Deal Breakers

If the blog responses were anything to go by last week, our generation is tired of the insanity and are crying out for something different! Over 3000 people watched the video online, more people than we had at any of our services! Thanks to all of you who tweeted about it or shared the video on your FB wall. Also blogged. Let’s keep spreading the love!

Let me begin with a definition. The dictionary defines a ‘deal breaker’ as any issue or factor that is significant enough to terminate a negotiation. I’ve come to realize that when it comes to romantic relationships today, many don’t just have a picture of what they want but they also have a picture of what they absolutely can’t stand in a relationship. There are those things that are preferences but deal-breakers are the ones that are critical. What would you consider to be a deal-breaker? I asked some friends … please count the ones that are deal-breakers for you …

For the ladies, it was…Is he emotionally unstable? – does he know how to control his anger?Does he live with his mother?Is he financially unstable? – does he try to borrow money from me?Does he smell bad or have bad grooming (although being rich might help a little here)

Is he unfaithful? Don’t want a guy who runs after every beautiful thing he sees!

For the guys, it was…Does she have bad breath? - Absolute no-noDoes she pay attention to her looks/figure/weight/ sense of style – guys want a wife they can floss with; a trophyDoes she have social poise? – don’t want somebody who sips tea noisily, chews loudly, or picks her noseCan she cook well? – guys never say this one but apparently it really matters

Is she interested in what I do? – Can she listen to me when I need to be listened to! This seems to be a problem especially because generally, ladies talk more.

Who got 0/5? 5/5? Between 1-4?

While no one’s perfect, are there some deal breakers that will almost for sure sabotage your relationship? For our visitors, last week we began a series called ‘Finders Keepers: How To Find and Keep The One’. We’re learning some foundational principles from scripture about how to enter and conduct healthy romantic relationships. This series is for you whether you’re hoping to enter a romantic relationship this year, whether you’re already in a relationship or married and even if you’re not entertaining the idea of entering into a romantic relationship now or in the near future. Last week we learnt a critical principle … in a time when everyone around us is looking for a spouse who will meet their needs, we said ‘stop searching for the one, be the one!’ This is the foundational principle; if you don’t get it right, nothing else we discuss this month will help you thrive in your relationships. Today we want to go to our second principle and the title of this message is Deal Breakers… There’s a tragic story in the book of Judges about a dude who with major relationship issues.

READ Judges 16:4-6, 15-22

If you want to thrive in your relationships, it’s important that you recognize the critical deal-breakers and that you know when to walk away/know when to run. From Samson’s story, we learn two questions you need to answer honestly about the other person before you commit to a romantic relationship with them. The first question…


Question #2 is…


Amos 3:3 says ‘can two walk together unless they’re agreed?

The key is ‘one leader, one love!

So, what if you’re already married and you have different leaders? Or different loves? Is there hope? I believe there is… even if it won’t be easy. Back to what we said last week: Work on being who God wants you to be and trust Him to make things beautiful in their time. Don’t waste time trying to nag the other person but let them see the God in you. 2Peter.3:1-2 speaks to wives but could also be to husbands, ‘Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives.’ Be the one!

Lest you begin to become too cautious and fearful of making mistakes, next Sunday, we’re going to look at how to relax and position yourself so that you enjoy this journey of finding and be found. Even if you’re already married or not looking to be, you will find what you learn extremely helpful. But today, I want to end in prayer & I want to pray for 2 groups of people…


§  People who are in relationships where they can clearly see they have different leaders or loves. Courage to let go where it is clearly un-equal.

§  Married people who realize they have different leaders/loves – God give me courage to be the one. And by your grace, turn our marriage round so we have one leader, one love.

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128 Responses to “Deal Breakers”

  1. Pastor M you rock!!

  2. Awesome sermon, but, we are still not calling the spade, a spade! Many people hide themselves behind religion, scripture and spiritual values, and that right there is the greatest “deal breaker..”

    • Hey Me,

      I believe when people hide themselves behind the stated stuff, it really is just proof that the leader in the relationship is not the same.

      If we stay close to God, I believe we will be able to sense the insincerity of the hypocrites who wear the clothe of sheep but are wolves in real sense.


    • Martin Gatoto Says:

      I agree with thafero. I think when there’s a spiritual imbalance between the couple, one will feel like there’s an over reliance on God, assuming that it’s just a natural issue, while on the other hand the other partner feels like the spouse’s faith in God is questionable. That only deepens the crisis and the leadership issue will definitely come out. While one partner will ‘hide’ in the word, the other will be seeking solutions elsewhere, like among family, friends etc and the end result will be a stalemate; no solution in sight. The enemy then seizes the opportunity to widen the rift and before long, you are now looking into splitting. Funny enough, most of the couples who split under these circumstances find that it was not the answer and now have to look for ways to work things out and especially where there are kids involved, because , like it or not, you will still have to meet and bring down the greatest enemy of the time; PRIDE!

  3. Reblogged this on Kuhusu Maisha (About Life) and commented:
    I thank God for Mavuno!!!

  4. Lovely lovely series. To God be the glory

  5. Once again, a very good read. It all makes sense. I have always wondered why it wasn’t working out. Felt trapped and wondered how i could have made such bad choices, how my kids are caught in between. I ended up concluding that i was the problem, and that left me feeling helpless in my relationship.

    Thank you Pastor for giving me hope, and for reminding me that God has a way of making things work out despite all the wrong choices, all the wrong turns that I have made.
    God bless you and your family!

    • Hi!
      Hope my story can help.

      After attending mizizi and ndoa. My husband and I were able to appreciate our differences. The diffrent loves especially. I also thought I loved God and Church more than him but I am suprised at how my husband loooooooves God. There I was judging him.

      Consider taking mizizi and ndoa, if not together alone and you will be suprised at how God will give you the wind below your wings.

      The very best!

  6. #Word! and on point! discovering much…

  7. you said it

  8. I’d like to hear with my own two ears the next sermon, however I have no clue where to find this Church. Advise.
    And thank you

    • HI Walkonby. Mavuno Church meets at the Belle Vue Cinema Grounds off Mombasa Road. We are just behind the Oil Libya on Mombasa Road and opposite the NEMA offices. Services are on Saturday 5pm, Sunday 9am and 12noon. Welcome

    • FindingToKeep Says:

      And hear you will.we are on Mombasa Road venue of the former Bellevue drive-in cinema.

    • You are missin on some real stuff. I bet by the time you get to Mavuno, your name will change from walkonby to myhomehere :-). I trust you will be blessed in ways you cannot even imagine. Welcome, Welcome Welcome to the home of fearless influencers.

    • Thank you for the directions, however given my current work station, Kampala, I’ll have to patiently wait for the next time I’m in Nairobi. Blessings, and thank you :)

    • In Kampala were at Nakumat Oasis Cineplex ,services begins at 10am every Sunday,hope to you these coming Sunday.

    • I shall be there, must say I’m a little scattered at the realisation that I can share in this experience, without boarding a bus :) thank you

    • Hi Walkonby. You need not wait until the next time you are in Nairobi. Mavuno has a campus in Kampala! We are located at Cineplex Cinema, Oasis Mall. The service starts at 10.00 am. The sermon series is running concurrently at all Mavuno campuses, so be sure to attend the next installment of Finders Keepers at Mavuno Kampala this coming Sunday.

    • That is music to my ears :) I shall be sure to show up early this Sunday morning, woo hoo, and thank you

    • theotherbro Says:

      Hi Walkonby,

      Mavuno Kampala is at Oasis Mall, The Hub Cinema 2. Starts promptly at 10am.
      See you there!

    • The Place to be this Sunday, 10am – Mavuno Kampala at the Nakumatt Oasis Mall, The Hub, Cinema 2. Thank you for the heads up :)

  9. Eva Njuguna Says:

    Thanks Mavuno team for every effort that you make in making the sermons public and accessible. Am not a member of your church but I follow your online uploadsregularly. The Mizizi series and now this…..God increase you abundantly.

  10. Thanks for putting the sermon online so quickly.
    From west africa, tuning in!

  11. ndunge keli juddith Says:

    Awesome!!me likely..

    • So true.Loved it.4years ago i hooked up with a guy who we dint share the same leader…and i can tell u by the time i was ending it an year and half later i was one heartbroken chic.Indeed..One leader,one Love.
      God bless you Pastor M for this series..our relationships will never be the same again.

    • Thanks Pastor for the well put sermon, you couldnt have said it better..however when you asked to pray for pple, I dint stand coz I felt so helpless..rather like I have prayed too much about this marriage that if God wanted it to work it would be the best…you see when we got married 9 yrs ago we had one leader one love (both saved) and we tried to be the one…
      Along the line things have changed it feels like I have to drag my hubby to church, he drinks, bribes, wont tithe, I have to nag before he pays school fees on time, he forges my signatute to withdraw cash from a business account where I have invested with him (he runs it but I took a loan to finance it) He has fleeced me cash enough time, makes me borrow from my friends on his behalf then when its time to pay back becomes elusive..It has cost me two good friend so far..He recently hit me for “disrespecting him” and that was the deal breaker for me. I cant trust anything he says coz he has lied so many times …I feel sad for our 3 beautiful kids who have no clue that I am only there coz of them…In short…I am tired…veeeeeeeeeery tired, I dont even feel like praying for it to work anymore…he has a way of turning the tables on me and make me feel like am really bad…I have supported this dude and he has not appreciated anything I have done..I have become so cold that I dont think I care anymore what happens…I just worry about my babies…Tell me now Pastor…at what point does submitting and supporting your spouse become stupidity…coz I think I will be stupid to continue helping this man who grabs every opportunity to put me down…I suggested we come see a pastor and infact spoke to one and he accepted immediately coz he wanted me to forgive him for hitting me…now since things to have gone back to normal he is reluctant and everytime we plan to come ‘something’ comes up and we are unable to come…I dont really know how long I can take this..I know God hates divorce and I am so scared for my kids but I also think that God expects me to be smart…I need God so badly coz I know I have lost the will to fight for this…what would you say?

    • This is a reply to Janet, I am so sorry for the situation you are in, but the best thing to do right now is ask for wisdom to be able to do the right thing.The word says that ‘If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.’James 1:4-6 For you to be able to be the wife God called you to be, even when the husband is not all that ,you will require God given wisdom, that you are able to know where to say no, without rebelling against your husband, and God will work in this situation to teach you something profound.I like the fact that everything works together for good, to they that love God and are called according to His purpose, the situation looks very bleak right now, but hold on to God, let Him refresh you even when you fill you want to give up. Thank God that this series is making you realise some stuff, work on you, and allow God to use that to speak to your wayward hubby, and remember God can turn even the bleakest situation around, when we fully depend on Him.I pray that more than anything, you find the peace that supposes all understanding, and Gods refreshing presence, to guide your every step.

    • Janet,this is for you and I honestly feel your hurt and pain.Wisdom is what you need and if possible I recommend you doing alabastron…… one of the ways you can work on self before you make any life changing decisions.

  12. Dealbreaker Says:

    3 years in marriage,different leaders,different love.feel drained coz its so much work trying to make it work and get along.been praying for the marriage but feel i should start praying for strength to walk blessed mavuno.

    • Dealbreaker, I would suggest before you pray for strength to walk away, seek counselling and guidance from God and from Mavuno. There are always prayer counselors willing and ready to help you and walk with you. Even though it doesn’t seem that way now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Praying for you and your marriage.

    • Dealbreaker Says:

      Thank you Baba Mike. I will do as you have adviced and trust that God will see us through coz as I write this, I feel lost and sorry for our child caught up in all this.

    • Dealbreaker, Baba Mike couldn’t have said it any better. There is hope at the end of the tunnel. Please do not give up. Come to Mavuno and seek out counselling. I will be praying for you. God has a solution, but in the mean time remember to practice 1st Peter 3:1. Work on being the one as you pray for your Husband. As you begin to work on yourself, you will be amazed what God can do. I would advise you to purchase books called “Boundaries in Marriage” and “Love Must be tough”. you can find these books at any Christian bookshop. I am convinced they will be worthwhile investments. Barikiwa sana

    • Dealbreaker, I’m really sorry about your current situation.
      I know of couples who have taken the ndoa class both saved and not saved and it has really added value to their marriage. Marriage is for both of you and the children, I encourage you to sign up for this class soon. It will definitely impact your marriage.

  13. This is an eye opener.To God be the Glory

  14. FindingToKeep Says:

    Here!n the plot thickens!This was an eye-opener in addition to marriage as you said Pastor M!One leader,one love.
    Rethinking my concept of the ideal mate.

  15. God bless you Pst. M for sharing this truths. The truth shall set us free.I also agree with ‘Me” who said..”Many people hide themselves behind religion, scripture and spiritual values, and that right there is the greatest “deal breaker..”

    I would really want to hear what the Bible has to say about this also..looking forward to Sermon 3 & 4. Hope it will address some of these issues. A big deal breaker!

  16. When Pastor M was speaking so many things clicked instantly. I finally understood why we fight so much and why those fights are so damaging to me. It’s strange that this was the first weekend in a long time we hadn’t come to church together. The message was just for me and if he had been there, it may have been a little awkward! I felt like God was speaking directly to me. I tried to hepa the break up for a while. I said ‘Sawa Lord…I hear you…but si we just wait until Valentines day has passed!’ But God had other plans and really bad things happened in the relationship within hours after I heard the sermon. In the end I obeyed God and ended the relationship. While I’m a bit sad, I’m at peace I know in my heart that this was the best decision for me. So I’m taking it one day at a time and leaning on Him for strength. It’s going to be a long journey but I know that though I’m not yet where I need to be, I’m not where I used to be. I’m letting God make me into The One!

    • Well done for your courage in ending the wrong relationship, Momo. Just hide yourself in the Word of God and amongst His children and serve the Lord in your own special way. Find a ministry that you are happy to be affiliated with; and let the Lord refine you and bless you in His good timing. Bless you, my sister.

    • Hang in there Momo, God will lead you to where you need to be and it takes major courage to let go of a relationship, and i believe that God will not leave you to work things on your own. Hang on to him.

    • Momo, I have been in the same situation. I broke an engagement in obedience to God because we did not have one leader and one love in common. I was sad, my feelings were hurt but God gave me so much peace in the midst of everything. 2 years later I’m engaged to one man who is loving, who has God as his leader and we love the same things. It shall be well, this is a guaratee my dear. May God give you peace and joy that surpasses all human understanding.

  17. Your doing a great job media team. Thanks for putting up the content immediately and facilitating a vibrant discussion.

    Pst M your message was a blessing and a great challenge to us – my boyfriend and I got to an intense discussion about purpose immediately after the service. We sat there in the dome talking for an hour before realising that time had gone. We were sharing what our one love is, what it would mean to support each other in the relationship. The scenario of one person feeling locked out from pursuing their purpose later on in the relationship moved us to want to understand each other’s ‘calling’ better. We see it in couples that share purpose – they seem to have more fulfilling and happy lives.

    We thank God that we are standing on the same foundation and we are in prayer asking him to clarify what our purpose (one love) is. We are really concerned about it being a deal breaker.

    There are some questions that have been playing in my mind. What happens when the woman has a better understanding of her purpose – and is walking in it – but the man hasn’t yet got there? What happens if the woman’s calling demands more support and sacrifice in the relationship and from the man? Isn’t the woman meant to be a suitable helper to the man? I feel I’m in that place and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I’d love to also hear from other peoples experiences or read a good book on the same.

    I thank God that we are grappling with these questions now and not later in the relationship.

    • Why has your man not yet come into an understanding of his purpose? How long will it take him to do so? And are you willing to wait for him to get there, so you may find out whether you can flow with his vision? All questions for you to consider. You are already sure of your purpose; yet the bible is clear that we, women are to be submitted to our husband’s will. Once you marry, your number one ministry will be your family. Ensure that you are ready and willing to defer your demanding purpose (which you mentioned will require a lot of sacrifice and support from your husband) if that is not his will for the family. Try to be aligned with his plans for the future, and if you ignore this now, there is bound to be friction later on. Alternatively, actively pursue your purpose and like pastor said, there you will meet one who is already walking within your purpose – that you can happily submit to. All the best

    • Hi Rajua, I admire the fact that you are pursuing purpose. A man is the head of his home and he is the one that leads. If he does not have a purpose, where is he leading you to? Pray for wisdom and begin to hear God. Be ready to ask him for the way and also be ready to submit and obey what he says. Better still get counseling and get the opportunity to get advise. Proverbs says that to be victorious, we need many advisers. Be blessed.

  18. mmmhhh ONE LEADER,ONE LOVE….WOW!

  19. Niko hapa. Says:

    Whattttt!!!! #word i wish i had heard some of this stuff when i was 16 ………. The singles who are going through this world class info must be very lucky to get their foundation right. God Bless you Mavuno.

  20. Lucky for the mavunites coz ya’ll been given a chance to open your eyes before you get married. ive learned so much i say. cream of it all is finding out and knowing if you have the same leader.

    This can’t be pastor M’s making. This gotta be God speaking coz thats the only explanation to such powerful sermons. #nuffsed

  21. GREAT READ!! One leader, one love! Pretty straight forward. If only we could be honest enough with ourselves to really find out what these are and be ready to answer the questions with our mates. It would save us lots of heartache later on. Well done Pst.M! Looking forward to the third installment of this series.

  22. Thank God for da sermon being online as I felt really terible to miss it. I had been waiting so mch to hear da seromon, then the devil decided i shuld be sick immediately Pastor M woke up to speak, could not breath so had to go to hospital… sob sob, but thank God im now fine n listening to the sermon in the office. I prayed everyday to find the one after i was tired of kissing frogs n finaly found my prince. We have been dating for a year now n it has been amazing so far. What makes me love him more is his undying love for God n he makes me a much better person. Now praying for God to hear our prayer on our big day to be soon. Yipeee.

  23. Great !

  24. @the junction.... Says:

    Pastor M you have always been a to me blessing from the first day i stepped in the Mavuno domes. Honestly my life has never been the same again. I did Mizizi and Ombi twice. I know what i want now but i am not sure my boyfriend understands this anymore. I do not find going out to nyam chom joints fun anymore or partying the night away fun anymore……i prefer staying indoors and reading a book or watch a movie…i prefer going to plays and jazz concerts and doing something constructive. In short i have changed alot….he is a good man but i am not sure if he is the one i want in my life anymore. I crave being single so much. While i was doing Ombi the 2nd time i discovered my purpose and resigned from my job in January to start working on it. I am sooooooo fulfilled and driven in this new course, i enjoy my days so much. After the service on Sunday i asked my bf what drives him and he said money…….he loves God so much i know it and its what attracted me to him. We attend different churches and meet after the services. Will it work out with him, can we make it……while our masters are different? I am a worried woman.

    • @thejunction. you sound confused yet like you silently know the answer to your question. when a man tells you who he is-believe him. If he has made it clear that he is driven by money, then you need to really re-think what you want. if you are driven by money then you will be the perfect couple. if you are driven by purpose and hunger for God, then as Pastor M said, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Sometimes we are afraid to let go of relationships because we are afraid of being alone and of the unknown. Yet, why fear if God holds our future in his hands? I am assuming your differences are more than you liking jazz and him liking nyam chom joints. what do you love? does he love the same? don’t be afraid to take a step back and look at the relationship from an observer’s point of view. also, I would advise you to consult with friends whose opinion you can trust. God bless. Mswahili

    • God's daughter Says:

      I am sailing in the same boat. We (my bf and I) used to enjoy nyam chom joints and partying the night away. He is also driven by money and I by a purposeful and humble living. But ever since I started thirsting for God, to know him more and to re-discover my life and re-align it, my bf (of 1 year) started ridiculing me saying that I have changed alot and I am no longer the same and the fun person I used to be. We have conflict of interest and I have discovered that all of us both know what we should do- leave this men, cause I am also crazing singlehood so bad. My only problem is that I do not know how to break it off with him. I don’t even know what I should say.

  25. DaughterofZion Says:

    Hi Pst M, was in church jana and that sermon gave me alot to think about. I already know who my leader is..God, and i have been praying that the man i will end up with will also have the same leader. My question is…how does someone discover this One Love? I have thought about it for a long time and dont feel pulled towards any particular area of ministry, though i am in several. All i currently want out of this life is to be a good daughter, sister, girlfriend/wife, mother, colleague, citizen and to honor God in all those roles. It does sound abit selfish thats why i need help in discovering this Greater Purpose….

    • I believe many others find themselves in this same situation, perhaps it could well form the topic of an upcoming sermon series.

    • I’d recommend that you read ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren. It is a great guide towards finding your purpose. Also bury yourself in the word and pray asking God to reveal to you why he created you. Another pointer: what is the one area in the society that makes your heart skip a bit and you want to do sth about it?
      All the best as you discover your purpose.

  26. i missed this sermon ,but reading, i find it a great sermon.Men let us take the challenge lead by example-walk the talk.

    Thank you Pastor for your prayers.

  27. Is there Mavuno is Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania? If so, kindly assist with details. Many thanks, blessings to all.

  28. More Joseph, Less Samson Says:

    This Church and this sermon series has taken me from a place where all I looked at in the relationship was my own needs and desires; to a place where I look at her and for the first time ever actually see why God brought her into my life.

    Her expectations of me are so basic, so easy to meet…why wasn’t I doing them before? All she wants is a man who loves God, cares about her, listens to her and spends his time and money on things that are constructive.

    Pastor M; if you are ever walking in town and a young woman randomly hugs you…tell your wife to be calm; its because your sermons have made her life so much better because her man has stopped acting like a boy and started being the man God wants and expects him to be.

    • More Joseph, kudos! It’s a good thing that your pride did not come in the way of change and that you acknowledge that you are now a better man for your woman. Keep at it. May your love life flourish and be an example to other men around you who will go look for God and be different in their relationships.

    • i praise God for you. If only my boyfriend could come to the realization its just not about jumping through hoops.

    • hahaha….More Joseph, Less Samson, AWESOME!! She’s a keeper

  29. Thank you so much…you’ve saved me from making repeat mistakes in future relationship. I’m in my early 40s and learning to be the one even as I wait for that divine connection! God bless you and thank you for opening my eyes to the “deal breaker”.

  30. hey pas m…ur sermon is amazing God breathed.
    we dont share the leader in our lives with my hubby.,mine is God and his is beer…i pray for grace to make and not to judge him but that he will get attracted to my leader.. bless u pasi

  31. This is what we need to be fearless brothers and sisters of God…..One Leader, One Love!!

  32. I thank God am getting to hear this sermon while still young, it will really help me make wise decisions. Thanks Pastor M!

  33. Quite a phenomenal sermon…

  34. One Leader. One Love. This is very insightful and ordained by the Lord. I thank God for mavuno. I hope as many of us get to share the link with our friends.

  35. I so love this series… inspite of being far, I look forward to each
    online sermon and blog update on Mondays.

    You are within your purpose Pastor M…thank you for accepting the call.

  36. Dear Pastor Mureithi, I do not normally blog, but I feel I must comment especially after Whitney Houston loss. Pls ,Pls lets call a spade a spade, when does someone walk out in Marriage, the right time! Whitney is gone for lack of decision making. As a child her parents brought her up to BE THE ONE – brought up in a christian way, sang in church, etc etc.
    Some couples become complacent with each other, join in bad habits, have their children exposed to these habits. What is the bigger picture – commitment to a bad relationship, abuse to self and children. Now haer daughter has no mother and an irresponsible father.One can try to BE THE ONE but To the married ones, when is it time to walk out? Women are really struggling with this all over…..and NYERI MEN TOO! And by the way, the few Nyeri women sorting out their men need this sermon,they have stopped being the ones and emotion has gotten control of them. When do they walk out instead of cutting up a man or beating him up!

  37. the desperate seeker Says:

    Thanks Ps M, i have learnt a lot from you and from Mavuno.

    I have been thinking who my real leader is and unfortunately i suspect money,or career. Having grown up in scarcity, i have discovered that i esteem these two more highly than i ought to.The two guide most of the decisions i make in life. Funny enough i cant say that i have money or are doing very well in my career.

    A little help from those from a similar background woiye

  38. This sermon series is so timely for me. I am learning how to be the one. I want to be the person described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-6. May the Lord mould me to be this fearless lady full of LOVE. One Leader One Love.

  39. Heh! This is the way! Now I know da steps to take ndio niweze kupatikana & kupatwa pia :) I loooooove my church!

  40. already wired Says:

    Hey Pst M,
    From last week’s sermon I chose to take up the 1yr challenge. I actually marked my phone calendar on January 6th 2013 “resume dating”. During this one year I have chosen to seek God and make Him my leader as I find my purpose. Already I’m finding a lot of encouragement from the 1 year bible. I read Ps 25:15 and it just struck me so vividly. It says “I focus on you Oh Lord, for only you can release my feet from the snare”. I must confess that I’ve failed in the area of relationships. This is my area of most sin.I just can’t seem to remain faithful to one girl. Even in my periods of singlehood I always had a back up chic to satisfy my needs. But I resolved at the beginning of this year to start from a clean slate. This series has come at a very timely moment for me and it just goes to confirm what God has been saying to me in His word.
    In fact my theme for this year is One purpose-God’s love. By experiencing God’s love I can find my purpose and this will help me being someone’s one(and only one, this time).
    Thank God for Mavuno.

  41. EvenMoreConfused Says:

    I have been pressuring my boyfriend of 5 years lately about settling down and to be honest I had not considered the whole notion of one leader one love. we are in two totally different places in terms of our growth.I know deep down that we are extremely different but the idea of breaking up and starting all over again is quite overwhelming. Better the devil you know right? But every fibre in my body is screaming WAIT!! but for how long? I am learning to trust that God has something/someone great in store for me and if I can only wait just a little bit longer he will reveal everything in divine good time. Thanks for the great sermons Pastor M, I really find them great.

    • ‘Evenmoreconfused’, I know that this is a hard place to be at. I will be honest with you, if he has not changed in 5 years, he will not change now. So what he is now is the best he will ever be. So make a decision based on how he is. The lie that the devil tells us is we should be with the person who we have known the longest and better the devil we know: that is not the truth. Begin to seek God’s will and give Him the freedom to do His will, let God’s way prevaill. I let go of such a relationship 5 years ago, I’m now engaged to a man with whom we share the same leader and love. You deserve this. It is hard but it worth it.

  42. Heartfelt... Says:

    I live in Atlanta and wanted to thank Kanjii for posting the link for week 1 on FB, that’s how I heard about the sermon series. I listened last Monday and immediately forwarded it to my FB friends. Today I was listening to week 2, and I’m glad God loves me enough to get this message to me.

    I gave all I had, relocated, compromised, sold myself short and even that didn’t keep ‘him’. I walked through the guilt, fear and shame but at the end of it, I walked right back into God’s arms. I love Jesus and have gotten back to serving Him. Even as I listened to the “Deal Breakers” sermon today, I kept battling with a decision….but I have made it as of the last few minutes. 12 months…just me and God.

    Thank you pastor M and the Mavuno family…from across the seas. God Bless.

  43. 1 leader, 1 love – such truth!

  44. the sermon was relevant. i feel blessed that am single and i have this knowledge about one leader one love. practically life for me has been a test. yani i have never dated anyone before asking God to direct me in finding the right person. it so happens that the last guy i dated we had one leader one love. i had a list of 13 deal breakers and gues what, this guy scored highly in my list. thinking about it now, i would have given him 98 per cent. Pastor M, i was happy with him. For me it was an answered prayer. fast forward to today. last year when i was doing ombi and i had just commenced the 21 day fast, the guy went quiet on me. i continued praying. 1 month down the line i got a text message ending a 2 year relationship just saying. i dont think i make you happy any more. pastor M yani, iv never felt more blessed than i did that time coz i knew even by him leaving, it was still an answered prayer. i cried and moarned and 1 year down the line i sometimes feel sad about it. But what strengethens me is that i know God is not a man who can just hurt me for the sake of it. even if he went quiet on me and am stil single 1 year later. I am stil praising
    God. mavunite

  45. Thanks Pastor M.

    I didn’t even know that I needed to receive and basically agree in prayer to let go of a wrong relationship. I have been inlove, been engaged, been disengaged and right now I’m in a place where I feel ready and long to get married and start a family. This desire has been so strong that I have overlooked the ‘One Leader One Love principal’ and have given room in my heart to a man who basically has a different leader and love from mine.

    After service, God in His gracious mercy and love reminded me about this man who is a dream guy by the way.Then I realized that at the back of my mind I was secretly hoping that by being with me; this man would fall in love with God and that this would be setting myself for such heartbreak because the right foundation is not in place to begin with.

    I also realized that I was conciously putting a lot of effort in blinding myself to rather obvious deal breakers..(different leader, different love). For sure it was not by my strength but by the Holy Spirit that I was able to end this relationship the next day and I was very honest about the reasons why.

    I have released myself completely to God because I rest in the truth that He has only good plans for me and He will fulfill my hearts desires in His will..(and I thank Him that marriage is His will).

    I continue to be the one as I wait on Him to see the fruition of His good, pleasing and perfect will unfold in my life.

    And to The One, I patiently wait for you.


  46. Dry and Parched soul. Says:

    I feel like weeping..this are the truths and lessons my heart has been yearning and craving for, for so long….been wondering why i always seem to be attracted to the wrong types…i hook up then somehow my heart rejects the man and i walk away…its happened so many times and now i get it…i finally get it…one leader,one love.
    I am not perfect, i have messed big time,but by Gods grace i have repented and believe am forgiven… i desperately love God.I recently did Mizizi gave my life to Christ and recently started serving…
    on the surface i seem to have it alll..I am young,attractive,i have a great career,i have great friends….but the one thing i really want a godly relationship i don have..or rather cant seem to get it right.

    I’m praying for a relationship that will lead to marriage,been seeking out for a place where id know God`s truth about relationships and m so grateful for this sermon.

  47. Lookingforward Says:

    Hi Pastor M, I am totally amazed about this series….im at a point in my life where i am trying to make changes and give my life wholly to Christ. Over the years, i keep getting close to God and when things get thick i run away…..this time round i am here to stay!! Since mid-Jan, I realized I no longer want to go out and drink all night etc….i am finding such peace concentrating on God and i loved when you said focus your eyes on God and everything will fall into place…..i have been jumping from relationship to relationship and none has lasted more than 3 months….yes! when i meet a guy i like, i will make sure the guy is God fearing and knows two or three scriptures off head, please note this is at a party or a club…..needless to say after this sermon i now realize our/my leader was always clubbing and having fun……my eyes are now wide open and not wide shut, and I believe this cycle is over in Jesus name….

    • AMEN im looking forward with you!!God is so loving and His grace carries you even when you fall or rebel.You have made the right decision before its too late,thats what counts!!

  48. Salvation belongs to our God who sits upon the throne……
    Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!”

    For all who gave their lives to Jesus – This one’s for you.

    Love you all

  49. Hey Pastor M i have been following this amazing series since last week all the way from Paris!! I Can’t wait for next weeks message! cant even explain just how timely all this is and how much i needed too hear it,it is definitely divine direction from God coz it also seems many people up in here needed it as much as i did!!God bless you !!

  50. Blessed & Thriving Says:

    Hi Pastor M,
    Thank you for your sermon last month and now for this one! I cant get enough of it. I have spent most of the afternoon listening and I know I will be listening for the rest of the week!

    I had be struggling for so long and one of the areas I struggled with was my relationship. I have stopped surviving and am now thriving every day and I know this will be a fabulous year for me!

    I have known for a long time that i found the one but i knew he had a few things that needed to be changed that i could not change and so i prayed. One of them was God; he found his way to church. Last month on my birthday for the first time ever he actually prayed!!
    I realise for a long time I had been struggling with changing him but I now know that I need to focus on being the one and focusing on God. I have learnt to change my focus to God and I have seen His hand work. I am working on me and letting God be God
    I am trusting God to work things out but in the mean time I focus on praising Him and leaning on Him in my everyday.
    I am blessed and am thriving!!
    Thank you so much for your blessings!!
    May God bless you!!

  51. Blessed & Thriving Says:

    Hi Pastor M

    Thank you so very much for your sermons. I just spent most of my afternoon listening and I know I will be listening some more.

    I spent most of last year struggling and one of the areas I struggled with was my relationship. I knew a few years back I had found the one but one of the areas he was lacking in was God. I tried but could not and so I left it in God’s hands. And he found his way to church! This month on my birthday he actually prayed!!

    I realise I had been struggling so much to change him, us etc instead of focusing on being the one. I am done with that. My focus has changed to God. Am no longer struggling but am thriving. I know this year will be the best yet! I am no longer surviving; I am thriving!!

    Thank you so much. Be blessed

  52. Very relevant teachings

  53. SavedbyGrace Says:

    I thank God for giving me the grace and strength to get over a rship where we clearly had different leaders….i was at the point of getting closer to God and started doing mizizi during the rship and got saved.The dude bailed immediately i told him about my decision to let go of my old lifestyle n follow Christ 100% especially the decision to abstain till marriage…I was heartbroken ofcos but God gave me such amazing strength n grace n love,I am letting Him mould me into The One….never wanna look back!being in Christ rocks!!

  54. Ok @ the risk of sounding carnal, where’s the place of chemistry. Any Biblical references?

    • We are physical beings it is true. Chemistry is natural. I think the point here is that we should strive to be mature enough not to allow chemistry to blind us to the true personality of our partner. I am not a Bible verse guru, but there is a saying in the New Testament to the effect that while we are free to do anything, not all things are good for us. If applied to this situation, my understanding is we should also use our intellect in matters of the heart so that we are not ‘ruled’ by what Pasi called the ‘dopamine effect’. I hope this helps, God bless.

  55. well well very refreshing .Guess what read it on valentines and got a whole new perspective

  56. Mission Master Mate All over again!!! thanks pastor M for keeping at it until we get to learn some of these basic truths of life.

  57. I wish I could fast forward to Sunday. This is my last line of defense.

  58. Savedbutagrownupwoman Says:

    You hit the nail on the head…I believe this is our faithful God the provider,our everything,the God of our Men and our husbands.That is talking to us through Pastor M.I am saved single Lady who has really been praying for her Priest and provider for a husband .It is talking Long and am growing weary i must confess.Because Heaven hmm it has not proven to be easy .I know they are out there also praying and looking for the Woman who are proverb 31 and the one.And the devil isnt making it easy for both of us parties.My concern is all the Men i meet very rarely possess both the characters.he may be saved but a lazy Man or without a purpose or vision.And if he is not Saved we are not serving the same leader but hardworking .I need prayers and strength to see beyond my mortal mind.I knw i need to break up with my current Fiance who we totally serve different leader…God and Money & Image respectively am scared becoz i have been told i seem to Judge and loose great Men because of my Faith.Proverbs says that to be victorious, we need many advisers.i need those advisers and prayers /support now before i can embark i break up this engagement which i know is the right decision.

  59. I cant wait to see what’s in store next sunday!! My fiance and I are soo blessed by this sermons. Infact we joke that we have leakage..ahead of pmcc (the marking scheme). And we can testify these truths do indeed work! The man I will be walking down the aisle soon to- is everything i prayed for!!! It did not just come- btw I was busy being the one (after a tad too many heartbreaks and dissapointments), serving in mavuno, and so was he. He loves God passionately, so do I. We both want to serve so much, and are looking into areas we can do this. In fact very recently we planted a seed, the first big installment for our wedding account, in obedience and trust, for the mavuno relocation. He will provide- He is our source and the author of this marriage. Guys, for real these truths and principles are all we need to set solid foundations in marriage. And that Classic FM mentioned it??? Classic! Past M, I pray that God will continue to use to transform the young people of this city!

  60. Its odd that i just read this sermon. Dealbreakers are interesting things. I have a problem with how people interpret them though. My galfriend who I discovered had cheated on me several times in our r/ship used mavuno sermons as a basis for her “moral high ground” and subsequently broke up with me a few weeks ago. I must say I was quite bitter about it for a bit, I mean, she was the one who’d stepped out, anyway, thank you Pastor M. I think i realise I deserve better.

  61. I met a guy and we sorta clicked, but after a while he told me that he had prayed for God’s hand in choosing a partner, his prayer had been answered, and guess what, I was not it! I was quite intrigued and wanted to know what exactly he had prayed for, that I was not, but he would not say. I figured he had just bailed out on me. After listening to the sermon, I am quite clear on what I am praying for, and looking for.

    I am happy that this has come to me when I am crying over a relationship I should not be having in the first place. Really clears issues.

    Thanks Mavuno.

  62. Man Of Purpose Says:

    My friend is born again, in a relationship with a lady who is not born again. out of a setup she is now pg. now the boy as discovered that they serve different leaders. what can he do now? he nows that marriage to her is just becoz of the babie. otherwise he says that marriage is a no. please advice

    • Man of purpose
      It wasn’t clear if the baby is your friend’s or not when you said ‘out of a set up’ but if the baby is his, then he is responsible for it because he played a role in bringing it into existence and the right thing to do is to take care of it. That does not neccessarily mean he has to marry her because that will be more complicated because she is not born again. Many people usually think that if you get a girl pregnant then you have to marry her but if she is serving a different master then that makes no sense because clearly from the sermons it will create more heartache. But it is without question that he has to take care of the baby and all that comes with it. God expects us to take responsibility for our actions and obey Him as soon as we realize our sin. It might not be ideal because the best thing is usually for parents to be married to each other but given the situation ideals are clearly not the priority.
      If the baby is not his then he should end the relationship on the basis that she is not born again.

  63. At a time when Nyerism(women beating men) is the order of the day, increasing divorce rate in Kenya, separation by saved married couples and basically a society where the moral standards are degrading(you only need to listen to the radio in the morning and evening and the current debate about legalizing prostitution), am now sure that indeed the two key issues, that is, one leader and one love are fundamental to any marriage. However, I think its easier to say this compared to the real practice on a day to day life. I still believe without LOVE, we cannot go far, and this is not the dopamin driven love. The reason why I am saying this is because despite having one leaders and one love, you find that there are points in a marriage that you wish you were alone to avoid the conflicts with your wife, emotional bribery and psychological torture with silence or moods. They look simple Pasy but as a man we hate such, infact we avoid such things by working late and engaging in investment clubs that meet every weekend – we like stable homes led by less nagging women. By the way saved women can be the most nagging women if they decide to and they use scripture verses as back-up. Let me not say it all here and now, I’ll wait for the next sermon

  64. Amazing piece and such an eye opener

  65. Lovely write-up/sermon. As a young woman, I am so glad I am learning these lessons today and can’t wait to share this with all my girlfriends. Just a correction though, the scripture referred to should read 1Peter 3:1-2; not 2Peter.

  66. Thank God there is still a pastor out there who keeps it real. Most of us want it to be just like on TV coz everything looks glam. Lakini reality is different and all that appears to be love is just but dopamin. I think i was lucky I did Mizizi then got saved and discovered the one love one leader mantra the hard way through experience 2 years ago. God gave me the courage to walk away from what would have been disastrous relationships. Now I have given Him the job of connecting me with the One when its His time. In the meantime, I am living bila love stress getting busy finding and living in my purpose.
    Thanks Pastor M and Mavuno crew for keeping it REAL!

  67. gotquestions Says:

    So your sermon took me to an interesting place to say the least. I kind of dated someone and during the period I was struggling with my purpose, I knew the things I loved just didnt know what to do with them coz they were still are all over the place. I shared that with the guy and he prayed with me and I thought cool!! Then later used the fact that I didnt know my purpose to break up with me. SIGH!!!! I was soooo hurt coz I really liked this guy.

    A while later I heard a bunch of sermons which suggested that our ultimate purpose is to have a relationship with God and everything else is secondary which made sense to me and still does. I decided that I would focus on my relationship with God and give it my all. I believe that when he wants me to do something He will tell me and I will do it. and that gave me peace about the whole thing. The downside to this is that anytime someone mentions the word purpose I think GET AWAY FROM ME!!! which is probably an emotional reaction and I know that God will sort that out in time but am I right with the purpose thing or should I continue to pray about that one thing that I was meant to do??? or was my perspective wrong in the first place?

  68. Vincent wilson Says:

    Pastor M, wow You rock…that a marvelous message for real!!!! Continue with your work of being a good sphephard of God’s flock!!!!

  69. @ got questions,

    I can relate with that, im at that stage in life where i have an idea of where my purpose lies but do not know how the dots connects and where it will lead me. i also struggled for a while with the purpose question, and felt inadequate because i could not figure out clearly mine is. After this sermon series, i have asked God to lead me and guide my steps. i cried out to him and have had peace, knowing that as my creator, it will be revealed. in the the meantime, I have been pursuing what i believe is my purpose in small ways through my family, God is not a man that He should lie or a son of man that He should change his mind. He has said in his word, ask, seek, knock…. That is where my focus is. in due time it shall be clear, in the meantime, i keep pursuing what i believe is my purpose

  70. Man Of Purpose Says:

    Hi Lav,

    Thanks for your feedback

    The babie [1month old] is his as indicated in the setup , the girl’s parents are aware of their relationship and the boy feels indebted that he as to marry the girl. we have shared and he as his mind set on an AG wedding to avoid all the intrigues he would have to go through in a church wedding.

    The Girl is not Born Again, posses christian virtues [Not Defending- just detailing] its those people Mother Teresa type, to anyone she would pass for a born again person.

    He his a great brother have known him and served with him many years in ministry. Its only at this point in this thing called relationships that he slipped on some …. Anyway kindly advice. Out of remorse i don’t know if he cant stand the frustration the girl will go through…..though its not yet public at its initial stage, like the story of Joseph and Mary [still a secret]

    May God’s Purpose prevail as your prayerful advice will bring God all the Glory.

    Thank You

    • Don't Do It! Says:

      @man of purpose, I can share out of experience. Have a brother who was in exactly the same situation over 10 years ago. Because of his desire to do the right thing, he married the girl, rather than do what @Lav mentioned above. The next decade was one of drama and misery and only ended a couple of years ago after a nasty drawn-out divorce. I’m not saying the guy was a saint, but I know he was heartbroken as he had tried all he could to keep the marriage working.

      My strong advice to your friend is ‘don’t do it’! You can’t change a person, only God can, and this is a sure way to turn a big problem into an even bigger one. God bless as you advice him!

  71. Pastor M…. I’m a realist, have my mothers values on woman’s role, i have kept myself, i have waited, i have been called the provers 31 woman and sadly I’m tired of waiting, passed over and the only ones that notice and are attracted are married (no thank you!). The goal posts keep shifting, living in the first lane is confusing and my hearts desire is just the same year in year out and alas i stand alone. I’m not ready to be single, i would love some company as i grow older, some tears and laughter (more the laughter than the tears). I want more, even as I’m making a difference. We thought Moi was mad with his strict sensors – well he had a good reason to his madness. The media don’t make marriage and relationship, real life does. When will i see the end.

    • God's daughter Says:

      @T, I am a lady and I wish that I was in your position as you have kept yourself in purity. Do not use the world’s timing and expectations.Submit yourself to personal growth, to financial growth, to physical fitness and to vocation/volunteering and serving in church. When you await for things to happens, as realistic as you are, they never happen. I do not want you to end up desperate and just get any man, but to get the best person who is worthy of you. Only patient ones get the best things. Use your time to spend with family and friends and travel and enjoy life, and when you least expect, someone whom you’ve been waiting on will come. Don’t make waiting your agenda, make living to be your ultimate purpose….lest you spend so much time waiting that you forget to live.

  72. is a divorcee a deal breaker? I am engaged to a wonderful man whose leader is God,same as me and our loves almost tally. I love him so much. only problem is he is divorced. he got married and divorced after 2 years. they have been legally separated. I know God hates divorce and i knew this when i got into the relationship coz the guy is everything i desire in a man. I have been pushing away that fact and has always wanted to ignore it. should i walk out of it??? I need some advise before its too late.

    • Oscar Osabinyi Says:

      Why did the wonderful man walk out of his first relationship. What are his thoughts on divorce as far as the scriptures are concerned? Did his wife commit adultery that divorce had to be the way out? Find answers to these pertinent questions because I sense that you could be headed into trouble by getting married to someone’s husband.

      Remember – What God has put together let no man put asunder! Not even courts of law can nullify a marriage made in the Presence so to speak…

    • God's daughter Says:

      @ Mamasd, I am in the same situation as you.I have been dating a divorced man for one year. I thought that they were just legally separated, but I found out that they were married and did a wedding and separated in 1 and a half years.
      I know God hates divorce and I have resorted to get into the main issue why my man resorted for a divorce. If possible, let him give you his marriage life history and have all your questions before-hand. He should be honest,open and transparent because even his ex-wife has her own story. Then seek a christian counselor where both of you will go and talk to the counselor. If he got a divorce out of his wife’s infidelity, then perhaps both you and the counselor would want to hear the wife’s view. It might be that the wife apologised and still would want to revive their marriage. Remember, what God joins together, let no man separate….and that includes you tioo. Its better to do God’s will than to follow your own wants in contrast to God’s teachings.

  73. Looongwait Says:

    @ T. Ditto on the married men! And being ‘passed over’
    I have had to eat humble pie and realize He makes the rainfall on everyone
    And the race isn’t to the swift. So let’s keep waiting. he says He places the lonely in families. So am really hoping he’ll take care of me because he’s my plan A.B.C….Z.

  74. Thanks so much Pastor M for the inspiring message. God works in various ways and i’ve seen it happen to many people. But sometimes i feel over powered by the powers of darkness and feel confused, lonely, scared.This year am going through tough times. in love with a man whose afraid of commitment rather rejection from my family now that he’s been married before and has two kids. Kids are a blessing from God and everyone’s happiness. and at the same time jobless for some months now and thinking of putting my studies at a halt……well its tough but i believe the Lord has something special for me coming. please pray for me

  75. Lady in Waiting Says:

    Wow… Pastor M… Believe it or not, your Series is so handy. I’m on a one year break from dating since my birthday last year and it’s amazing how different it is, just being at God’s feet and letting him (most of the time, he he) lead me… What you’re teaching in this series reminds me of a principle I was taught back in campus, Master (One Leader), Mission (One Love), Mate (Being the One). This just encourages me to keep being at God’s feet and to keep letting Him make me into the One for my future the One… Baraka!

  76. [...] to meet their needs, ‘stop searching for the one, be the one!‘ Then we focused on Deal Breakers and we learnt that the most important foundation for an intimate marriage is ‘One Leader, One [...]

  77. Its been long since I heard good relationship and spiritual advice that bears no sugar coating.Pastor M your candid ways of teaching and preaching are inspiring and more than anything challenging.Thankyou.

  78. i am sooooooooo blessed pastor this is the message for the season God bless you.

  79. Gloria Nanono Says:

    Very inspiring. . . I have to do a reality check!

  80. One leader, one love. Today I’m taking a step of faith believing God that He can help me be “the one” for my wife. We’re trying to sort out the mess the consequences of wrong choices in our married life has brought us to. I wish I could speak for her and say we want the same thing; that our marriage would work, now I realize I have to allow God to work in me for her to get attracted first to Him and then to me. I believe God hates divorce and I am going to do all I can, with the help of the Holy Ghost, to prevent that from happening. Please support me in prayer.

  81. Job Naibei Says:

    Pastor this is awesome, Am a Kenyan in Russia, i listened to the first part and i decided to share with my friends around here, everyone is excited and what more important is that someone in KENYA is speaking this truths, there is one to fall in love with and that is God, all other things will come, i like your passion and courage to speak this things, God bless you man, am encouraged, i want to pursue God more, I want to serve him, all the other things will come.

  82. God bless you Pastor for opening my eyes. From now onwards i will be the one instead of searching for the One!

  83. Oscar Osabinyi Says:

    I could not attend a wedding today because the bride (my sister), was married before and is tying the knot again today! 14 04 2012. I am not confused at all, but just sending a clear message to all my friends and family that I am never going to be party to manifestations of wickedness of those who know the truth and do not what the word of God clearly states about marriage and keeping the marriage bed undefiled: Too bad… I am too old fashioned.

    If the foundational basis of America was true religion – to the extent that it kinda of still the most powerful nation on earth, then it’s decline rests on a Christian community that are ready to divorce and remarry severally before they die eternally – I mean, they have already received their reward! Africa has no hope then if we will short-circuit Biblical teachings by breaking faith with the wives of our youth and more so mimicking the American ‘way’ even before we have taken root and produced fruit.

    Why do I take God’s word so lightly. Is God therefore unjust when he punishes me for my sins? No wonder… I decided to take an unpopular stance. Any who asks me why? – about today will have presented me with an opportunity to extend His sovereignity in the earth because I will specifically state what his word says…

    Surely… Who could have saved me from my sins? Christ Jesus… Then it is His words I will pay heed to until I am reunited with him in glory. That is where I am destined to go – heavenly Jerusalem… Does this word not bother you at all? ‘They are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God…’, when you take pleasure in activities that gratify the desires of your flesh and cannot remember a word out of your daily portion of The One Year Bible by the end of the day… And this only probably relates to those who are reading with us the OYB. What about those who abhor wisdom and seek to find meaning from books written by men.

    No wonder we are all holding the word of truth wrongly and interpreting it in a way that changes the meaning of the words of, and the unchanging ways of the Ancient of Days. LORD, be merciful and gracious to me, all my family, my city, and community of believers in the earth. We are completely helpless against your archenemy – Lucifer. We acknowledge you by faith and plead for help from on high… We are saved only through your blood and the word that testifies about your awesome power and therefore we learn to fear – and shun evil…

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