Debt Destroys…

Here are the notes for Sunday’s sermon ‘Digging Out Of The Hole‘. Also note that the CD’s with all the messages so far are ready and will be on sale both Friday evening and Sunday morning at the Dome. Have a phenomenal ‘gazelle intense’ week!


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  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey


  2. Where are the online messages???? I’ve been checking the website and the audio streaming is no longer on the home page.
    I may be missing it, please advice,


  3. wa wa wa! eeeeh!
    talk about debts….it is living a lie i personally lived that lie and for sure it is miserable business a chasing after the wind without winning a medal of course ,getting out of debt is refreshing and liberating as well.
    for those who are on their way out of debt may be this will help you the way it helped me.
    1.learn to save the little that you have
    2.dont spend your raise save it. off your debts one at a time even in small amounts…just pay it , (dawa ya deni ni kulipa tu acha kupoteza muda) by cash and avoid using credit cards it is the one thing that creates a debt burden faster because on top of the payment you make there is interest you accrue every month on the unpaid credit card bill
    5.have an investment plan, and start investing small and as you grow increase your capital ,growing one step at a time you dont have to become a Manu Chandaria overnight unless it is God led Growth
    I am grateful with this Jerusalem Church in Nairobi in the name of Mavuno
    And i cant stop saying
    Haiyaaaah,Wa wa wa! i am being delivered every day…
    Bwana asifiwe.


  4. Haiya! It’s so in my face i can’t believe it! I’ve always been afraid of debt but got into it as i conformed to what was happening around with everybody else as it seemed to make sense. I’ve been in the to borrow or not to debate for like forever with enough people with no sound conclusion…….
    Stuff has to make sense for me to stick with it so thanks Pastor M for providing exactly the reasons i need to steer clear of the ever-tempting “easy to get monies” .


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