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‘The Dark Side Of Greatness’

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4 Responses to “Sermons online”

  1. Dear Pastor M.

    Can you introduce a prayer counsellor/request blog?

    I may want to talk or confess or request for prayer for something I am struggling with and this idea appears safe?


  2. Finally the sanguine in me was addressed on Sunday. It was great realizing my weaknesses as a sanguine since ‘we’ (sanguines) know our strengths. I am working on the weaknesses followng the prescription.

    Thanks to the Leadership of mavuno for their creativity. Its great to have a church website which is updated so frequently with the latest sermons. This way invitting my friends and collegues has been made easy since am able to forward the link to them to sample our menu. Kudos and God Bless


  3. Hey cera, that’s a great idea. We’re still new at this blogging thing and so it may take a while to get something like that set (e.g. getting online counselors) but definately an idea worth following up. Sam, good job; using the blog to encourage others to visit Mavuno or share some of the great stuff we’re learning… very cool. That’s what its all about!


  4. Hey, thanks for uploading the sermons.


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