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Here’s the outline for last Sunday’s sermon. Enjoy!



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  1. Mavuno ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunday was more than an eye opener for me. It made me realise the issues that I have with my dad are mostly due to our similarities in our personalities: we r both choleric!!!! N I took the word home to him and the rest of my family, n its totally been a turning point. This was only my third sunday in mavuno and already av turned my life around n dedicated to God. Pastor M n C, u guys Rock. N to Pastor Linda: u made me leave an emotionally abusive ralationship that id been stuck in for five years.keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Wanjiru Mugo Says:

    The service on sunday about cholerics…and their darker side made me realize why i had so many issues trying to understand the two men in my life who have been my heroes, my late dad and my brother. My dad was a prescence and for most of my life the only thing i could ever talk to him about and even then whatever i asked for he gave me half and made me work for the other half. He has passed on now and i cannot tell him that i understand but i can change the way i look at my brother and try and repair our relationship. Pastors Muriithi and Caro, thank you, for bringing this particular series to us and may you continue to share with us the reality of life, and what we can do to make it better. God bless you.


  3. Benny Meshullam Says:

    The Sermon is just an eye opener mate 🙂 With this sermon people need to be careful on whom they confide in!!!! Can you imagine if you confide in a choleric!!!! and he/she gives you a choleric answer and you are very sensitive…. men, your heart can be broken especially when the choleric is born again…. what a bad image for the Kingdom…


  4. I was unhappy to have had to miss this sunday’s sermon. Hi, I am Al Kags and I am a Choleric. I had been making a journey towards understanding my temperement better and speaking better (although I cannot still stand procrastinators or people who waste time in the name of giving it thought!). The sermon on Cholerics helped me greatly – and to think I wasn’t going to come to church that day!

    Can I get a DVD of the services?


  5. Jacky, while its unlikely that a whole family can all be one temperament, family’s can tend towards a dominant temperament, especially that of one of the parents. So it’s true, your entire family can tend to act choleric, even those who aren’t!

    Mak and Wanjiru… deep stuff indeed! Benny, what you say is sooo true… and yet the idea of this series is that cholerics can overcome their dark side and that a Spirit-filled choleric is a gentle choleric.

    Al, we’re not yet editing DVD’s of the services (we’ll get around to it as soon as we find a good editor to help out!) but the CDs will be available. And yes, this last Sun would be a good one to help you understand those people you can’t stand!


  6. hi pastor M and Carol.its bin a blessing helping us 2 get real wit life.last sunday’s sermon bout melswas juz meant 4me. but am really trusting God 2 help me as a mel 2 live 2 please him n not 2 hurt ppple wit ma dark side.God bless u as we all continue being the leaders that God created as 2 b.cheerz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. I had previously read Tim’s book on temparaments. Its difficult to decide which temperament best describes me. Is it possible that once u have read the book you kind of decide which temperament u want to be and begin behaving accordingly , such that when u do the test u pick the temperaments you like as opposed to the one that is really you?


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