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‘The Dark Side Of Greatness’

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  1. Hi Pastor M, yani this sermon was timely, especially for me. I did know whom I am but through this sermon, God has openned ma eyes to know ma self.. May the Almighty God bless you mightly and God bless Mavuno.Yani nijua we are fearless influencers However, When it came to the last bit of it how to apply, Jana I was hit when I was driving now in stead of calling the police I was asking what do we do. But I just remembered the sermon and I wanted to seek for immediate respond.Thanks so much for enlightening ma eyes.


  2. yegon boniface (bonny) Says:

    Thank you pastor M and C, You opened up my eyes to who I really am, I realize I am primarily a phlegmatic and that explains why I have had to go through things in my life. My primary hurdle in salvation is sexually related sins. As a phlegmatic, I tend to ‘understand’ people and therefore I rarely rebuke or criticize for wrong doings and I tend to be warm, rarely talks hence a good listener and this has put me in a situation where I am ‘loveable’ hence getting myself into trouble. I rarely make decision and when I make them they are a little bit too late but I got to overcome that when I was with media shout. I was thinking of quitting media shout but now that I know my dark side and more importantly I now know that I am not alone and neither am I just a special case of a social wreck, which for a long time I have thought I am, am now determined to fight on. Since I now know that the one with me is greater than who I am, I want to be remembered as the person who, with God’s power was able to rise above the dark side of greatness. Thank you very much and may God continue to use as vessels to help may more.


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