Overcoming your dark side

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  1. I must say that jana’s message was an eye opener for me in more ways than i can imagine. Christianity for me has been a constant battle, i do things that i dont want to do and when that happens i beat myself up and wonder how God can even look at me as filthy as i am. So i get back up again and attempt another time, only to fall back in the same pit. I have had the mis-conception that if i behave in a certain way and do a list of things, then i will be acceptable in His eyes. Funny thing is that i have never felt ” acceptable.” Now i understand that there is nothing i can do or say to make Him love me more or less, He loves me just as i am. With this in my heart i can now build a relationship with Him as He transforms me from the inside out. I must say this is a major AHA! moment for me.
    Thank you Pastor M and C.


  2. Faith Nkatha Says:

    Yaani, this sermon series rocks!. The temperament test was the best thing to do coz I know that I’m mainly Choleric with a sanguine act. When I got saved, I realised that my controlling nature and quick temperedness had to go. I came to discover my secondary temperament then – a sweet outgoing me who was friends with everyone (when in sight).

    What shocked me when I asked my friends to do my temperament test is that they consider me to be a Choleric – Argumentative, goal oriented and outspoken. It’s scary that one can see this even when I try to hide it.

    I only attended the last sermon but have just listened to all of them and I was so sad to see that I’ve hurt so many people in my life… my sensitive mel friends who call me daily and I put them off coz I’m bored of their daily small talk and some former boyfriends whom I’ve let go of so easily coz they express themselves in a very mushy way. It was good to listen to what other temperaments are about for me to be more sensitive to their concerns.

    As for my issues, they’re many… I’ve informed God of my plans for too long now and it’s a high time I started to go to God and ask for His plan then go for it. Submitting is always hard, especially when one thinks they can see their future.

    Thank you pastors M&C. You’re a blessing. Especially to know that a combination of two opposites can work so well with God’s leading.


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