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Here are some great resource books about money that are available for sale at our Granary bookstore outside the Dome every Sunday this month. If you haven’t read them, they are highly recommended!

A timeless classic on money, narrated in the form of an easy-to-read fable. A ‘must’ read!

Randy Alcorn’s ‘The Treasure Principle’ – A great little book about how to develop a generous lifestyle that leaves a lasting legacy

Randy Alcorn’s classic, ‘Money, Possessions & Eternity’ – a money textbook that looks at every aspect of money from a Christian perspective. Definitely the reference book you want to have around as you educate yourself and others around you about money!

One other one is Dennis Tongoi’s ‘Mixing God With Money’. What’s great about this one is that it’s by a local Christian author and so there are lots of contextual examples, making it a very relevant and applicable read. Also, chapter 8 of Mizizi is all about money.

We’d love to hear your comments on any of the above if you’ve read them, or other money books you’ve found useful. God bless!


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  1. steve kariuki Says:

    Hi, av read the book “God’s Business” by Myron Rush. This is a good read especially for Christian Business people. Its available at Nu Metro.



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