Finally, The Temperament Test!

Ok, so here’s the temperament test. Apart from filling out one yourself, we suggest you print a few copies for people close to you to fill out for you e.g. spouse, sibling, work-colleague, friend etc. You may be suprised what others think about you!



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  1. Yesterdays ‘skit’ absolutely cracked me up. The sermon meant a lot to me as i understood one particular friend who is very close to my heart, but will without fail, not come thro!! i am willing to put her to task more abpout her action instaed of just getting angry at her. so thanks a bunch. I am a phlegmatic, next sunday’s sermon will be a hard one to swallow. the highs of my personality are sort of few? well see ya then.


  2. It was just amazing twas my first time to be there and i love it that was so me and i dont wish to continue the same way .The question is jow do i deal with it its hard and av tried to withdraw from people to evaluate my self but an still not doing good what do i do?is there a way i can get records of the past series of the message to be able NOT TO FORGET what i am it always starts with knowing and acknowledging who you are.


  3. Yesterday’s sermon was such an eye opener and revealing.My spouse is a Sanguine-Choleric.I was reflecting on all the things shared yesterday and the examples used and was totally blown away as I related to all the examples.I did not know whether to laugh,or to cry actually at some point it became very overwhelming…………The encouraging thing is to learn about the callings of each personality and I believe Sanguine-Cholerics are leaders with influence,however they can also land you the family in trouble by their lack of persistent followup/Engagements without commitment/Promising what they can not deliver.I could not imagine that there could be very many persons out there with the darkside traits of this personality.What Pastor M and Pastor C shared in one sermon,would have required years’ of therapy.I feel,i now understand better and will choose to support the strengths my spouse brings to the table and ask for wisdom on the dark side.Very enlightening.God did speak to me.I have never been so dumbstruck by a message…………………..God bless you both Pastor M&C.


  4. Yesterdays sermon was very interesting and amusing, i know a few sanguines out there and sure enough they are definitely the life of the party, cheerful and talkative but also forgetful and somewhat naive. I’m torn between being a melancholy and a phlegmatic so this sundays sermon will be one to pay attention to and make those changes for the better. I’m looking forward to it !


  5. living abroad, stll relate to your universal sermons, is there posibility that in future video will be available?


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