday’s sermon. Also the budget worksheet – which is in pdf format.

Tonight we come to the end of our 2008 Harvest Night Series. Mr Kibby Kariithi, CEO of City Finance Bank and director of many organizations including Ashbhu Securities Ltd and publicly traded Centum Investment Co Ltd will be sharing on ‘How To Invest In Uncertain Times’. This is certainly an appropriate title for the financial times we live in today!

And then tommorow, beginning 10am at the Dome, we have our first ever Harvest Fair, where different financial institutions will be offering services and advise that will help you become financially fit.

Do we need to say this? You have just got to be there!


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  1. This must be the best thing yet. The very matter has been a sore spot in out marriage and this series has shed so much light and helped us be able to break it down into something practical. It’s like how do u put an elephant into the fridge? (you cut into pieces and fit it in! at least that’s the most practical way!! unless you have an elephant size fridge)
    I know that our lives will never be tha same again and you just opened the gates of fortune and prosperity for us. we run a business together and you have given us such enormous perspective on money matters. I can’t thank Mavuno enough! But all that I am and all I can do, is say thank you and go and do that which you have richly blessed my life and my family’s with. Watch this space, we will be singing from roof-tops of God’s bessings!! Thank you Mavuno!! Thank you!!


  2. Hi Mavuno,

    It has been two months since i became a member of Mavuno and the short period has seen me change alot-for the better. There are some aspects of my personality and lifestlyle(those that prevented me from becoming what God wants me to be) that are really finding it hard residing in me.

    Thank you Mavuno and i continue to be, a Mavuno Family Member.

    God Bless you.


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