This August @ Mavuno

Our greatest strengths often conceal our greatest weaknesses, and yet if we don’t deal with the dark side of our personality it will subvert our relationships, marriage, leadership and ultimatly our destiny.

This August at Mavuno… come understand how your personality can connect you with (or disconnect you from) your destiny, and how to be the leader your were meant to be.

Consider yourself invited!


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  1. I liked today’s sermon however i have a question:

    If i have strengths and weaknesses in all the temperaments, where do i lie?

    I have a friend, a beautiful friend, who would like to know if its possible to be all the temperaments because she has characteristics that are similar to all the temperaments.

    Have a blessed week.



  2. This sermon was a great blessing to me, a choleric raised by a choleric dad.
    The issue of leaving bodies along the way in my quest for success, really spoke to me. Yes I have had great success, but when I look back to the path I have travelled, I have ‘killed’ a great number of people, and dismissed others that I feel don’t fit within my plans, or cannot measure up, and I will seek to mend these relationships.
    That letter to a father was really touching, working on mine right now… 🙂 First time in Mavuno, and was really blessed. God Bless


  3. Talk about when life gives you lemons… make lemonade! I liked what Pastor Carol said, she was blessed by her choleric husband, she even thanked him! I feel her because when we have someone close who is of a different temperament, we may not totally understand them but we should look for the silver lining. I also learnt today that our personality is not a mistake, but it’s a gift from God. Each temperament, not only has negatives but positives. I look forward to the next 3 weeks God Willing. God Bless You


  4. This is the other side of the coin; we often see leaders and variuos societal icons mainly through their positive aspects. This is best embodied in features written in various publications on different notables. It may be a company CEO, performing artist, politician or media personality; these articles will always give the story from the view of the subject. Its only after you talk to others who work or live with these people that they sometimes share the dark aspects of the subjects. Have you ever thought of what the flaws possibly could be with Bill Gates? Believe me he has plenty; and that’s not guess-work.

    Every person has (at least) 2 sides to them. I know I do, and often, these characteristics can be at cross-purposes. I trust that by the end of August we Mavunites will a this opportunity to deeply examine ourselves, especially our dark sides and seek to ensure that as we are, we impact those around us positively. Not because we will change who we are, but because through this series we will be empowered to see how we can brighten our dark sides to touch others positively and also bear with and forgive those around us that have weaknesses that hurt, irritate or just plainly annoy us.

    The topic on the 17th ought to be The Indisciplined Leader (not Undisciplined). No prizes for guessing what my temperament is 🙂


  5. The candour of pastor M n Carol is appreciated,y’all are real.after service was discussing sermon with friends and had epiphany when I learnt (to my amazement)that I can be lazy n careless!imagine!I never thought lazy and me could be synonymous-ever!strangely feel liberated?don’t understand why,perhaps because understood why some things happen to grateful,feel like problem is half solved.if ur readin this,know that there’s room for discussin this with persons who love you,no matter how much you think you know.


  6. Hi,
    I was greatly challenged by yesterday’s sermon! My dad was a choleric, however he was wonderful! I greatly miss him. He must have learnt how to deal with his weaknesses or his secondary temperament played a very significant role.

    Now I see myself there! I seem to be a choleric (or so many tests and those close to me say) yet I don’t feel like admitting it as it seems such a strange temperament for a lady. One thing that has made me begin to really appreciate my temperament is when i discover that I am bringing up a choleric son (he is two and a half and exhibits the traits!) and his (late) father too was a choleric! Talk about a double dose!

    My prayer therefore is that God will teach me what should I watch out for (in both of us) as I raise my son so that I do not stifle his God-given abilities and yet not allow him to walk all over others and myself. I also need to learn how can I begin to channel this gift in my son (and myself) for greatness that is submissive to God. (We are learning the fine-art of discipline through the Parenting Classes).

    Is there any literature that you can recommend? Also on life as a choleric woman? The examples we have in life are not necessarily the easiest to deal with. This is a major struggle for me.


  7. I really enjoyed the sermon, having been raised by a choleric mother. I consider her a super mom because she is up in the wee hours of the morning, gets so much done and is like the energizer bunny that just keeps on going and going… But the flip side is that often times we disagreed because she always demands perfection, so her approval meant serious work to attain. Over the years she and I have painfully worked through the gap, but the sermon just touched my heart!

    As Pastor Carol said, we all get drawn to choleric because of their strength and leadership. It is no wonder that I met a handsome choleric a while ago who I was very fond of…. I thought all was going well, when he began to unceremoniously reorganize my life (I say unceremonious because this was only a month after we met…??) To cut a long story short, our friendship did not last very long because I was dismissed as soon as I did not agree to being ‘reorganized’… And I can honestly say that rejection is not an easy pill to swallow…. So the sermon was just what I needed to hear to be able to understand why he had acted that way, let go of the pain and anger I had not realized I was carrying and pray for God’s forgiveness.

    I sure will enjoy the sermons this month … I can hardly wait for the sermon about the emotional temprament 🙂


  8. Caroline Says:

    My sister told me after the sermon that I was a Choleric. I strongly disagree so I am actually making 5 copies of the temperament test for various people to complete for me including my sister!

    I look forward to this month’s sermon series for sure. God bless you Pastors M and Carol for sharing your life with us. Someone told me on saturday that the reason they keep coming to Mavuno is the fact that our leaders are not afraid to be vulnerable before us and do not present a perfection facade.


  9. Yesterday’s message was just the bomb – literally. I was so challenged an came to understand why my father acted that way. Having a choleric Dad is one of the toughest thing in the world – Always looking for approval and affirmation. The saddest thing is that I came to realize that I have been trying to ape his personality for his approval. However, I have come to admire many natural leadership qualities in him which I have always wished to have. I hope Pastor M & Carol will show us (i.e. other temperaments) how to develop this potential (especially phlegmatics).

    I however have a little concern. Is it true that choleric babies cry a lot and are constantly angry? can we then identify choleric individuals from childhood? and how can we make them greater leaders as parents?.

    Thanks keep on the good work.


  10. Hi All
    I agree the sermon was great in revealing to us what tendencies we have because of our temperaments and how that affects our relationships with God and people. I work in a field where we do a lot of profiling (aptitudes,personality types etc) and a word of caution…temperaments should not make you put yourself in a box.With time ive seen temperaments becoming an excuse for people not to do some things which they are supposed to or vice versa. I suppose Pastor M you should clarify this during the series? People can end up feeling bad for being who they are because they view themselves as imprisoned to their temperament and not realising that temperaments just show tendencies but dont dictate actions. We all have the power from God to be great leaders and balanced regardless of our temperament types. ive also seen people refuse to take up leadership because they dont view themselves as leaders (mostly introverted people) always leaving leadership to the extroverted people, yet some of the best leaders in the world are introverted. Maybe all these issues should be clarified?


  11. I cannot agree more on the sermon yesterday. Its a great thing to hear it from church and work on your dark side before it works on you. I am a choleric and some years ago I lost a job due to witch hunting from my juniors. I was managing a team and to me, everything was going great and everybody loved me and my leadership style(or so I thought).

    After leaving that job is when I searched myself and from feedback by many people, I learnt that I had a very aggressive and controlling personality that rubbed people the wrong way. Like Patsor M and C said, we tend to crush a lot of people and most of the time, we totally disregard the ones that dont tow our line.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I am now in a fanatastic job and doing very well especially with my team because I have learnt to be gentle and to treat everybody like a human being with genuine care and concern. Being born again has also really helped because everyday, I ask the Lord to walk with me and guide all my speech, thoughts and actions and that way I am renewed everyday and I can assure you that with God ALL things are possible!! To all Cholerics out there, We have a lot of positives but lets learn to be gentle and accomodating to our fellow brothers and sisiters! Thank you Pastor Muriithi and Carol for the openness with which you have shared your lives with us. You will save a lot of people from unnecssary pain of broken relationships, lost jobs( like me) and many more. God bless you.


  12. The sermon was a real life lesson to me as far as my relationship with my parents is concerned..I think i can now deal with them in a more appropriate and understanding way without having to raise dust between us…


  13. Wasnt this really welcome. My boss kept telling me about my strong points and what a leader am meant to be. I now believe since all the ‘negative’ things that my boss had told me…they were all brought out in todays sermon.
    I thank God because for every situation, theres an answer.
    I pray to him that i will subscribe to his teaching and become even a great leader.


  14. Brian Otaba Says:

    I’m very excited about the new series of messages for this month for a myriad of reasons but the main one being that, it is of vital importance for us to know the different temperaments. I’m an individual who places a reasonably high value on relationships as a whole and i think a lot of uneccessary friction can be avoided if people know and understand each others’ differences in this regard. We tend to be self-centred & judgemental never really understanding that we’re not all the same. There are lots of broken relationships especially in the dating arena as a result of ignorance of the temperaments. I believe God made us different for a purpose & we ought to celebrate our differences; complement one other as opposed to competing against each other.


  15. Being in a management position in my workplace, the sermon couln’t be more timely,…. yikes i am both a melancholic and the other lhalf a choleric .The issue of being insensitive to others when you want something done(my way of course)and always being in arguments to win the case….keeps on being highlighted by the people i work with . I also grew up with a choleric dad and it makes me realise that i have carried a lot of stuff from my past which hinders me and i unknowingly pass it on to others. This series i believe will go a long way into making me a better more productive influencer in the society…..thanks pastor m! 🙂


  16. The sermon was tight, i now really understand the essence of communication skills, its not just how you relate with other people but in whatever conversation, learning to hear with an open mind.


  17. the sermon was good,
    i had read in a book about personalities but yesterday made me understand why i behave the way i do,before i accepted christ i had a number of relationships which never worked because i just got bored relating with the people and even now born again,delivered and all that stuff,i still struggle with relationships,with reasons good to me i leave casualties on the way people who i meet and they ask why did i use them…and at my convenience left them,i have no decent answer for them, at least now i have one i will say….it is my nature!!!haleluyah!
    looking at the form supplied i fit in some qualities of a choleric and sanguine and it makes me wonder who am i really!


  18. I enjoy working with choleric who are salted with a gentleness, they make the best partners in any venture. Pst. M is the first Choleric l have met who admits he is one. I have enjoyed the precision and clarity in painting the picture of where we are going. I guess he has opened a door for many to define and embrace their identity both in strength and weakness. I look forward to intergreting the rest of the temperaments into my melancholy world.

    Thank you Pst. M


  19. Jana’s sermon i think was ma most favourite; more so coz i have a choleric friend and listening all though was so practical and real. As i was getting into church i kept asking God what He wanted me to learn and there He did it!!! Now i value and appreciate ma friend even more! Previoulsy i’ve always thot he is all strict and too tough at times for this life, not realizing its a gift he has!! Wow!!!!


  20. Sometime last year I read Gen.25:23 “… and the older will serve the younger…” wasn’t a damsel in distress! And for a very long time, I have been asking God whether this verse explains why I seem to be amounting to almost nothing until jana’s sermon…

    It was very liberating to finally understand this passage of scripture… that God has created cholerics and I no longer have to struggle to be one! And it is ok for the older to serve the younger! Non choleric first borns with choleric sibblings do you feel me!

    The sermon also helped me know why I am fiercely drawn to cholerics and also identify why I struggle with very key relationships… the next time I speak to a choleric, it shall not be in gibberish…

    To Pastor M and Pastor C, I had many a “machozi” moment… being pretty new at Mavuno, your candidness continues to amaze and humble me… May the Good Lord continue to bless you!


  21. No. 1 Choleric Says:

    … I loved the sermon… i really did. Learnt a lot.. especially about my weaknesses. It was amazing to finally hear a woman’s perspective about my strengths.. but also about my weaknesses… thank you Pastors Wanjau’s… thanks a whole lot!


  22. It’s funny. never really considered my temperament category, but having identified the choleric within, i feel that like I gained a new sense of direction, especially within the social outfit.
    I’m more melancholic though, so I’ll refrain from going all out till I connect with that side of me, and identify the dark side to it.
    God bless Pastor M for the insight


  23. Hi,
    the sermon really touched a nerve there. my personality is generally (people tell me) sanguine (especially the negatives) with abit of a choleric, which makes for an unbearable person. my boss is also choleric who tends to bully everyone in the workplace, manipulate and has little tolerance for mistakes. for a long time i thought it was me who was always in the wrong (i am abit of a free spirit who given space can really do stuff) and its got to the point where i am tiptoeing around trying not to get in anyone’s way and my work and confidence has taken a major hit. I am in the process of looking for a new job and while the sermon didn’t make me change my mind about moving jobs, it gave me a boost of confidence that i am not actually a useless worker and insecure person (this week the old me has began to peep through) and that when he is being manipulative, i should know which battles are worth fighting. Its also opened my eyes to see that if i stay, i will end up learning his style of leadership- and i would hate to become that kind of person that he is. I love my job but its killing me and sunday’s sermon was the push i need to walk away.
    Anyway as a choleric victim of a choleric (pastor M, thats the one group you didn’t address) i have learnt about the worst bits of my character and hopefully i will work and pray that i shouldnt turn out to be a tyrant.
    Am looking forward to this months series, thanks


  24. The Italian Says:

    I loved the sermon. Personally it was a real eye opener especially regarding the destruction that I have caused in my life in the pursuit of excellence and perfection. I am now working to repair and in the least apologize for my actions back then.

    In addition, this is the first time I have gone to church since Sunday school (circa 15 years ago)and actually felt God talking to me. I want to participate more and in addition develop a relationship with God.

    Cheers see you on Sunday.

    The italian


  25. Hi all, thanks for all the great comments. Keep them coming! It’s a great joy for both Pst. C (that was a new one!) and I to hear how God is transforming many of us at Mavuno. Just a few comments on the comments so far…

    Keriri – my guess is your beautiful friend is still getting to know herself, and as you she grows older and has more experiences, she will find it easier to identify her dominant personality types. It may also help her to get others who know her well to fill out a copy of the test for her e.g. her parents, best friend, you etc.

    David – I agree! I too thought it should be ‘indisciplined’ but my spell checker only has ‘undisciplined’! Maybe we should collabo and create our own word processing program!

    Warigia – There’s a great book that’s been republished here by Word Alive Publishers called ‘Personality Plus’ that both Carol & I have enjoyed very much. I’ll check with her where she bought it.

    Isaac – I think you may be confusing ‘choleric’ with ‘cholic’. I don’t believe the two have anything to do with each other. At least I can testify I didn’t cry (or become angry) more than the average baby in my infanthood  Regardless though, I believe understanding the different temperament types will help you understand how to motivate and encourage each of your children in the language they understand best!

    Joram – I absolutely agree… we should never use our temperaments as an excuse for bad behavior. Our temperaments are not a prison, and the major point of this whole series is that we can overcome the dark side of our temperaments through God’s power to become the fearless influencers He made us to be.

    Pascalia – please read Joram’s comment!

    Kisa – that’s soooo deep! I felt your ‘machozi moment!’ Spoken like a true ‘mavunite’!

    Hey… I’ve been blessed by all the interaction. Who says sermons should always be from the preacher to the congregation!

    Pst. M


  26. Hi,

    I have a psychologist mother and hence with the books in her library, have read on temperaments and had earlier categorized myself as a Phlegmatic/Melancholic (can’t wait to hear about mine, yet with hesitation). I have recently married a Choleric/Melancholic and we were both amazed at the truth and reality of temperament types; also hilarious due to the experiences we’ve both had. What touched us most is that we can manage our good and bad to bring our the best in our weaknesses, not necessarily get rid of them.
    I looked at my temperament and told my wife” I think i prefer your weaknesses to the weaknesses in my character”

    Just shows you the pain and discomfort talking and bearing ourselves to each other in truth brings out.



  27. Caroline Mbui Says:

    “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round heads in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify them, or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
    Jack Kerouac (1922–1969)

    Three cheers for the cholerics!!! I insist thats who he had in mind…


  28. Papa Shango Says:

    Pst M n C were courageous to break the preaching mould and be real about the nature of their relationship.

    A few thoughts…The mantra of the Choleric, has provided the blue print for success in todays dominant Patriachal societies. Eat or be eaten! Darwins Theory of Survival attests to this mantra, from wall street, to koinange street, from corporate business to the music industry. A nation of driven by irresponsible Cholerics, is bound to blow up countries it disagrees with or get bored with cultural differences and try and make everyone become a prototype of the dominant culture. In patriachal African societies, Wangu wa Makere provides an example of a woman gone Choleric. Additionally, from King Shaka of Zululand to King Rameses of Egypt provide examples of leaders who speared,hacked and whipped their way into choleric heaven. In egalitarian societies such as Indigenous communties around the world, Choleric attributes are frowned upon as the heirarchical nature of these societies is less distinct. Sharing of power,wealth and resources is encouraged.
    Lastly, I am sure everyone agrees the mavuno experience is a phenomenon.
    As a chauvanistic, self centred African man I have a Question.. If Pst. M said he writes letters to Pst C and leaves the letter on her pillow because she is ngumu on some issues, would the strong independent ladies have reacted during the service? I did not hear, even a whimper of disapproval from you about the internal memo Pst C needs to write to Pst M.


  29. The sunday sermon was an ‘aha’ moment for me. I have been dating a number 1 choleric and the relationship has been very stressful. It was amazing I felt Pastor Carol completely, and as they give the characteristics
    of sholerics I was just ticking. They say that knoweldge is power so I’ll at least now I know how to pray and will wait and see how it plays out. The best part of the sermon was when Pastor Carol was asked if there was hope and she said yes


  30. Service was tight. I learnt somethings about myself though. It seems I dumped my boyfriend over what i thought was his “too-muchness”. Hmm… So thats Choleric. No wonder i am self-employed.


  31. Hi all,

    Was very touched by sunday’s sermon and had to bite my lips to hold my tears when i related the experiences i have had with my choleric sister, then my boss and now my hubby. As we grew up, i was the obedient girl doing the housework and staying at home while my sis would go party. Am one of those who got saved several times and finally became serious with God when i joined high school. My sis is talkative and very close to my mum. And so when my sis would go partying and not do her share of the chores, i would be the one to get the heat. Mum would somea me as if i was the one to blame for my sister’s behaviour and gradually some distance grew between me and her.
    Then due to unavoidable circumstances i had to start working early in life(19 years). I felt like so much responsibility was thrown on me as i had to take up some of the family expenses and even pay fees for my younger sibling. I somewhat feared authority at work. There was a particular colleague who had such strong leadership abilities and was a favorite with the bosses. We were at the same level at the time. After a while he got promoted and thats when he began bossing over me: quarrelling me over mistakes i had done infront of others, using words to intimidate me,and appraissing me in a manner that i would end up not getting a promotion which i deserved. And not to mention that he was saved and would at times lead fellowship ..,did not help..!All the while i would keep quiet…
    To end the long story, God is a good God because the boss got another job elsewhere and left…ha! ha! but more so God began teaching me who I really am in Christ. I had such internal battle wondering why couldnt i speak out, why was i shy, why did i fear leadership, why did i fear presentations..i wanted to measure up to the cholerics yet am not a choleric. I am learning to appreciate who I am and the strenghs that I have. I am not yet there but am getting there..
    I really appreciate pastor C for sharing her experince which i very much relate to as concerns my marriage..
    God truly bess and increase you pastor M and pastor C.


  32. I feel you…

    I have been battered…
    Battered by repeat bleeping; ruthless beating; and real beings…
    I am a victim of batter.

    I have been bittered…
    Bittered by constant extortion; conflict and exhaustion; a corrosive explosion…
    I am a victim of bitter.

    I have been bettered…
    Bettered by special loving; sincere forgiving; and spirit living…
    I am a victor of better.

    2 things I will always remember about the sermon in the very words of…
    Pst.M: Relationships are everything!
    Pst.C: As long as there is God, there is hope…

    To the broken, the Lord reaches; and the open, He teaches.
    It shall be well…


  33. To the Choleric women & the amazing men in their lives….
    Enjoy and stay blessed


  34. Yaani I could feel Pastor Carol! I just didnt know I was dealing with a choleric! I used to cry alot and write letters! I always wanted to talk, express feelings etc…..well it didnt work. That was my boyfriend, then came my former boss. I even told him I could better express myself in writing! I just found it very difficult to communicate with a choleric. I have read about personality types many times but hearing as it was put really hit the nail on the head.I love psychology and am loving this month’s sermon. Mavuno keeps it real! Thank God I found you!


  35. hey mavunites!

    it was a bittersweet sermon for me.i realized just how much pain i went through under my choleric father;he was not violent but his words could crush even the toughest of men.i was one of themwhen i went to college ,i was astounded to discover that i am extremely outgoing with a tinge of introverted character in me.i was a self imposed critic of people only to discover that i was meteing out what i got from my father.Thank God for last week’s sermon i am working on my true personality and allowing God to make me better.i am a sanguine major and phlegmatic minor.they are not degrees;they are personalities!God bless His fearless influencers.


  36. It was my 1st time to mavuno and i was trully blessed. Yes as you can guess i am a true choleric and when we look back….. its messy….

    Few questions, what would make one change? i was major Melancholy and minor chorelic few years back and a major choleric and minor Mel.

    What temparaments are workable in freindships and in relationships?

    As a 1st timer in mavuno, i was really challenged in a lot of things up to and including the formart of the service. One aspect i felt was that in that kind of a challenge,( temperments) more should have been offerd in as far as trying to offer a soft landing.

    I will be back for the series and am happy that you have a 9 am service.

    Thanks pastor Mureithi and Pastor Carol for such a wonderful teaching.


  37. I must admit that being in Mavuno last Sunday was the greatest thing that ever happened to me and to our entire family. It was our first time to be in Mavuno as a family and we for once appreciated church. Thanks to my good friends for the invite.
    Learning from Pastor Carol how to appreciate the Cholerics that we live with- their very bright side and their dark side enlightened us as a family for i happen to be one among many who are in her shoes-Married to a choleric.
    I can hardly wait for sunday to get more enlightened about the other temperaments, which am sure will be describing me and my children

    Kudos to Pastor Muriithi and Pastor Carol


  38. My goodness i am a choleric! Its amazing but i got my friends to fill out the personality test and they all say i am dominantly a choleric. I always thought i am a sangiune!!! what even shocking they think my secondary trait is melancholic as well. Could i have had it so wrong?All the same, it made sense: i am a firstborn and i tend to take charge of situations. I demand alot from my siblings and now i understand how my personality has nearly destroyed them one of them is in Rehab now…But i am glad i know so that i can mend the relationships i broke. You know, when the pastor last sunday asked guys to stand who are choleric or have been affected by cholerics i didn’t, so this newly discovered choleric needs your prayers. Another thing is there hope for choleric women? will i ever get married in Africa? Pastors Murithii and Carol, this was my first time but rest assured i am with you for the next 3 weeks in the least…this is so exciting. thanks


  39. Let me just say that this blog is connecting, challenging & changing…

    On the word “undisciplined”, I too thought there was something wrong!

    However, flipping thru’ the dictionary, both words… indisciplined and undisciplined mean one and the same thing…


  40. THE MAD MAN Says:


    Thanks Pastor M & C,

    I didnt care much about temperaments because i didnt understand them, and didnt bother to. I have the Tim LaHaye why you act the you do and I never opened them because i am skeptical about the self help books etc.

    but the sermon was on point. I am such a choleric it really hurts. I just got a new job as Corporate Team Leader at an upcoming media agency and i am amazed at how hard it is to work with people. My PA actually told to my face me last night that she is really frustrated with me and that am not a team player, and she doesnt understand how me (her boss and having been head hunted) was a one man show and it dawned on me. She actually wondered what the interviewers saw in me. (She doesnt doubt my abilities though). I asked the office how much they thought i was and except my blunt and pretty pissed of PA, all others were like “we understand you want us to be proactive” but that was not it. I know the job, it needs to be done, I was brought to do it. So get on with it.

    Its a moment for repentance but my question and bother really is a balance, because I tend to be a ‘good’ employee but a very mean and bad boss, almost a slave driver who doesnt get that you dont get what you are here to do. How can a fearless influence minimize body counts to bare zero even at home, because it runs everywhere!

    I need deliverance.


  41. A Mavunite Says:

    I am constantly blessed by the sermons at Mavuno, Sunday morning has become a thing to look forward to.
    I had earlier read on the personality types but i had never heard a sermon on it. The sermon was wow! I could never have concluded that the reason Jacob did the things he did was because he was a choleric. I finally understood why till today my dad keeps on throwing hints that maybe it time i tried his career of choice for me. But all in all, i really admire the strength of a choleric, the zeal, the confidence because they do make things happen. I cant wait for the sermon on my personality type now that am the opposite of a choleric.


  42. Hi, I’d like to comment on the Friendship series that was done a while back. I absolutely loved it. Thank you so much Pastor Linda…I hope to meet you one day. This four part series really took me back to the drawing board and start evaluating my life as it is nice, the friends I have and those who I need to give “medling rights” to my life. Thank you for the encouraging words from the entire pastoral team. I live in the diaspora so I have to wait for the “Dark Side” series to post on the website….I can’t wait….from the above posts, I know it’s great.


  43. Thanks Pastor M and Pastor C!!

    The sermon today was just for me!! I could genuinely see aspects of my life through Yefesi’s skit and laugh at them – and even funnier when we were asked to share with the person next to us and I said to them “I’m one those” and they looked at me in shock!

    It’s encouraging to hear the great exhortations and character strengths that I posses (yet shy away from) because I tend to get sidetracked by my weaknesses… I especially liked the reminder that I need to be realistic with others and encourage them more with my praise and affirmation, because it is not my perfectionist standard that they have to meet, but God’s gracious standard that recognizes each persons labor.

    For my other melancholic friends out there, I’d like to share two things that help encourage me about my dark side:

    On Moodiness:
    There are tons of scriptures that speak about our requirement to rejoice and be glad. My favorite ones are ‘Rejoice in the Lord Always, and again I say rejoice!’ (Philipians 4:4) and ‘Why so downcast oh my soul, put your hope in God’ (Psalms 42:5)

    On Shying away from greatness / Hiding away from praise or the lime-light:
    This famous quote we’ve all come to love does the trick –
    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
    (Maryanne Williamson; author, “Return to Love”)

    Pastor M & Pastor C – God bless you guys! Today was just for Me!


  44. Heh!

    I finally understand many things that have happened between my husband and I especially when we were dating. He’s the first Choleric I have ever had close personal contact with. But I can say I fully agree with Joram that with God’s power one can be transformed to be who they are meant to be. Its a daily journey but the results are attainable to all those who seek God’s help in earnest.

    Now today’s sermon on Melancholics…. that was creepy. I felt like The pastors have been spying on my sister all her life! She’s a perfectionist and for her, grade A actually stands for Acceptable. She’s also had that effect of having us walk on egg shells around her. You should see how she folds laundry… and cleaning and arranging a room till it looks bigger than its original size…Anyway she’s a lovely young lady now pursuing architecture after doing etremely well in school so far. I’m definitaely getting her this sermon series.

    Melancholy is my secondary temparament and the dark side of it for me is the low self esteem such that despite what others see as obvious leadership skills I just don’t have the courage to step up. God help me.

    I can’t wait for the other 2 temparaments. I fall in the next one predominantly and I look forward to identifying areas which I can rectify or control to improve my relationships.

    See ya Sunday!


  45. When in my great moments praise i receive,
    cowering back is what i perceive.
    For to be in the limelight, that be not my plight
    Today i am all hyped up, next thing i know is that i can brood
    Creativity abounds, also being petty and meticulous
    Many around me learn how to carefully tread, as i lead
    Now i know what my darkside can do
    to constantly learn to keep my eye on the one
    who my future holds is the path i now choose

    All mels out there do you feel me…. I am glad i was in church this sunday and i got to understand more about my personality and ways of handling my darkside which tends t deter me from going to greater heights


  46. eheee…

    on Sunday i finally understood why i act the way i do, ave always known myself to b a mel, i kip a very close small knit of friends, am too organized in fact i keep re-arranging the secretary’s table every time i go up to her desk until one time she told me to never touch her desk again hehehe u knw the way monk does it if a painting is slightly leaning on one side i’ll have this sudden urge to align it or worse when i walk into a friends house i start re-organizing the whole house in my head, i have a good post at work yet am too soft spoken and reserved i have no idea how i got this promotion but somehow i manage….. hahaha

    Well those are the joys of being a mel but then again the darkside is really scary coz i struggle accepting myself, i shut pple out alot i tend to just want to b alone, i get hurt so easily esp when it comes to finding love i get so hurt when it doesn’t work out, ave actually stayed single 4 a while well not becoz am not dashing ofcos i am but coz i don”t want to give my heart out just incase am not good enough, i kip hearing this voice in my head that maybe he’ll find someone more interesting and adventurous…. God help hehehe

    i guess no one can fully understand us mel we dnt even understand ourselves when we act this way, sometimes i just find myself crying for no reason at all, or when i go to parties i sit at a corner wishing i was invisible and sneak out unnoticed only to give vague excuses why i left the party early. am sure all mel”s relate to this enyewe thank God for pasi ave finally accepted myself and learnt that God made me this way for a purpose,the fact that am too focused or too organized or too reserved is God’s perfect way for helping me balance out my sanguine and choleric friends and so i can boldly say… am proud to be Melancholic!


  47. Damsel in distress Says:

    the things we should not do with our temperaments… just read that and its funny….coz my melancholic friend has been using his temperament as an excuse to keep annoying me…telling me he says or does what he does coz his melancholy nature forces him to be that… Please pray that i may have the strength to handle him, he has drove me to the wall and am out of patience.


  48. I am so happy I came upon mavuno ive been attending for the last 5 sundays and I hate it if i have to miss service coz im not in nrb. and every single sunday i leave feeling I wish everyone i know could have heard that and i get excited and cant wait to tell my friends and family the day’s teaching.This is a first for me coz i’m a bit of a skeptic and it’s the first time in my life that i have attended church consecutively even though i grew up in a christian home.My bros came to nrb for the holidays and they are so excited about york house they wonder what they ‘ll do when the holidays are over… church back home unfortunately will not be the same.Every sermon and i mean it honestly has been so relevant and useful i always feel i can truly apply it to my life and it’s a great feeling.Thank you sooo much.


  49. I must say Sunday’s sermon really made me have a closer look at myself.For a long time i thought i was a sanguine but i now believe that i may have a combination of both.Indeed, it is in constantly allowing God to change us & renew us that we can overcome the weaknesses brought about by our dark side.

    We are visiting Mavuno but with each series we find ourselves wanting to hear more & more.

    May the Lord bless you & may you continue impacting this city….for that is the mark of success!!!


  50. @Damsel in distress, I am not an expert in relationships but will say a word or two about your situation. I believe that our friends must be our source of strength, the iron that sharpens us and ready’s us to face the world around us. This is an important trait in the choice of who we want to spend a season or the rest of our lives with.

    You seem trapped in the relationship you described and that could be an indicator of the unhappiness that awaits you in time to come.

    You have any other friends? are you in an ekklessia (small group/bible study group)? If not I say get into one. These guys are key in developing and supporting you through situations like the one you are in.

    Some people last a season, others are there for keeps

    Friends and family are a gift from heaven, in good times and in bad.


  51. I love what pst. M just posted on temperaments, it echoes part of my thoughts jana. If I can recall from my readings of one of the many Tim La Hayes’ books , he says ‘your temperament is responsible for about 35% of your make up’ and is therefore a major component but it exists within a mixture of many other factors that will shape each individual into a unique individual with destiny different from any other before time began and there may be no other after they are gone.

    This understanding has be the source of wisdom in forming partnerships for several ventures and in my general relations with people around me. I have focused on my strenghts and relied heavily on my friends, family and other team mates to support me through my weaknesses.

    The Insecure leader sermon allowed me to find a mirror image in scripture, King Saul. I have the all time critic of Saul and knowing that he was melancholy caused me to understand why I detested, rejected, and repelled from him so hard.

    I now know better and will continue to look to the potter to mould me to what he wants me to be.

    Thank you Pst. M and Carol for shinning light to a world so dark.


  52. Mavunite@heart Says:

    I cant say how much the series means to me. awh! I have always know me to be a Mel and now married to a wild Choleric. He seems to be ALL choleric. Am so easily put down and he does that best and so naturally that he gets surprised when i say I was hurt by something he said. In defense, I shut down. Question, how can u protect yourself and others around you from the harsh and doesn’t-seem-to-notice choleric who hurts everyone in their wave? I totally appreciate the opennes with which the pastoral team share your lives with us. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!


  53. Dear mavunite@heart,

    I experience the same thing when relating with my choleric pals and I shut down sometimes like you do but there is one or two of them that I have an undestanding with.

    I address issues way way after they have cooled down and ask them to allow me to point it out when they are about to repeat the same thing. I let them know that I am sensitive and value relationships so much and htat is why good morning and have a nice day plus later how was your day and good night are vital. I am sorry for this or that is also so crucial.

    I noticed that you will still argue and deny one or two things but its better to have them know that is what I feel and its important to me. I affirm cholerics and help them see how they may have hurt someone else. Normally my pals would and I would discuss it on a light note joking about it but the message arrives home.

    Let them know they are forgiven and also release them from deep inside asking God to continue to work on them.

    70 X 70 is the key to wholeness


  54. I almost laughed out loud in church last sunday coz i thought to myself : “thats why!!”
    You see, me i work in media…im good at what i do…why would anyone this shy, always claiming not to want to be in the limelight.. be in media anyhow?
    Like pastor linda, i just want to run for cover after im done working…i dont like meetings when the boss announces hey, mueni’s story was great lets clap for her.
    Yet, deep down i also feel bad if the boss did not recogonize my contribution…c’est bizarre!
    the weaknesses of being a mel i think ive been fighting to overcome without even knowing…and being around cholerics…wah!


  55. Hey all,am a choleric raised by a choleric dad and a mel mother u can guess the concoction l have become now.My prayer is that l dont protray their negative side but be reasonable enough to accept to change and be a blessing to people around me,another thing l cant afford to leave out is that thing Kanji does that all crazy and stuff with his untacked shirt rily works.he taught us about several types of joy and l rilly wanted a job with some bank so with my faith in Christ to bring joy and l totally stopped applying jobos and started thanking him for my new job(l have like 11cvs unposted).But the good part was wen l was called for the interview on Monday to go on Wednesday and Thursday(yaani today) l had the letter and on top of that am graduating this sato from usiu,thank you Jesus.yaani ni God-Faith-Joy-Job lazima ni tithe.l haven’t going to church since siku za sunday school
    but now l cant miss mavuno hata nini. c u in 2days


  56. Hi, could you please post the last two sermons of the “players of the bible series”. I’ve listened to the one’s posted and would like to hear the concluding two…’s a superb series by the way.


  57. The series is better than prison break … LOL …

    Lakini now its like I know so much that its getting all muddled up in my mind.
    I am creative and innovative (sounds either sanguine or melancholy), I achieve pretty much whatever I put my mind to .I am very goal oriented and business savvy.More than that I get restless quickly at jobs and within one year I drift into another job, which I always manage to get (sounds sanguine).Moreover I have to be doing more than one project at once to feel like my life is functioning properly eg.when I was in college I was also working.Now that am working ,I also have a business on the side.For this reason I am always a step ahead of my agemates. My friends always get surprised when I say am scared by stuff or even heartbroken. I hate household chores as they feel like such a waste of precious time. ( sounds Choleric).People I have dated usually let me me have my way but start getting upset at some point , sometimes they hang on waiting for me to change but by then I have long lost interest and moved on (after writing this it sounds worse than I thought , doesnt it? … LOL) . The guy I have been dating lately now makes me feel the way I imagine I have made other pple in my past feel.It almost feels like its payback , but surprisingly, my interest in him has lasted longer than in those in the past.

    Am wondering wat my temperament I might be , between sanguine n choleric?

    Another question is whether two cholerics can survive each other?


  58. Hi guys am not a sand– something (how do u guys pronounce this)i.e what pastor mureiithi and his wife preached last Sunday.
    But that preaching about Peter really got me on my toes that good intentions are nothing without self control.

    And u know a simple way to do this.
    Gal. 5:16 But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.
    Vs 24 Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.


  59. Wohoro & Leanne Says:

    Hi Mureethi & Carol,

    Its great to visit your website and see what incredible ministers you’ve both become.

    Every blessing from the Wohoro’s …downunder!

    Wohor & Leanne


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