He Owns, I Manage

Here are the notes for last Sunday’s sermon, ‘Why God Wants You To Be Rich‘. Remember to join us tonight, 6pm @ the Mavuno Dome, to interact with Mr. Anthony Wahome, CEO of Linksoft Communications, as he speaks to us about ‘The Power of Giving’. This is life-changing stuff that you don’t want to miss! Or not to invite everyone at your office! And then on Sunday, Pastor Muriithi continues our series with #2 ‘Digging Out of The Hole’. And… can’t wait to see what our friends at the Genesis Gym will be up to! LOL!


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  1. the last Sunday sermon was very torching to ma heart, I felt like I can give ma life to Christ again, cos I realized that I have the spirit of pride but I told God to transform me so that I will not raise ma neck[k up but to humble so that he may lift me up. Also the pussy demonstrated the humbleness to this wife, I wish all of our should copy the example, the whole world will be transformed. God bless mavuno and God bless you pastor S.


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